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Chapter Fourteen


“We’re running out of food,” she moans as her head falls back and her hips rock forward.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” My tongue glides slowly up and down her pussy lips. “I’ve got plenty to eat.”

“Maybe if you put your cock in my mouth, I’d be full too.”

“You know it has to go in here.” I lick her little hole, and she shivers.

My hand dives between my legs, and I stroke my bare cock as I suck her cunt. I’m dripping cum on the floor of the bathroom, but I don’t give a fuck.

“Lawson, don't tease me.” She spreads her knees wider in invitation. “Please.”

“Wait for me.”

When I stand up, she’s already reaching for my shaft and guiding the tip to her entrance. I thrust deep and then raw dog her pussy until I cum. When she feels me pumping it into her, she goes off too. Something about my seed gets her off, and I grin as she rides out the orgasm on my cock.

“Better?” I ask, then kiss her lazily.


She’s tired now as I keep my cock in her and carry her to the bedroom. I thrust a few more times, teasing both of us before I finally pull out and get some clothes.

“Let’s run to the city and get some supplies,” I suggest, and although her eyes are closed, she nods.

My goal was to fuck her until she was crazed with need and then give her so many orgasms that she’d agree to anything. It’s taken three days, but now she’s so pliant, I’m pretty sure I could slip in a visit to the courthouse and have her saying I do before she knew what was happening.

“Fuck, I love the look of that.” She’s on the bed with her legs spread, and I see my cum. I climb on top of her and push my cock in one more time because I can’t stand it. “Just want to make sure it stays.”

“Maybe we could go by my place and get some clothes?” She moans as I pull out and then help her step into some of my basketball shorts.

I have to roll them up at her waist a few times, but I nod. “Anything you want, babe.”

After the shorts, I grab a hoodie, and she lifts her arms. Before I pull it over her tits, I bend down and suck on each of her pretty nipples before covering them up.

“You keep dressing me like this, and we’re never going to leave.”

“Maybe that’s the point.” I give her a quick kiss as I tuck my cock in my pants and finish putting on clothes. “Let’s get this over so we can hurry back.”

“Deal,” she agrees as I take her hand and we walk out of the house.

It’s been days of pleasure locked in my room, and breathing in the fresh air feels good. It’s like the world around us has changed right along with the two of us. The sun is brighter, the grass is greener, and my love tastes sweeter.

Maybe my life didn’t start until I met Vanna because it feels like I’m seeing the sun shine for the first time.

“Why does it feel like we’re coming out of hibernation?” She smiles over at me as I turn onto the highway.

“I don’t know, but I miss our cave already.” I slide my hand between her thighs and squeeze. “Just as soon as you get some things from your place, we’re grabbing food and then going back to bed.”

“I’m more than happy with that plan.” She leans in closer as I drive to the city and we talk along the way. The whole way there I debate how to tell her there isn’t much in her old place to get. I’d already packed it up. It might freak her out. I’ve only just got my grip on her. I won’t let go.

She tells me about what she wants to do for work, and I’m already thinking of ways to make it happen for her. I’ve also dropped a few hints about taking her to my place after a weekend at the lake, and she hasn’t offered any objections.

“This is me.” She points up ahead, and I nod like I didn’t already know. I also don’t remind her that I was outside of it the day I punched her ex-fiancé in the face.

“Let me park, and I’ll come up with you,” I say, and she looks around.

“Parking is terrible on this block. Why don’t you let me run up and grab a bag and then circle back around?”

“I’m not sure you should go in there by yourself.” A horn honks behind me, and I motion for the car to go around.

“It’s been a few days. I'm sure he’s not just waiting around outside my door to harass me.” Thankfully she doesn’t say his name because I don’t like it in her mouth.