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Thank the gods.

His head drops back, and he bays as his skin rolls. I watch in rapt fascination as my man transforms before me—not quite man, not quite beast.

He’s the best of both.

His arms thicken, and black hair sprouts from his skin, covering them. His legs triple in size and bow in the middle, more hair sprouting and covering those limbs as well. His clothes tear away from his body as the muscles on his chest expand. His entire body is covered in short black hair.

He is at least four times Zale’s usual size, with huge rippling muscles. His cock is sized proportionately to his new frame, hanging hard down to his knee. I drag my gaze up, licking my lips, and focus on the rest of him. Black-tipped claws drag along the floor, scoring it as he transforms.

His face thickens and turns square, the mane of hair on his head flowing down his back. His eyes turn pure red, and his ears become pointed.

His fangs are longer than his chin, and I shiver in need, wanting to feel them buried in my skin.

He is breathtaking, and my pussy clenches in anticipation of all that power being used against me.

His head falls back when the transformation finishes, and the howl he lets out is pure possession and need—a warning to others that he is about to claim what’s his, and anyone who tries to get in his way will be killed.

I can’t help but pinch my clit, needing to come from that sound alone. It settles into my skin, into my heart, making me breathless as I roll my hips faster. When his head lowers, his eyes lock on me, and I still.

He pounces, moving so fast I don’t see him until he lands in the pit a few feet away from me, his claws ripping cushions away to get to me.

His hands capture my legs, and with a quick, easy movement, he yanks me towards him. The strength and power in his grip make me shiver, and I can taste his ancient blood pounding through him. I want to feel that on me, in me. His tongue lolls out, long and black with bumps all over it, and he runs it up my leg before stopping at my pussy. “Mine,” he rumbles and rips my thong off, yanking my thighs so wide it almost hurts, and then his tongue is on me.

My eyes roll into the back of my head, my chest arching as those bumps slide over my clit, feeling too fucking good. Pleasure and heat build inside, making me as wild as he is. His tongue covers the length of my pussy, lapping at my folds before thrusting inside me. I cry out, grabbing the cushions on either side of me, and my own claws rip into them, fisting their innards as I roll my hips, riding my beast’s face.

“Please!” I beg, needing only what he can give me.

My blood cries for it, for him, for the beast between my thighs. It’s something I didn’t even know I was missing, but my body knew what our bond did not. We needed this, and it’s determined to lock us together forever.

His claws drag up my sides, and it’s then I realise he has four fingers now and his hands are almost split in the middle. When they cover my breasts, I moan as those fingers deftly roll and tug on my nipples as his tongue fills me over and over, dragging me towards my release. It’s an assault, a claiming, and I am helpless to do anything but ride it out. For all my power, I am nothing but this beast’s mate, and I love being controlled and used for my pleasure.

“Mine,” he growls inside me, the vibration lighting up my body.

I slash my claws across my chest. He snarls, and his mouth leaves my pussy, latching onto my blood. He drags his long tongue along the cuts, tearing them farther.

“Yes, yours.” I groan and grip his head, but all too soon, the cuts heal, and he slides back down my body.

He presses two of his thick fingers inside me, wrapping his tongue around my clit. It sends me flying off the edge. I slash and claw, and he growls at me, encouraging me. I feel flesh under my fingers, and the scent of blood fills the air as I come. When I can finally see again, he’s above me, his chest marred and bleeding, and he’s looking at the claw marks proudly.

“Mine,” I snarl back.

Flipping me over with a snarl, he drags my ass into the air and slams that huge cock into me. He tears me, but I quickly heal around him, the pain blending with pleasure as he begins to pound into me, rutting me like an animal.

“Mine,” he snarls.

I feel my blood dripping down my thighs, and then his fangs drag down my back, marking me like I did him. My back bows inwards at the bliss, and I cry out and come around his cock, yet he still doesn’t stop fucking me. His cock seems to swell and hit parts of me I didn’t know could be touched. They hurt so good.

“Yours,” I respond, screaming as his fangs drag back up, slicing me open. The feel of his black fur, which is surprisingly soft, against my legs and back makes my eyes close as I shake.

“Zale,” I whine, bucking under him until his fangs grip the back of my neck like he’s holding a naughty kitten. I freeze, unable to help it. The domination and pressure make me his all the way through as he speeds up, chasing his pleasure and need to fill his mate with his release.

“Mine, mine, mine,” he chants, and his cock swells in me so big, so thick that it finally sends me over the edge again. I scream and claw at the pit as I come, squeezing that huge cock.

“Mine!” he roars, striking my neck at the same time his cock swells to an impossible size within me, dragging along my nerves until I’m coming again, writhing beneath him as he pins me, feeding from me and filling my cunt.

I slump, and he continues to feed, his cock jerking as he fills me. His huge length stops any of his release from escaping. The pleasure becomes too much, and the last thing I remember is him lapping at the wound from his fangs before everything goes black and I slide into a blissful slumber.

My body conquered.