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He smiles. “I will.”

God, do I want him to…

He lowers himself on my body, kissing every bit of skin all the way to my pussy.

When he dips his head between my thighs and I feel his breath whispering over my bare flesh, I moan. This is way more than I could have dreamed, and it’s finally happening.

The second he laps his tongue at my folds, a bolt of sexual energy races through me. Every part of me comes achingly alive, achingly ready for this man. He licks my most intimate part, and my hips undulate in response, staying still is impossible. Aroused, I lower my hands to touch his hair, massage his scalp, as I’m so desperate, so fidgety, so wanting to find something to do to lower the hellish internal temperature taking over my body. It’s like the air has been stolen from me, breaths coming out in small gasps with each masterful stroke of his tongue.

“So good. Yes,” I whisper.

While sucking my pussy, he starts playing with my clit, running his thumb over it. If I was already soaking wet before, now my center is drenched. I am so turned on. I buck my hips, and he takes me, his thumb not letting up and if anything intensifying the flicks on my sensitive bud. I thrash my head from side to side, sweat slicking my neck and arms.

He makes a growling sound, a sound of approval, a sound of a man who’s eating his favorite meal after a long, life-threatening fasting—that sends me over the edge. A ball of pleasure forms in my center and rolls through me, exploding in my chest.

My sweaty body shivers, succumbing to the power of this orgasm. I call his name, with every quiver of my limbs, with each maddening throb of my heart, with each flicker of firework shooting from the corner of my eyes. I call his name until my lungs are tired. I call his name because right now, nothing else makes sense. And I’m afraid it’ll be like that until my last breath.



I dragmy mouth to her upper body, my lips touching every inch of her flesh I can manage until my tongue meets hers. Our kiss is explosive, our mouths insatiable for one another, my cock about to explode.

When I tasted her and devoured every drop of her tangy female cream, I was mentally coaching myself not to lose it. Not to give in. But now, literally, it’s getting harder and harder.

Riley is everything I’ve ever wanted, and there’s only so much I can control. I still want to make her first time good for her, though—my main motivation not to simply pump into her left and right until we fucking glitch in each other’s arms.

She runs her nails over my shoulders, and I quiver. “I want all of you.”

“Then you shall have it,” I say, my voice gravelly. “Naughty girl.”

More like greedy girl, I realize, as she bucks her hips and wraps her legs around my waist. Does she even know exactly what she’s asking for? Adrenaline rushes through me. Of course she doesn’t. Riley dives headfirst, and right now, for once, I should reciprocate. Also, send a thank you note to the universe for sending this fucking incredible person my way.

I position the thick head of my cock at her entrance, and she moans, scratching my shoulder blades harder. A twinge of ache shoots through me, only enhancing the animalistic lust already filling me up. “Christ.”

She nips my jaw, and I want her so much, all my blood rushes to my cock in a tsunami move. I feel lightheaded almost, looking at her so lovely, so generous, so ready for me. So… mine.


She’ll never be anyone else’s. That revelation sweeps over me, and I ease my cock inside her drenching wet pussy. She’s airtight, and as I move forward, driving myself deeper into her, I feel some resistance.

I look at her, and she’s inhaling, eyes closed for a moment. I swallow, not moving any further, giving her time to get used to me. “You okay, baby?” I ask softly, then caress her cheek.

She opens her eyes, and a delicious smile forms on her mouth. “Yes.”

I kiss her cheek, and she contracts her inner walls, clinging to my cock. I groan. “You’re killing me, Riley.”

“Didn’t expect that from a virgin?” she asks in a playful voice, though there’s an undercurrent of tension in her voice, like she’s still getting used to my size. To me inside her. Can she feel my cock throbbing against her most intimate walls?

“Didn’t expect that from anyone,” I say, and when I hear myself, I detect the heaviness in my words, the seriousness in my voice. Another glimpse of revelation comes down on me, much sharper than the previous one. It’s about feelings I never expected for her. It’s about forever. I mentally slap myself, too overwhelmed to focus on them. Or maybe too scared.

She moans, and I begin moving inside her, careful to read her facial expressions, to make sure she’s comfortable. “Starting to feel… hhmmm… good.”

“You just wait.”

“I’ve waited for twenty-two years. For you,” she says, and those words unlock a primal part of me. I undulate my hips, then move faster, first with quick, shallow thrusts, and she eggs me on… she’s bucking her hips into mine, whispering my name, her fingers biting in my flesh.

God, it feels so good.

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