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“Yours,” he replies hoarsely.

“A stampede of servants.”

“All yours.” He tugs me closer.

Grinning, I slide my fangs back and forth across his pulse. “A zoo? An island? A country? The world?”

“Everything. I would give you everything. I would lay it all at your feet and hope that it was enough.” His hands grip my ass, rubbing me up and down his huge, hard shaft. “The moment I met you, I knew I would give anything to you to see you smile. Those before us have failed you, failed our goddess, but we will not. My queen, every single one of us would die—no, we would live every day just to give you anything you could possibly need or want. You will want for nothing and never lift a finger. We will worship you until the very end.”

My heart clenches, and my claws dig into his shoulders to hold this man to me. I am the one who is lucky, and I will spend every day earning the right to be at their side. Don’t they see that? “All I want is you.”

“I’m yours, heart, mind, and soul. Everything I am is yours. Drain me, use me, fuck me, or rip me apart, just never leave me.”

Pulling back, I see the truth in his eyes. He would let me kill him, use him, and torture him, but I never want to hurt them. I wiggle, and he reluctantly drops me. I step back, gripping his hand with a smirk. For a moment, he looks forlorn because I’ve left his arms, but then I tug him after me. “Are you coming?”

“I will follow you anywhere.” He hurries after me.

I feel his breath on my neck as I wind through the court and out into the courtyard. The sun shines down on me, warming my skin, and the sweet smell of the flowers on the wind makes me smile. When I open my eyes, Conall is before me, blocking out the sun.

“Althea,” he murmurs.

I walk forward, and he walks backwards, so I manoeuvre him where I want him until his knees hit the wide bench made for star gazing. Placing my hands on his chest, I push him, and he drops back. He doesn’t make a noise, just watches me with hungry, hopeful eyes as I straddle him, lifting the skirt of the long burnt-amber dress that gathers under my breasts and flows behind me. I press my bare pussy to his hard cock through his trousers, making him hiss.

For a moment, I slip into his head, seeing me as he does. My hair is unbound and blowing in the wind, vivid with the sun and shining like jewels, and my eyes are bright with hunger and power. I look like the goddess he told me I was, and I feel his devotion, his pure, raw need and love in that vision. I groan and slip back into my own head.

“Please tell me you’re going to sit that pretty pussy on my aching dick, or even my tongue. Anything, Althea. Let me touch you, let me see you consumed with pleasure.”

Fuck, his dirty words have me circling my hips and grinding against his hard cock until he groans. His head falls back, smacking into the stone, and his eyes close in agonised bliss.

“Please, my queen,” he begs, his fangs elongated.

“Nox, I love seeing you beg,” I tell him. My clit throbs with how weak and wild I make him. Lifting my hips, I yank his trousers down to his thighs, freeing his huge length. It springs free, red and throbbing, the veins stark with his need. His hips lift as the air touches it, as if even that is too much, so I wrap my hand around his length and stroke him. I watch the emotions play across his face, the pure lust and worship.

I need him so badly.

Lifting myself above him once more, I press him to my entrance and lower onto his length. Inch after inch of his huge cock sinks into me until I’m fully seated, and we both pant, on the verge of coming from that alone.

“Althea.” The way he groans my name has me shifting, and we both gasp as he sinks even deeper. I’m so full it borders on painful, and I have to move, so I start to circle my hips. He bites his fist as he watches me with half-lidded eyes, and his fangs drip with his blood. The scent makes me speed up as I ride his cock.

Pleasure spirals through me, and his own desire races through our bond, overwhelming my senses.

His big hands come up, and with a growl, he rips the dress down, spilling my breasts free into the sunlight. Sitting up like a feral animal, he sucks and licks my nipples as I ride him.

I tangle my hands in his hair, holding him to me as I wind and grind, hitting my clit with each twist until I yank his head back.

“Lie back,” I order, and he flops back, his lips pink and raw from my kisses and breasts.

I keep my hand on his hammering heart. “I’m going to come on this big dick, over and over, and you can’t come until I say so.”

“Mine,” he snarls, watching me.

Smirking, I lift my dress and flash him. His eyes lock on where his huge cock plunges in and out of me, and he roars, his cock jerking inside me at the sight.

His head smacks into the stone, again and again, as he tries to fight his release. The sight of this huge warrior, my shadowed vampyr, bathed in sunlight and so wild from my touch and pussy that he’s hurting himself to follow my orders, kills me and sends me over the edge.

Maybe I was testing him to see how far I could push him, but he will always do as I ask, even if it hurts him.

Leaning down, I sink my fangs into his chest, making him bellow. His cock jerks inside me. “Come for me, my king, and fill me with your need. Let them all see how wild your queen makes you.”

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