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I can barely breathe. I can barely move. It’s glorious. With every pump, my eyes water. Saliva drips from the corner of my lips. I take every single thrust. Wanting them all.

I grip his cheeks harder and firmer. To let him know I’m good. To let him know he’s free. To let him know he can use my mouth however he wants.

Soon, he’s pumping faster. His grunts sharpen, then increase in speed and volume.

Luke barks out a rough, “Fuck…take it.”

He shoots down my throat, panting and growling with the last snap of his hips. I take him completely, tasting his climax, salty and hot, till he slows.

Then he eases out. I cough a few times, wiping a hand across my mouth. I breathe out hard, rough. That was a throat workout if I ever had one.

He’s slumped against the wall, muttering curse words, murmuring praise. “That was…so hot…You are…”

And the workout was worth it.

When he opens his eyes, he stares down at me. I’m kneeling at his feet, still clasping his hips in my hands.

A wicked smile curls his lips. “My turn.”

I flash back to his elevator comment from the other night as we both left for dates and he said, Yes, that’s my wish. I’ll be wishing that you’d finally come knocking on my door with your crowbar to help me out of my clothes. Then, I could shut you up with my…crowbar.

I arch a brow as I turn those words back on him. “Good. Because I’ve been dying to shut you up with my cock.”

He laughs lightly, clearly remembering that remark too. “Guess I meant it after all when I said that. I didn’t realize it at the time,” he says, sounding a little amused as he figures out his desires too. “But I definitely realize it now.”

I tremble from the admission. Witnessing him put two and two together is hot as hell.

“Show me how much you mean it,” I say as I rise up, meeting him face to face.

He tugs up his jeans, but doesn’t zip them. “I will. And I’m going to take my sweet time with you.”

I sure like the sound of that.

I’m naked, sprawled out on my covers, and begging for my friend’s mouth. “You’re killing me.”

Luke’s naked too. Kissing the inside of my thigh. Teasing me. “Good,” he murmurs, then runs his tongue dangerously close to my cock.

He’s been taunting me with his wicked tongue for too long, kissing my chest, my abs, my hips.

My thighs.

Everywhere but my cock.

I grab my dick, push it closer to his face. “C’mon. Suck me.”

“Payback, baby,” he says with a smirk.

“Fuck payback,” I mutter.

“Yeah, let’s see how you feel about payback when I’m done with you,” he says, then licks a line up my balls, making my back arch, and sending praise flying from my tongue.

“Yes,” I moan.

“Knew you’d like my payback,” he says, kissing the base of my shaft.

My brain sizzles. My body trembles. “Do it,” I order, but it’s more like a plea.

Hell, I will beg if he doesn’t get that lush mouth on me soon. He’s busy toying with my balls now. Cupping them, he draws one into his mouth and sucks. I grab his shoulder, scrabbling to hold on to my sanity. To something. To anything.

“Luke,” I say, begging now.

He lets go and looks at me, his smile wicked. “You used my first name,” he says, then winks.

I don’t know what he’s getting at with his observation, and I don’t care this second. I just need him to get me off.

“You’re torturing me,” I say. “Just suck my dick, please.”

He drags his tongue along the underside of my shaft. “Like this?” he asks innocently.

“More,” I whisper.

He drops an almost chaste kiss to the head. “Like that?”

I growl, “Fucking more.”

He draws the head barely past his lush lips. “How’s that?”

I grit my teeth, then sit up, grabbing the side of his face. “Please suck my dick. Fucking please. I’m begging you. Just begging you.”

His grin is evil and sexy all at once. “All you had to do was ask nicely, Tanner.”

I roll my eyes. “More like beg.”

“Like I said, all you had to do was ask nicely,” he repeats, then he takes mercy on me, dropping his mouth onto my cock.

Finally. Fucking finally.

Once he’s on me, he doesn’t stop. He sucks, and licks, and drives me out of my mind. His hands run up and down my thighs. His tongue works me over. His lips suck me deep.

It’s an out-of-this-world blow job, and soon I’m gasping, groaning, muttering the best words ever, “Gonna come.”

On that note, he hauls me deep, finishing with a powerful suck. My legs shake. And my climax takes over my world.

I’m groaning and trembling. The relief and the ecstasy grip me all at once. When I come down from the high and look at him in my bed, I’m no longer sure once will be enough.