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“Kane.” I buck my hips. He pulls his hand out from between my thighs. “Hey,” I start to protest. I’m cut off when Kane flips me over onto my stomach and yanks me to the side of the bed, my legs dangling over the side. He comes down over me, his chest against my back pressing me into the mattress.

“My little bird isn’t getting it.” He nips at my neck, grinding his hard cock into my bare ass. My whole body lights up with need, that fog of lust rising up inside me. “It’s only you that takes care of my cock. I only crave you. You have nothing to be jealous of.”

“I’m not—”

“Do not lie to me.” He cuts off my denial. “You can get away with a lot with me but no lies. Understand?” I nod my head. “Good girl. Now be still. I’m going to have my breakfast in bed.” He moves his body, leaving mine, his hand going to my hips to lift my ass into the air off the mattress.

Kane uses his knee to spread my legs farther apart. I peek over my shoulder to see him dropping to his knees. A second later, his tongue dives through the folds of my sex to stroke my clit. He teases it before pulling back to thrust it into my sex. It makes me ache to have him inside me there. He pulls it out, going back to my clit before pulling back again, and this time he keeps going farther.

“Kane,” I gasp when he presses it against my puckered hole.

“See, I need all of you. There’s not a part of your body that won't know me.” He releases his hold on me, causing my hips to drop back down to the bed. The sound of his zipper is loud in the room.

“Kane?” Is he going to do what I think he is?

“Don’t worry, little bird.” The head of his cock presses into my sex. “Not today or even tomorrow. For now, I only come deep inside your pussy.” He thrusts forward, groaning loudly. I grip the sheets, needing something to hang on to when he grabs me by the hips again lifting me off the bed so he can press deeper inside of me. My breath hitches. He’s so deep. “Right there.” Oh God, is he talking about my womb? My sex flutters around him, letting him know what my body thinks of that. Traitor.

Kane starts to move in and out of me. He lifts my hips to meet each thrust. I lie there and feel him. Slow at first, but with each thrust, he gets faster. His grunts fill the room. He’s so deep. That’s where I want him. I want him to consume me. I only wish I could do the same to him. That I was able to make Kane feel me in the deepest parts of him.

“Oh God,” I moan, my orgasm fast approaching. Kane’s body comes back down over mine.

“At some point you might even wish I’d want another,” he growls into my ear, sounding mad at his own words. His hips keep pistoning, rutting in and out of me. “Because I can’t get enough. You do this to me, and you’re the one that is going to sate my need, and that’s all it will be. You’ll only be able to push it back down, but it will crawl right back out and have you again.”

Kane has lost his control. I love every second of it. I crave him too but not only in lust. His hand slips under me, his fingers going to my clit.

“Come for me,” he orders. My body goes off. I cry out his name as pleasure surges through my body. Kane pushes fully inside of me. With a loud groan, he comes with me. Warmth blooms inside of me. “Milk it out.” My eyes flutter open. Kane’s cock is still thrust all the way inside of me. I don’t know what he means until he starts to strum my clit again.

“Kane,” I whimper as he draws the orgasm out from my body. My sex contracts around his cock, trying to pull him deeper. He kisses my shoulder.

“Pick a dress. You will be marrying me.”

“Bossy.” I sigh, my body now limp under his.

“You can call me that for now, but very soon, you’ll be calling me your husband.”



I didn’t see it coming. I was lulled into complacency by sex, love, and my belief that Luca’s interest in Kimberly wouldn’t result in him selling me out. Lesson learned.

The car bumps along the road, and there’s a lot less traffic noise from outside. We must be on the outskirts of town. Since I have a black hood over my head, I can’t check. I test the restraints on my wrist. Tight as hell. Son of a bitch. At least I wasn’t with Laurel when this happened. She’s hopefully at home in her gilded cage, protected by Con and all the security the building has to offer.

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