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Harper wiped the hair off her eyes as a huge hunk of seaweed floated by. She smirked and bit her lip to keep from laughing as a plan fell into place.

While Jinx was still distracted by his success at dunking her, she grabbed the seaweed. He was still crowing like a champ, not paying any attention, which made this so easy anyone could have pulled it off. She grabbed the waistband of his trunks, pulled the elastic out, and dropped the smiley green plant straight down the back of his pants.

Jinx screeched and danced around. “Holy shit! Oh my God, what the hell is that?”

On the beach, their friends cracked up at their antics and how his voice went up a few octaves.

“Didn’t take you for a soprano,” Spec hollered from the shoreline.

Harper doubled over, laughing so hard her stomach cramped.

“You!” He turned toward her. “Get it out. Get it out now.”

She couldn’t have even if she wanted to. She couldn’t even straighten up from her hilarity. “Oh my God.” She wheezed as she spoke. “I can’t breathe.”

“You better not be expecting me to do mouth-to-mouth.”

That only made her laugh harder.

“What the hell is this?” He fished around in the back of his shorts until he found the seaweed, then pulled it from his trunks. “Seaweed? Really? This shit is slimy as fuck.”


He snorted. “Oh, it’s on, baby.” Then he charged, taking them both down.

They played in the water until the sun indicated the late afternoon hour. Their friends joined them for an epic splash fight, and the laughter and smiles continued all afternoon. Eventually, their stomachs growled, and their skin itched from the salt.

Hands down, it had been one of the best days of her life—fun, carefree, and full of love.

All thanks to Jinx.

JINX SAT IN the sand with Harper between his legs. She rested her back against him as they watched the sun dip below the horizon. He couldn’t remember a day this incredible. Hell, the last few months had been nothing but bliss, at least where Harper was concerned.

If he had his way, it would never end.

He’d gotten so damn lucky, finding his soulmate. It almost didn’t seem fair. There he was, riding a high, living the best moments of his life with nothing but blue skies on the horizon while one of his brothers suffered the opposite fate. He’d been furious with his brother in the aftermath of the attack on club property. Lock was the reason Harper got hurt.


Fuck, she’d almost died because of Lock’s choices. He’d come close to beating the shit out of his brother and demanding Curly take his patch.

But Harper was a far better person than him. She’d talked him down and helped him realize how much pain Lock was in and how his choices and actions were a direct result of suffering. Lock would be entering rehab in a week. If Jinx was at an all-time high, Lock had hit his lowest point. He hadn’t forgiven his brother yet, but he’d get there.

He wasn’t about to question his good fortune. Nor would he take it for granted.

“Thank you,” Harper whispered.

He kissed the top of her head. “For what, baby?”

“This. Everything. My life.”

His heart flipped over.

Yeah, he’d never take this life for granted.

“Your life? Shit, Harp, that’s all you. Don’t give me credit for your hard work.” He tightened his arms around her, anchoring her to him. Her skin was warm and soft, if a little sandy.

The damn bathing suit nearly gave him a heart attack when he’d seen it. It was nothing more than a few pieces of string and swatches of fabric. Absolutely sinful. He’d fucking loved it until they got to the beach and realized every male’s eyes went straight to her. Then he’d nearly knocked a few heads together and plucked out some of those eyeballs.

Harper was his, and those assholes needed to know it. He should get Tracker to ink a big Property of Jinx across her forehead.

She’d go for that.


Maybe not.

But he did have a better idea to progress their relationship and stamp some ownership on her. “Move in with me,” he whispered in her ear.

His Prickles would have stiffened in his arms not long ago, sputtered, and panicked. Harper would have gotten all growly and turned him down.

Now, she gasped and looked up at him with shining eyes. “Really?” she whispered.

“Fuck yes. You’re there all the damn time anyway. So why the hell haven’t we made it official? I hate sleeping without you. I hate eating without you. I hate showering without you. If you don’t move in with me, you’re condemning me to a life of hating everything.”

She chuckled. “What about Lock? Aren’t he and Caleb supposed to stay with you when he gets out of rehab?”

Jinx sighed. “He’s not doing great, so they’re extending his time. I don’t know when he will be released, and I can’t put my entire life on hold for him. Move in with me. We’ll cross the Lock bridge when we come to it. I’ll still have plenty of room for him and Caleb.”