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What the hell does that mean? My brows furrow. Crap, why did I reschedule my flight? I was supposed to leave today. Now… my heart flutters. “Do you hate me?”


I chew my bottom lip. Okay. Good answer. Should I keep pushing? I take one step in his direction. I take a deep breath, and wish I had on more than just a two-piece bikini. At the same time, I can’t be more exposed than what I’ve already been… I admitted to lying, and also to falling for him. “Do you… wish I hadn’t joined you?” I ask. My stomach is a knotty mess, and his answer will either make me throw up or throw myself in his arms. Hopefully it’s the latter.

He shrugs. “You mean I could have had my stress-free birthday like I originally planned?”

With a hot sugar baby who wouldn’t be carrying all this baggage and possible rift between me and my son?He doesn’t say it, but the words hang in the air. Also in my mind. “Yes.”

He leans closer, and for a moment, the air is socked from my lungs. Then, the contours of his handsome face relax, and he shares a smile that holds the complicity of a secret. “Not for a second.”

Relief pours over me, and I feel a tad lighter. Phew. Progress. I’ll take any progress at this point. “Good. Was Alex mad when you told him about us?”

He sighs. “I didn’t.”


He strokes my cheek. “Let’s take it one day at a time, okay?”

“Sure,” I say in a small voice. Because now I know what that means. He’s not mad I didn’t tell him about Alex, but he’s not confronting Alex either. He didn’t tell me how much he cares about me. Why would he? Alex is his son. His priority. And as for me… I should know what I signed up for. I really should.

“Hey.” He outlines my lips. “I guarantee you this was one of my best birthdays yet.”

I smile. The fact I’m clinging to every little shred of hope is sad, but I can’t help it.

I’m in love with Rhett. Maybe I’m being naïve right now, or just a plain idiot, but I can’t put an end to this.

I’m thoroughly fucked, but in a much different way than I originally anticipated.



“Happy Birthday, Rhett,”I whisper, kissing his neck. He hums in response, and I take advantage of his semi-conscious state and explore his body, peppering kisses on his hard chest, while sliding my hand to his cock, which quickly wakes at the touch.

Today’s his actual birthday, our last day in paradise, and I’m sure he’ll be stormed with phone calls and text messages soon. Right now, though, he’s all mine and I intend to take full advantage of that.

I go lower still, until my mouth kisses his thigh. He groans, and shifts his thighs but I splay my hands on them, coaxing him not to move.

“Fuck,” I hear him say.

I dare to look in his direction and find him staring right at me, intently, a gleam of lust in his eyes.

“Happy Birthday,” I repeat, and then scoot back on the bed, and touch his hard-as-rock cock. My fingers go up and down his length, and I enjoy feeling his velvety skin, tracing my fingertips over his side veins… his dick is perfection. It’s large and girthy and amazing.

“If you keep looking at my cock like that, I’ll come in seconds,” he says in a growly voice that makes all my nerve endings sizzle.

I chuckle, as a wave of female empowerment courses through me. He has so much more experience than me, it’s a turn-on to know I have a small measure of control over him. I’ll take anything I can get—and right now, I’m taking his most sensitive organ in my mouth.

It’s pulsating against my tongue, and the sensation increases my arousal.

I touch his balls, tentatively at first, but as I hear another sound of approval coming from him, I cup them, rolling my fingers over them, feeling their fullness. He says something I can’t comprehend, but I assume it’s positive. There’s a strong sexual energy in the air, this zingy vibe between us that only feeds my confidence right now.

While caressing his balls, I continue swiping my tongue over his cock, working my way up and down his incredible dick. I’m also drenching wet, my own libido busting at the seams. I can’t stop sucking him. I can’t put him completely in my mouth, but I run down my lips until it becomes too much, driving him in and out. Then, I decide it’s time to explore more, and I look at his head, and lick the slit in the middle, then graze my teeth over his velvety skin.

“Enough,” he says in a commanding growl.

With one fluid movement, he pulls me away from his cock and then onto his lap. I gasp, but enjoy straddling him, and when he shifts so that I can literally sit on his cock, I suck in a long breath. I focus on the view: Rhett, looking at me, with one arm folded under his head, challenging me to ride him like an electric bull.

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