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That’s all it takes, and he roars, lifting his hips so much that I almost fall. His cum splashes inside of me, and I come again, but he’s not finished. He rips me off him and turns us so I’m bent over the bench, and then his cock slams back into me.

I scream. I can’t help it.

The new angle causes his cock to slide along those nerves inside me. Pleasure slams through me until my eyes cross as he hammers into me. My breasts press against the cold stone, his movements causing my nipples to rub along the surface. His big hands hit my ass cheeks hard, and the pain mixes with pleasure as he snarls and fights my fluttering cunt. Our cum drips from me, making the slide of his huge cock easier.

Gripping the edge of the stone, I drop my head down, but his hand twines in my hair and yanks it up before his fangs sink into my neck. I howl as I come once more, screaming into the sunlight. I feel other eyes on me, watching me be pleasured by their brother. Their fellow king.

His arm comes around, and he presses his wrist to my mouth. I sink my fangs in, feeding as he feeds. Blood races through us like a circle, ramping our pleasure higher until we both come again, the blood and pleasure spiralling until he finally pulls his fangs out, breaking the circle, and we both slump.

I delicately pull my fangs out and lick the wound, feeling his cock twitch inside me.

“My queen,” he murmurs, resting his head on my back as he kisses my skin with so much love that it makes my eyes close. “How did I ever get so lucky? I don’t know, but I will get on my knees and thank the gods who brought you back to us.”

“I only want you on your knees for me,” I snarl, and he smiles against my skin.

“Then only you,” he murmurs, sliding kisses along my back. “When I can move again without falling over and embarrassing myself, I will take you to check on the monsters.”

Giggling, I lie in his arms as we both try to find the strength to move after that earth-shattering fuck. No matter my powers or strength, I’m weak in the aftermath of it.

He sighs, and I feel him shudder. “I forgot what the sunlight felt like.”

“You don’t come out in it?” I ask, confused.

“I do as often as I can, despite living in shadows. I guess since I lived exclusively in darkness before I was saved, I just appreciate it that much more.”

Frowning, I manage to turn over, and he collapses next to me. I face him, watching his closed eyes as he tilts his face into the sun as if he’s soaking it up. “Why did you live in darkness?” I ask, knowing he’s opening up about his past. I won’t pry if he doesn’t want me to, but when his eyes open and lock on me, I know he’s ready.

That he wants to.

“It was my job.” Reaching for me, he tugs me close.

I throw my leg over his thigh and press my head to his to give him my warmth, my everything if he needs it. He smiles, and it’s almost bitter. “I was my old court’s enforcer. My king was a cruel leader. He banished us all into the dark to feed into the myth, so I only emerged at night, hunting and killing upon his orders. I was so feared, people would scramble out of my way, so eventually, I started to hide in the shadows. I got really good at it, and I guess that’s why those are my powers.” He lifts his hand, and I watch the darkness play there. “I guess it’s my comfort, but you never look at me with fear or revulsion, and I won’t change that, my queen.”

“Never,” I tell him. “It will only make you love me more.”

“There was a girl . . .”

For a moment, jealousy clouds my vision before I blink it away. It’s foolish because we all have our pasts. He is here now, with me, and he needs me to listen.

“She was a human in a nearby village, and we shouldn’t have even crossed paths, but one night, when I was on my way back from hunting down an enemy, I heard her scream. She was being attacked by bandits. I saved her and took her home. Gods, Althea, she wasn’t even scared of me. She was grateful. She made me feel like her hero. I-I thought I loved her, but I think it was just need—the need to be touched and trusted. I was so desperate for anything that I blinded myself to the truth. She was human, and I knew it was wrong, knew it wouldn’t end well, but I craved the softness of her soul.”

“Conall, you are allowed to have loved before me,” I tell him, but he shakes his head.

“You don’t understand. I know now that it wasn’t love. It never felt even close to what I feel now with you—the obsession, need, and goddamn desperation I feel for you. My heart beats out of my chest just from one look at you. No, I never loved her, not really, and that makes it worse. I got her killed because I was fucking lonely. That’s it.”

“I don’t understand,” I whisper.

“She was my weakness, Althea, the only one I had. My king found out, and he wanted to rip that weakness from me. He ordered me to kill her, and I did. I ripped out her throat despite her pleas, and in the end, she saw me for what I truly was—a monster lurking in the dark. She welcomed me that night, eager to see me, and I saw excitement and happiness in her mortal eyes. She let me in, and I killed her on orders, Althea. How could I? How could I do that? The bitter truth is, I cannot even remember her face anymore or how I felt with her because you’ve wiped everything else away, and I’m so grateful. I did a horrible thing. I killed an innocent whose only crime was trusting and loving me. After I had, I realised orders meant nothing. How could I carry on doing this? I knew he would never let me go, but just as I was about to fall on my sword so it could never be used for evil again, they found me.” I know he means the others. “They judged me, and I was so grateful.”

“Conall,” I rasp, seeing the raw agony in his eyes.

“I killed her, Althea. She didn’t deserve that, and that’s why I’m here, to atone for all the innocence I stole. I feel so fucking guilty because I know even if I was ordered to do so, I never could have done that to you. I love you too much, yet I didn’t even blink when it came to her. I killed her so easily. She loved a lie. She loved a shadow, the mist of a man who lived in darkness, and you get all of me. I don’t know if that’s good or bad because I did horrible things on the king’s orders, yet I would do worse for you, my queen. I know you would never use me that way, I know it soul deep, but it doesn’t stop me from feeling like I’m betraying you by even mentioning her.”

Blowing out a breath, I cup his face. I see his struggle in his gaze, the one he hides behind darkness. “You are not betraying me, and you have every right to be worried, but I promise, Conall, I would never order you to do anything you wouldn’t choose to do. I would rather kill myself than compromise your soul and integrity. What that king did to you was cruel and evil, and it warped you. You cared for that girl, no matter what you say, but she was dead either way, Conall. We both know that. I cannot change your past, but I can live it with you every day. You choose your path now, and you choose to be good. You are a good man, Conall. The past is gone, and even the future is far off, so just live in the present with me, in the sunshine. If you do, I promise to protect you, my warrior, like no one did then. I will live in the sunlight with you just as much as I live in the shadows with you. It does not have to be one or the other.”

Bloody tears fall from his eyes, and I lick them away. “I love you, Conall, for everything you are and have been. It’s time to let go of what happened. It’s time to forgive yourself. I know if she could see you now, she would.” I send a promise on the air to that girl who loved this man, telling her that I will protect and love him the way she did so he will never be lonely again.

“What if I can’t?” he asks. “What if holding onto it makes me a good judge?”