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“This is mine.” His hand moves between us to cup my sex. “You get your pleasure from me.” One of his thick fingers slips over my clit. “Understand?” I moan and nod because at the moment I can’t form words. How this man does this to me, I’ll never know. “Now that we have that understanding, I’ll take care of you.”

Lawson drops to his knees in front of me, and I brace my hands on his shoulders. He spreads my legs to make room for himself, and I stare down at him. I’m lost in an erotic spell as Lawson buries his face between my thighs, and suddenly I’m a queen placed upon a magnificent throne.

“Oh god.” I grip his shoulders tighter as his tongue explores me. A small whimper escapes with each swipe across my clit. I don’t know if he’s teasing me or just wants to explore.

“You need to cum, baby?” he asks, already knowing the answer.

“Please.” I’m begging, but he’s the one on his knees.

“All you had to do was ask.” He thrusts a finger inside my body, and I take it without protest. I’m primed and ready for him, and I want it. He works it in and out before adding another. “Have to get you ready for me.”

“Lawson, I don’t know if—”

“It’ll fit. Might take me time to break you in, but soon enough, your pussy will be made for only my cock.” I cry out at his possessive words. “Now cum for me,” he orders before his tongue goes back to my clit and his fingers thrust.

I call out his name as the orgasm hits, and there’s only pleasure coursing through me. Nothing else matters or exists, and I had no idea it could be this way. It’s not cold or awkward, and everything that he did felt natural. He’s opened a side of me I didn’t know was there, and I crave more. I’d dreamed that this was possible, but I never latched on to anyone. Until him.

“You with me?”

My eyes flutter open, and Lawson is standing in front of me. He keeps me steady with his arms around my waist, and I realize my knees must have given out. There’s more to this than physical security. He didn’t let me fall, in more ways than one.

“I’m with you.” I’m so with him it scares the crap out of me. I never want to leave, but in my experience, everyone does, one way or another.

“That’s my girl.” He kisses me, and my taste lingers on his tongue.

Lawson makes me believe that maybe dreams do come true. He wants me because we connect and are two parts destined to come together. It might sound cheesy, but I want to fit with someone and know that my fate isn’t as an only child left behind. I’m on the path to where I’m supposed to belong, and it’s a place both wanted and needed.

Lawson turns the water off and then dries me quickly before I’m once again being lifted from my feet.

“You know I can walk?” I half-heartedly tease.

“I enjoy the feeling of you in my arms. You want to take that from me?” he asks as he lays me down on the bed.

“No.” Lawson always has the perfect words. “Is there anything bad about you?”

“What do you mean?” He kisses down my neck before his hand cups one of my breasts. His thumb brushes against my nipple, making it harder.

“Everything you say and do is always so perfect.”

“I think you’re overlooking the bad parts of me.” It’s hard to focus on what he’s saying while he keeps touching my nipples.

“What do you mean?”

“Some people might think what you like is bad.” He sucks a nipple into his mouth, and every inch of me goes on alert. This man’s tongue is going to be my undoing.

I have no clue what he means because when I’m with him, all I see is the good. Even when I see that dark glint in his eyes, I enjoy it. I might even want to provoke it too.

Lawson moves on top of me, and I feel his hard cock nudge my wet opening.

“Law,” I moan, and my grip on his arms tightens.

“You got this, my strong beautiful girl.” He brushes his mouth against mine. “My cock was made to fit only you.” His words unarm me just before he thrusts his cock fully inside.

My eyes fill with tears but not because of the sharp pain. It’s because I want to fit only him.

“You believe that?” I ask as tears form. I hate crying.

“I know it.” He kisses the tears away to stop them from falling. “You’re mine now,” he vows as he slowly pulls out and then pushes back in.

He doesn’t stop until we’re cumming together. This time when I feel his cock throbbing, I know it’s forever he’s released inside of me.

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