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“I love you, too, Kane.”

I don’t know if she moves first or me, but our mouths meet. Our tongues tangle. Still kissing her, I get to my feet and carry her to the bedroom. I don’t know what love is exactly, but I do know that I’ll die of want for Laurel, and deep in my heart, I know that she feels the same. We belong together. I will it so.



“Little bird.” Warm breath tickles my lips. “I swear you can sleep anywhere.” He runs his tongue across the seam of my mouth. It parts for him, the same way it always does. My body is in a constant state of craving for him. Even if I’m not awake. It doesn’t matter. And it’s only getting worse the further along in the pregnancy I get.

“I’m awake,” I say with a yawn. The cool air coming off the ocean tickles my skin.

“At least let me take you to bed.”

“What’s wrong with staying right here?” I tease, never opening my eyes. He is already lifting me in his arms to carry me back into the house.

My husband can be a very jealous man. He’s not going to take a chance on anyone seeing an inch of me. It can be fun to poke at the beast. I’m the only person in the world that would ever have that thought or utter those words. To everyone else, Kane is one of the deadliest men in the world. To me, he’s only my protective, obsessive husband.

Kane took me from a rusted cage to what many might call a gilded one. People can call it whatever they want. If anything, it was me that took a free Kane to a cage. He’d gone from not caring for anyone but himself to being someone whose life is now dependent on mine. Every thought or action he takes always circles back to how it could affect us. If there is a cage, then we’re in it together. And I’ll happily stay here forever as long as Kane is by my side.

At the moment, we’re caged in on a private island with a handful of security and a few people to help around the island. Sham stayed behind in the city, but Ned and Constantine came with us. The closest men to my husband have become like brothers to me. Kane took us on a long trip across Europe before we ended on the island for a week.

I’m a little over twenty weeks pregnant with twin girls. There isn’t going to be a ton of traveling in our future, so this long vacation has been nice. There’s a lot in our lives that will be changing pretty soon, the biggest coming from Kane and his work. I don’t ask my husband all the ins and outs of what he does for a living, but I know he’s pulling back.

He cut a lot of ties and cleaned up a few rough edges. Kane wants to give our girls as normal of a life as he can. Of course, Kane is still a Santino. There is no changing that, but I know without a doubt he will always keep us safe and do what he needs to.

For now, I enjoy the condo and being in the city, but we’ve already made plans to build a home outside of it. Kane said it will take a few years. I’m in no rush. The condo that I once felt trapped in is now home. Even if we do build a home where our kids have a yard to go out and play in, I’ll never want to let the condo go.

It holds so many memories for Kane and me. He saved my life, made me fall in love, and even demanded I marry him there.

“Why do you want me to carve out the eyes of all my men?”

“I love when you get all romantic with me.” I giggle as he lays me out across the bed.

“You smell like the sun.” He runs his nose down my throat. “Did you put sunscreen on?” I roll my eyes. Kane can’t help but worry over me.

“You put it on me,” I remind him.

“Did you eat?”

“You fed me.” I laugh. “I think it’s you that wants to eat.” Kane pulls at the string of my bikini bottoms. I undo my top to leave me naked.

“I’m always hungry when it comes to you, little bird.” His mouth moves down my body, lingering on my stomach. He places gentle kisses to the small bump that has formed. “You two are going to be a handful if you’re anything like your mother.” My heart melts each and every time he talks to our girls.

“Hey.” I pull at his short dark hair.

“Never said that was a bad thing. Sweet with a fire inside them.”

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