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But I don’t want to rush to the finish. I want sex the way I never get to have it.

I set a hand on his chest, stopping him, panting as I ask, “Want to know why I want you to fuck me?”

He nods savagely. “Yeah, I do.”

“Because guys usually want me to top,” I tell him, and that feels dangerously vulnerable. “They ask me to top. They assume I only want to top.”

Tanner’s eyes roam up and down my big frame. “I get that.”

“But see, I like fucking. I like everything about it,” I say, coming closer to why I brought him here to my home.

This won’t be easy to say.

The truth is, guys want me to top, but I also never tell them I want to bottom sometimes. I never say it because…it’s easier that way for me.

It’s safer for me to top. To stay in control.

But with Tanner, easy isn’t the only choice I have. I have other options.

“I like fucking and being fucked,” I say, and his gaze is more eager, more excited than I’ve ever seen it. That emboldens me to finish my confession. “But most are afraid to top me.”

“They think they’ll do it wrong? That they can’t handle you?”

I shrug. “Who knows? Doesn’t matter. What matters is this—I want you to fuck me nice and slow and make it last. Can you do that?”

There. I brought him here to ask for what I want in a place where I feel the most comfortable.

He shudders, then breathes out a hot, heady, “Yes.”




Luke is full of surprises.

And I am here for them. But first, I need to pace myself.

I head into his bathroom and splash some cold water on my face to cool off.

It’s a gift when a man tells you exactly what he needs in bed, and I intend to deliver.

I turn the faucet higher, making it as cold as it can go. I brace myself against the icy water, and it helps settle my skyrocketing pulse. Then I wash my hands, dry them off, and grab a hand towel.

When I return to his bedroom, he’s dimmed the lights, stripped off the covers, and turned on some tunes. It’s something with a thumping beat, sung by a guy with a baritone voice. That’s about all I know, and it works for me.

He’s sitting on the edge of his bed, wearing just his shorts now. I took off my shoes and socks at the door, so as I walk over to him, I strip off my shirt.

His lips part as he stares at my chest, clearly liking what he sees.

Good. Fucking good.

“Lie back,” I tell him, then toss the hand towel down on the sheet.

He complies, scooting up to the pillows, then parking his hands behind his head, smiling. Just smiling wickedly at me as his eyes stray to the tent in his shorts.

Dear god. I will need to stick my head in the freezer at regular five-minute intervals. “You are too fucking sexy,” I say, and it’s such a relief to compliment him like this at last.

That was one of my favorite parts of touching him yesterday. Being able to tell him what I thought and how I felt.

“Good. Now undress me,” he demands, and I grin. His bossy side is fun as hell.

“If you insist,” I say as I crawl between his legs, taking his order but not quite, not yet. I dip my face to his pelvis, inhaling him as I kiss the outline of his hard shaft through the fabric.

He says something like “nnggh.”

I lift my face, then unzip his shorts and tug them off. Boxer briefs next, and…hello, handsome.

“Nice to see you again,” I say to his thick cock that’s giving me the best greeting ever with that drop of liquid beading at the head.

I help myself to a lick, moaning as I taste his desire. Luke moans too.

“Need some more,” I say, and I suck him to the root in a hot, dirty second. Letting him fill my mouth. Letting his musky scent swirl around me.

“Yes,” he mutters, arching his back, thrusting deeper.

I give a few sturdy sucks, then slide my hand lower, pressing at the base of his balls.


I let one finger travel even lower, teasing him.

“Fuck,” he mutters.

His enthusiasm makes me feel like a rock star. But even rock stars have jobs to do. I let his dick fall from my lips, then rise to my knees and climb over him. Brace myself on my palms. Stare down at his handsome face. “Gonna take my time opening you up,” I tell him, since Luke likes dirty talk.

He nods a few times. Fast. Needy.

“Gonna fuck you real good with my fingers.”

His breath stutters out. “Yeah. Want that.”

“Then I’m gonna take you apart, thrust by slow fucking thrust, with my cock,” I say, punctuating my plans with a pump of my hips.

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