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I feel unburdened and it’s fantastic. “In the past, I felt like I had to be this…big athlete stud. But with you, I can let go. Ask for other things,” I say, then close my eyes, take a breath, open them.

“Like what, Remy?”

I gulp, then offer up more of myself. “Not tonight, not here, but maybe when we’re alone again at home I want you to—” I stop, because I’ve never asked a guy to do this to me before. “I want you to eat my ass and make me come like that.”

“Oh, fuck,” Tanner says in a low, dirty rumble. His whole body is shaking. He grabs my face, holds me tight. “I want to do everything with you. I want to make you feel so fucking good.”

His response is a dream. I relax into his touch. “I’ve never asked someone for that before. I mean, I’ve had it done, but like for a minute here or there. Never to the point where I come.”

Tanner presses a possessive kiss to my mouth, then slides his tongue past my lips, flicking it, lighting up my fantasies. “Like that?” he asks when he breaks the kiss

I can’t speak. Just nod as I shudder.

His smile is slow and wicked. “I want to fuck you with my tongue,” he says, sliding a hand around to cup my ass. “Tell me what else you want.”

My mind is overheating. It’s like a circuit board buzzing, wires frying and snapping. “Toys, flip fucking, edging,” I say and it’s a relief to share my nighttime fantasies. “I know that’s not super kinky. I just want to do all these things. With you. I don’t want to with anyone else. And I really don’t want any other guys touching you. Like that guy your sister wants you to meet.”

“He came to the All-Star game with Amelia.”

I growl. Like a dragon.

Tanner presses his forehead to mine. “All I could think about was you.”

“Good,” I bite out.

He pulls back to meet my eyes. “I don’t want anyone else. I want you, Luke. And I could give you everything you want if you’d let me,” he says, so strong and commanding.

I wrap my hands around his hips. “God, I just want to stay here with you tonight. In this room and never leave.”

“I know.”

“But we have to go out there soon,” I say, then glance at the clock. We ate and drank for a long time. It’s after midnight. “But first I want to say thank you with my mouth on your dick.”

“Let me just say you’re welcome in advance,” he says.

I take him to the bed, shove him onto it, and remove his slacks and boxer briefs.

Tanner offers me his hard, leaking dick, and I tremble as I stare at it. I feel feverish. Hungry too, but like I can’t get enough to eat. Like even if I have him now, I’ll want to do this to him every night if I can.

I kneel on the floor and I try to tell him that as I press gentle kisses along his erection. I lavish more kisses along his cock, open-mouthed caresses till he’s panting and curling his hands tighter in my hair. “Luke,” he breathes out.

“Yeah, baby?” I ask, rubbing my face against his cock like a cat marking him.

“I love…this,” he says.

I look up to meet his gaze. His eyes hold mine in a new way, full of tenderness and true affection that goes beyond friendship.

It’s overwhelming and terrifying, everything that’s happening, so I focus on the one thing I can’t fuck up. I worship his dick with my mouth, covering his cock with my lips and my tongue.

Drawing him deep, I run my fingers up his thighs to his stomach, reaching for him, needing to touch him. He grabs my hands, clasps them tight with his as I show him how much I adore him.

When he speaks again, it’s a low warning as he says my name. Only it’s not Luke. It’s the nickname I’ve grown so damn fond of. “Remy,” he rumbles out, his body shaking, his release flooding my throat, his hands holding my head.

When I let go, he’s breathing hard, like he’s lost in a trance. He opens his eyes and meets mine. “Hey.”

I smile too. “Hey.”

I don’t know if we just agreed to something. But I want to find a way to have him and everything else I need too.

But there’s a knock on the door, then a loud voice, booming, “Get your lazy asses down to the hot tub.”

It’s Gunnar, and I jump up, quickly running a hand through my hair even though he can’t see through the solid wood door. Obviously. “Be right there,” I call out.

“Tanner, stop sucking off Luke. Move it, move it,” Gunnar says, then his footsteps fade as he walks away.

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