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“I want you to have fun tonight. You know, given we couldn’t go anywhere for your birthday this year,” I say. The amount of morning sickness I experienced for the first two months definitely changed our minds about traveling. And while he was super understanding about it, I also felt bad for changing his yearly tradition so quickly.

He kisses the top of my head. “We’ll have a lot of time to do that later. I told you.”

“Yes, but still… I don’t want you to feel like fun’s over now that I’m barefoot and pregnant.”

He chuckles. “There’s no chance of fun ever being over with you.”

I play with the button of his sleeved shirt. “Good, because I’ve started to finally understand what people say when you feel horniest after the first trimester is over.”

“I’m here for you,” he says and pulls me into his arms.

Maybe it’s the crazy pregnancy hormones, but I’m already drenching wet. I do a once over. Nah. It’s not just that—this past year has only increased my love and desire for Rhett. He surpassed my expectations, and I never believed I could be in a relationship so strong.

He hikes up the hem of my dress. “Also… I like you barefoot and pregnant.”

“And naked,” I whisper.

“And naked.” He breathes into my hair. “When will they be here?”

“Not for a couple more hours.”

He growls. “Then… let’s make every moment count.”

I chuckle. Making each day count has been our strategy as a couple, and also a mantra. Lucky for me, we still have many, many days ahead of us…