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“It’s so peaceful here. How far are we from the city?” She sips her coffee as I take a seat and then pat my lap.

“Sit here and eat.” Her smile is innocent as she bounces on her toes and then takes a seat on my lap. “We’re not too far.” I’m purposely vague because she doesn’t need to know details. She’s with me now, and the only place she needs to worry about is what surface I want to fuck her on.

“Do you know where my phone went? I didn’t see it in my bag.”

“I’m sure it’s around here somewhere.” Again I’m vague as I slide my palm up the inside of her leg. “You need to eat, Vanna.”

“Someone keeps distracting me.”

Deciding that she might be right, I let her eat without disruption while I sip my coffee and rub her back. It’s a beautiful morning, and having this time with her feels like a gift. When she’s almost finished, I take a strawberry and hold it up to her lips. She keeps her eyes on me as she licks the tip, and my eyes widen when she sucks it. All I can picture is her doing the same to my cock, and I feel my jaw flex.

“Careful, babe. Teasing me isn’t wise.” She finishes the rest of the berry, and I hold out another for her. This time, she holds my wrist as she pushes it past her lips, and I grunt as her teeth sink into the juicy flesh.

“Nothing about me being here with you is smart.” She laughs, but I tense because I don’t like her thinking she shouldn’t be with me.

“You’re safe here, remember,” I remind her, and then I watch as she nods.

“Yeah, you’re right.” She turns to face the lake again, and I rub her back in slow circles. “Thank you again for coming to my rescue.”

“Hey,” I say, and then her eyes meet mine. “I’ll never let anything happen to you.” The hand I have on her thigh slides up, and my fingers play at the edge of her shorts. “And what you told me last night, about wanting a baby?”

I purposely lock eyes with her and wait as she swallows hard and then nods. “Yeah?”

“I meant it, Vanna.” I pull her closer against me and brush my lips against hers. She tastes like strawberries, and I moan as I bite her bottom lip.

“It’s too soon.” Her protest is weak because even as she says it, her arms go around my shoulders, and she pulls me close.

“Why don’t you let me worry about that?” I hold her chin and force her eyes to meet mine. “You’ve had to carry around all those burdens for so long. Why don’t you let me take care of you? I told you I’ve got you, Vanna.”

“I can’t ask you to do that.” Her mouth says no, but every inch of her is begging me to take the lead.

“You never have to ask.” I kiss her again, and she submits so beautifully. “All you have to do is tell me something.”

“What?” Her eyes are hooded as she melts in my arms.

“When are you ovulating?” My hand on her shorts slides between her legs, and I rub up and down.

“W-what?” She licks her lips and then moans when I hit that sweet spot.

“You heard me.” I lick the place under her ear and her head falls back.

“Oh god.” She moans louder, and then I stand with her in my arms.

“Something tells me it might be right this very moment.”

Just then I hear a sound that stops me cold. I peer around the deck and then curse as I put Vanna on her feet.

“What’s wrong?” she asks, and I shake my head.

“It’s my brother.”

Chapter Eleven


“Your brother?” I glance down at myself and see that my clothes are all wrinkled. It’s early, so his brother is going to know I spent the night, and this is not how I wanted to meet his family. They sound so perfect.

My hair is a wild mess, I'm not wearing any makeup, and I could use a shower.

Lawson doesn’t get a chance to say anything else before we hear the sound of the front door swinging open. There’s no doubting that this man, just as tall and broad as Lawson, is related to him. Although I might be biased, I think Lawson is more handsome.

“I see why you ran from the city. Megan Delanito is a fucking nut. You know she tried to…” He trails off when he sees me peeking out from behind Lawson.

Wait, was Lawson trying to escape an ex? I’m instantly jealous, even though I don’t have much right. Two days ago, I was engaged, but Lawson made a joke about how he hasn’t dated in a long time. He said he could be a monk at this point, which means he lied to me. What else has he lied about? I’m so stupid.