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“Do it. Fucking do it, Tanner.”

I nuzzle his neck, lavishing kisses there as I lower my body to his. But these clothes. These damn jeans.

I pull away, jumping off him, unzipping in no time.

“Yes, take it all off, baby,” he says, urging me on like I did to him at Rapture.

Happily, I comply. I’m not the dancer he is. But what I lack in moves, I make up for in confidence. I strip like a man who’s going to fuck his lover good tonight.

When I’m naked, I climb back over him, covering him with my body. When our dicks touch, we both groan. With one hand, I grab his face again, kissing roughly, deeply, as we rub against each other.

The friction is mind-bending. My whole body is alive and electric. I could do this for a long time.

Not tonight though.

Tonight, the man placed his order from the menu of me. Time to serve it up.

I wrench away from him, savoring the look on his bruised lips as I move back down the bed, settling between his thighs. As he plants his feet wide, he reaches for the lube on his nightstand, then tosses it to me. I catch it.

“Do they know you can field lube as well as you can handle balls?”

I roll my eyes as I drizzle the lube on my fingers. “You tell me if I can handle balls as well as a baseball,” I say as I press one slicked-up finger against his ass, then cup his balls with my other hand.

Luke grunts. Closes his eyes. Lifts his hips.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” I murmur as I give the man what he wants. Some good old-fashioned dick and ass worship. I kiss the head of his cock while I press a finger against his entrance. He rewards me with a lush groan. I swirl my tongue around the head as I push into him.

A sharp intake of breath comes next. I sit up, stroke his dick with my other hand, then go deeper.

A long, intense ahhh fills my ears as Luke wriggles on the bed.

“You’re so fucking sexy,” I say.

He just smiles with his eyes closed, looking so utterly blissed out. Maybe he needs someone to take care of him in bed. He came to the right guy.

As I languidly stroke his cock, I explore his ass with my finger. Crooking it.

His eyes fly open. “Yes.”

“That’s right. Take another one,” I say, urging him on as I slide in another finger.

He groans, bumping his ass down onto my fingers. He tips his chin at me, all brazen. “More,” he says, like a command.

My dick is a flagpole, but I can’t care about how he’s turned me to steel. I need to last like steel.

Slicking up my fingers some more, I concentrate solely on my mission. I ease three fingers into him.

He barks out a curse.


“So. Fucking. Good.”

I scissor my fingers inside him, opening him and stroking his prostate at the same damn time.

Soon, he’s sweating. His chest is damp. His shoulders heave. Still, I keep going, loosely shuttling my fist up and down his cock as I get him ready.

His dick twitches in my hand.

His lips twist in torture.

He grips the sheets.

If he’s this worked up already, just imagine how he’ll be when I put him on his knees. Press his shoulders down. Fuck him good and slow and sensually.

Lust jolts me everywhere.


I need him now.

Evidently, he needs me too, since he’s slapping his hand aimlessly around on the nightstand, searching for a condom. I ease out my fingers, swipe them on the hand towel, then drop a kiss to his greedy lips.

Like a hungry man, he takes it, but only for a few seconds. “Now. Condoms in the drawer,” he says.

A rush of heat slides down my spine. I can’t believe I get to have him. I’m shaking with a desire so strong, so powerful, I barely know what to do with it.

Climbing off him, I turn my back to find the protection, asking, “How do you want me?”

But he’s rustling around on the bed, shifting, and when I crane my neck, my dick jumps in happiness.

My friend is on his hands and knees, offering his perfect ass to me.

I know exactly what to do with this desire.

Please him.

I roll on the condom, add some more lube, then get on my knees behind him and palm his globes. Firm and muscular. “Mmm. I want to make it so fucking good for you,” I say.

“Then get in me. Now,” he demands.

“So bossy,” I say as I slide my cock between his cheeks.

His head drops down with a guttural moan. “Now,” he says, but it’s more plaintive this time.

He rocks back, asking for me. But Luke likes to play. I don’t give him what he’s begging for just yet.

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