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Jinx lifted his knees, giving her something to rest her back against. Their fucking changed from furious and frenzied to a slow roll and grinding hips.

“What are you doing to me?” she whispered into the universe. She could feel herself falling with each passing minute they spent together.

“Told you,” he said as one hand left her hips. “Making you mine.” He stroked a thumb over her clit.

Harper cried out.

He did it over and over until she couldn’t think anymore. She trembled over him, still playing with her nipples as he drove her insane with his talented fingers and thick cock.

“Ready to come, baby?” His voice had deepened to a spine-tingling rasp.

“Yes. Yes. Please.”

He chuckled as he increased the speed of his finger on her clit.

Harper worked her hips against his hand and rode the wave of ecstasy as it washed over her. “Jinx,” she shouted as she lost control of her movements. Her muscles twitched, her pussy pulsed, and she swore she flew to the clouds.

“Oh fuck.” Beneath her, Jinx’s back arched off the bed. “So fucking tight,” he said on a groan. “Goddamn.” He roared out his pleasure. The muscles in his neck corded, and the veins in his arms bulged as he held their pelvises tightly together.

Watching Jinx come was almost as good as her own orgasm, knowing she was the one who’d brought him such pleasure. She was wanted, appreciated, and was given as much as she gave. More, even.

Those were some powerful realizations.

Eventually, Jinx went slack beneath her. “Holy fuck,” he said, huffing and puffing. “I’m gonna need to crank up my cardio to keep up with you, woman.”

He pulled her down to his chest, making his softening cock slip from her. They both groaned, but the warmth of his body and his arms encircling her made up for the loss.

Her mind spun when she should have been more relaxed than ever, but she couldn’t stop the intrusive thoughts from hacking their way into her brain.

She was his now.

As hard as she’d fought herself, she’d given him the power to hurt and destroy her. The feelings she’d had for Aaron were those of a teenager—puppy love. Nothing that would have lasted in the long run, and that betrayal ruined her life.

What would happen to her if Jinx did the same?

She wouldn’t survive it. Maybe there was still time to reerect the wall he’d blasted through.

“If you’re still able to think this much, I didn’t do my job,” he said as he ran his fingers along her spine. “Do I need to fuck you again?”

She let out a tired laugh. “Not sure you could right now, big guy.”

He snorted. “I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that. Now, stop thinking and sleep.”

“Want me to move? I have to be crushing you.” As she tried to lift off him, he anchored her in place.

“Don’t fucking think about it. Love feeling you on me like this.”

Well, when he put it like that.

Harper rested her cheek on his chest and listened to the soothing, steady beat of his heart. Then, after a few minutes, he shifted and pulled a blanket up, covering them.

Harper had never been more comfortable, more sated in her entire life. If she could spend the rest of her days right at that moment, she’d be the happiest woman alive.

Fear and uncertainty tried to worm their way back into her head, but she managed to keep them out for the moment.


“Don’t hurt me,” she whispered into the quiet room long after Jinx’s breathing had steadied.


“READY TO ROLL?” Spec strode into the clubhouse armed to the teeth. He tossed a pistol to Tracker, then one to Jinx. A military-grade knife hung from his belt alongside another pistol. Without having to ask, Jinx also knew the backpack slung over Spec’s shoulder held a few more guns, brass knuckles, a retractable baton, and probably a few surprise party gifts.

“Good to go.” Jinx shoved the gun in the small of his back and nodded at his brother.

“Let’s do it.” Tracker slapped Spec on the back. “Ladies are working on getting tipsy at the prez’s house. Curly’s there with ’em, and Ty will join in a bit. He got stuck at the tire shop.”

“Good.” Spec pulled open the door, and the they walked out into the muggy evening.

“Your ol’ ladies know what we’re doing?” Jinx asked as they approached the bikes. They’d received a tip from one of Spec’s contacts about where the asshole who’d attacked Lock could be found. In the three weeks since Lock’s two-night stay in the hospital, they’d not seen much of their brother, but according to Curly, he wasn’t managing his life any better than before he’d earned himself a hefty hospital bill.

The ladies had seen him the most, helping out with Caleb as often as they could and making it known the club was here for him when Lock was ready to crawl out from the bottom of the pit he was currently living in. Even Harper saw him more than Jinx did these days. She’d fallen in love with the baby and never turned down a chance to sit for him.