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An expression of concern crosses his face. “You’re not considering going back to your ex, are you?”

“No. I’m all done,” I say without a trace of regret. I shared some good moments with Alex, but even if he hadn’t cheated, looking back I wonder if we would last much longer. Was he just with me because he wanted to be my first? Regardless, I didn’t have that easy flow the way I have with Rhett. Or the strong sexual pull.

His smile holds the intimacy of a secret. A delicious secret. “Good. He didn’t deserve you.”

“Let’s hope the next guy does.” I sigh. “Sorry, I don’t mean to sound cynical.”

He reaches across the table and holds my hand. “You’re refreshing.”

“Is that a nice way of saying I’m a pain in the ass?”

He chuckles, but doesn’t remove his hand from mine. In fact, his fingers move over mine, hovering, and each small brush sends tingles of awareness up my arm and straight down to my pussy. I inhale, so wanting to caress him back, but the fear of rejection claws my heart. He’s told me many times he’s not interested.

He taps my hand, then takes his away. “You’re a beautiful woman.” There’s a quality in his tone, like he’s struggling to say those words, and that sends thrills down my spine.

“Don’t do that,” I say quietly.


“Don’t be all nice and not see it through,” I say, then immediately regret. Then, I collect whatever remains of dignity I have left, and stand. “Thank you for dinner. But I’m done for the day,” I say. Next day I’ll leave so this is our last dinner together. A pang of regret stabs at me, but what else can I do?

He stands, and clutches my wrist before I have a chance to scurry away. “I didn’t mean to upset you. Damn it, Riley.”

His touch sends searing ripples through me. “It’s okay. Like I said, I’m just done.”

“What if I’m not?” he asks in a growly voice, then pulls me closer, so fast I gasp. His gaze falls to my lips, and every part of me is throbbing, my heart about to leap from my throat. I part my lips, and he takes full advantage, dipping his head and swooping my mouth with his.

The moment our lips touch, a jolt of electricity courses through me. I wrap my hands around his neck, like I am so fucking scared he’ll change his mind again and stop. He swipes his tongue over mine, and holy fuck—currents of sexual awareness make waves and waves in my body, the pressure building. My nipples are hard, my underwear already soaked.

He kisses me like we have an important train to catch and are running out of time. He kisses me like we’re passionate lovers about to be shipped to different galaxies, away from each other. And I eat it up. I match his urgency, I plaster myself on him, I nip his lower lip.

A low growl escapes his mouth, and he sweeps me off my feet and hooks his arms under my legs. I yelp, surprised, but also loving how this confirms he’s not running away. He’s not stopping anything.

He carries me to his bedroom, kissing me passionately, and after he enters it, he kicks it closed with his foot.

Carefully, he puts me on my feet, and this time when I feel the ground somehow it seems lighter, fluffier. “I’m not done, Riley. If I fuck you now, I’ll never be done. Are you sure that’s what you want?” he says in a raspy voice and I feel the weight of each word.

Excitement pumps in my veins. “Yes.”

A spark catches his eyes, and he pulls the dress from me, then goes on to swiftly remove my bra and underwear. I shiver, and any insecurity about being fully naked before him dissolves like powder in the ocean.

“Did you say you’re on the pill?” he asks.


“I’m safe, but if you want me to—”

“I trust you,” I say.

He gets undressed, without making a big fuss, barely letting me appreciate the view, then joins me in the bed, and slams his mouth on mine, kissing until we’re breathless. When our lips meet it’s like this frantic search for more.

I wish I could slow it down, but I can’t. We’re both moving too fast, and I don’t feel in control. He drags his mouth from mine to my neck, his tongue working a path down my neck, then he cups my breast, and brings the other one to his mouth.

My moans fill the air.

“You are gorgeous. Every piece of you.”

“You haven’t seen every piece of me.”