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“My mom too. And Lucy. You should have dinner with us this week.”

“I will.”

Then, something occurs to me. “Also, the media will flip out.”

His expression goes serious. “You good with that?”

I turn into his hand, nibbling on his finger. “Oh, for sure. Having the big shot shortstop all to myself will definitely increase my social cred.”

Tanner rolls his eyes. “Yeah, date me for my sponsorships and stats.”

“Your dick too. Don’t forget that,” I say with a straight face.

“As long as you don’t forget my dick, I’m good with it.”

“Baby, I could never forget your dick. And sometime soon, you better be prepared for me to show up at one of your games, take off my shirt, and ask you to sign my pecs.”

“I dare you to,” Tanner says.

I roll my eyes. “Done.”

We head into the inn holding hands, then out to the yard, where white folded chairs are set up across a rich, emerald lawn.

Guests aren’t here yet, just family.

Including Amelia, who squeals when she sees us. She rushes across the lawn and throws her arms around both of us. “Took you two long enough,” she says with affection.

I don’t know about that. I think it took just the right amount of time. Since I’m exactly where I want to be.



Later, I’m slow dancing with my best friend under a starlit summer sky. “I’m glad you’re my date tonight,” I tell him, still kind of amazed he’s here with me.

“And tomorrow too,” Luke says.

And the next day, and the next one after that. I’m looking forward to all those nexts.

I don’t feel bad about Soren. The handsome lawyer has been chatting with the bartender, and they’re hitting it off. My almost date looks to Luke then me and gives a thumbs-up. I smile then turn back to my guy.


Luke’s mine, and I’m going to give him everything he deserves.

A few months later, when the baseball season’s long over but football is still marching through its schedule, I’m in the stands on a chilly December afternoon at the Leopards Stadium with my crew.

Zane and Gunnar are here, and so is Hunter. Bryan and Sebastian are back from New Zealand, so I’ve been catching up with the happy couple on their adventures there while Sebastian was shooting a flick. Nate and Luke are here too, but they’re on the field. Two top quarterbacks in the NFL facing each other.

I cheer for my guy as he leads his team. Hunter roots for the enemy. It’s a tight, tense game but when the clock runs out, only one team gets a W, and I’m whooping and hollering because my man pulled it off.

This is an extra special win for Luke.

It’s his first under his new contract. He’s had a helluva fall, and just this past week, the Leopards locked him up for the next three years.

All season long, he’s played hard like the super stud he is, earning that renewal with his mettle on the field.

Sometimes, you just have to wait for the good things in life while you enjoy your life as it is.

And as he whips off his helmet and trots over to the sidelines, grinning at me? This is the best part of our relationship.

Him and me, here for each other.

“Hey, baby,” Luke shouts, his voice hoarse.

“Hey, Remy,” I say, then I lean over the edge of the stands and give him a kiss.

“See you at home later,” he says.

Luke moved in with me, and the best part of every day is coming home to my best friend and my love.

His cats aren’t so bad either.

The next weekend, he takes me to Strokers, and we finally finish a game of mini golf. Well, after a detour in the cave. We lose track of the score which seems fitting for us. Once the game is over, Luke takes a pic of us and posts it online, along with a caption.

“My one hundred thousand dollar auction date is worth everything.”

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