The Good Bad Man

Author: Ella Goode
Category: Billionaire Romance | Adult | Crime | Romance
Total pages: 29

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The Good Bad Man



I’ll admit it. I’m not a good man. I make my living on the shady side of the dollar. It’s the hand I was dealt as a kid with nothing. But, even so, that doesn’t mean I’d put my own kid in a cage and treat her like bait for sharks. There’s something about Laurel Steiner that makes me want to shield her from all the dirtiness in this city. Can this bad man be good enough for her?




Everyone in the city has heard of Kane Santino. He’s a big bad man who is all bite, no bark. You won’t get a warning before he smushes you into dust. It just happens. One minute you’re there and the next minute, your building is blown up. My father refused to sell and put me in a cage to lure someone else to save him. Of course, no one showed up. No one that is except Kane Santino. He seems to want to lock me in a new prison. It’s pretty and warm but I don’t know that I can handle a man like Kane. Can a girl like me really be bad enough for him?