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“I don’t know.” He cuts me off.

“You don’t know,” I repeat. I ball my hands into fists. “You don’t know?!” I hiss this time. “This is my life.”

“No, it became mine when you tried to take it.” Take it. Seriously?

Without a thought, I lunge at him. He easily pulls away from me. The side of my fist only gets his jaw once before his arms come around me, caging me against his body as I continue to try to pound on his chest with my fists. He doesn’t stop me.

“I hate you,” I say through a sob. I feel his whole body flex and get tense for the first time. My words are somehow a harder blow than my fists. Then again, I should know that from past experiences. I just didn’t expect my words to actually land hard on him.

I stop fighting him and let myself relax into his hold. He keeps me caged in his arms, pulling me more snuggly into his lap. A few minutes ago, I would have thought it was to keep control of me, but now I’m not so sure.

“I’m sorry,” I whisper, letting my head drop to his shoulder.

“Don’t ever apologize for fighting for yourself.”

“I don’t want to fight.” I sigh, my eyes catching on the scratch I left on his neck that first day. It’s almost gone.

“Yes, you do. You asked me what was next. That means you want there to be a next.”

“I’m not fighting with you,” I huff. I do want a next. I always want to see what he’s going to do next. I can’t help myself when it comes to him.

“See, it’s your favorite thing to do.” A sudden burst of laughter breaks free from me. He’s not wrong.

“How many people have attacked you twice and lived to tell the tale?”


“Damn, making a girl feel special here.” I drop my head back to look up at him. “Careful. I might start to think you enjoy my company.”

“We’re home,” he says when the SUV rolls to a stop. I start to shift off his lap but freeze when I feel something hard pressing into my ass. Is he turned on? A thrill rushes through my whole body. He narrows his eyes on me. “Be very careful, little bird.”

“Or what?” I challenge, making his jaw tic. Suddenly I feel very powerful. It’s not that I think I might have some control over him. But he wants me. For some reason, I really like that.

The door opens, and he slips me off his lap. A few of his men step back quickly away from me. Kane’s hand wraps around my wrist, leading me back up to my cage.

“So.” I click my tongue. His hold tightens. “Are we going to blow anything else up today?”

“Do you want to?”

“Meh, maybe tomorrow.” I shrug. I swear I think his lips twitch. “If I’m still alive and all.”

“You can’t help yourself, can you?” He pulls me off the elevator and into the kitchen before he releases his hold on me. My eyes land on the giant island in the kitchen. It’s covered with every cereal brand and type you could think of. “No smart comment?”

I shake my head no before I burst into tears.



I’ve faced tears before from both men and women. Usually, the tears are accompanied by pleas of mercy or want. Sometimes they are born out of anger and frustration. They’ve never moved me in the past, but at this moment, I think I could rend the world from one end to the other to make Laurel’s tears dry up. Kissing her is the least violent course of action.

“Don’t cry,” I order roughly. I pull her into my arms and clamp my mouth across hers. She stiffens in shock but doesn’t pull away. I lick my tongue across her lips, lapping at the salty tears, coaxing her lips apart. The tears keep falling, but her sobs are less violent. Her hands curl around my biceps, and her mouth falls open. I don’t let the moment pass by. I dive in, sweeping my tongue inside, tangling with hers. She gives me tiny, tentative flicks like a kitten lapping at milk.

I groan, drop my hands to her ass, and lift her against my erection. She gasps. Fucking hell. I’ve never wanted anything so badly. My dick fights with my pants. There are too many damn layers between us. I need her naked, spread, wet. Blindly, I sweep a hand over the counter, knocking every box, every container onto the floor. I set her ass on the counter and slide my hands under her loose shirt. Her skin is warm and soft, silkier than any fabric I’ve ever touched. I fuck her mouth with my tongue, thrusting in and out. She wriggles under my grip. My fingers graze her breasts, causing her to freeze. Slowly, I drag my thumbs upward until they encounter the puckered nubs of tits.

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