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Iwake to a hellhound curled around me, his flaming red eyes locked on me. It’s pure beast, with no hint of Zale, and I smile, reaching out to pet his side as he rumbles with happiness. He’s so warm, I’m practically sweating.

He’s not an animal like a dog; he’s more like a werewolf. His beast is a living, breathing, sentient side of him, and it’s clear he’s thankful for being let out. The fact that Zale relaxed enough to change in his sleep makes me smile. My body aches all over, especially my shoulder, and I know that bite will scar. Good, let it. I’ll wear it proudly. My pussy throbs, and when I reach down, I feel his sticky release covering every inch of my cunt, thighs, and ass.

I meet his intelligent eyes.

“When you are like this, are you part of Zale or is he in the back?” I wonder out loud, petting his soft fur.

He looks like a mix between a Doberman and a three-headed hydra. He’s huge, even bigger than I. Flames burn inside his bright red eyes, his snout is tipped with a black nose, and huge fangs protrude from his mouth, but I feel safe, as if he would kill anyone who got close.

I would. This is our nest. The growling voice drifts through my head, and my eyes pop wide open.I can speak through our bond. Zale is here, but he is sleeping. We are the same person, but not, if that makes sense.

“It does,” I tell him out loud. “How long has it been since you have fully shifted?” I ask curiously.

A very long time.He snuggles closer.He never trusted me after the attack. He would make the others chain me or watch. I was so young and hungry. I tried to tell him that I was not in control then, but it did not matter. When he was reborn, his sins forgotten, I hoped I would be too, but he did not forgive, nor did he forget. He hated me for it. I am his strength, if only he would see that. I would never let another hurt us again. I would protect our mate and family.

“I’m sorry,” I tell him, digging my hands into his fur. “I think he was just scared, and in all honesty, I understand that. Maybe after tonight, you will have a better relationship and he will trust you if you earn it.”

I hope so. You changed everything, mate. We both sensed it the moment you were reborn, and we knew you were made for us. He tried to stop me from reaching out and laying my claim, but you welcomed us both last night, and he allowed me to take my mate with him.

“Because I’m made for both of you,” I tell him. “Forgive him.”

He is young, and I do forgive him. I love him. I am him, and he is me. One day, he will see the truth in my heart and actions, and it will all be thanks to you.He cocks his head to the side.The others, his family, have been outside for a long time. I did not let them in while my mate was asleep, even if they are family. Would you like me to?

“Is that okay?” I ask. I don’t want him to think I’m wishing him away, but he’s right. Now that I focus on it, I can feel the others behind the door. They are worried, not enough to bust in here, but they want to make sure we are okay.

Anything our mate wants, she gets.

“Guys, come in!” I call then roll onto my back, but I leave my hand on him to keep us connected. A moment later, they file in, their eyes running over me to check for injuries before flicking to Zale. I see shock in some of their eyes, but not with Lycus or Nathair, who seem pleased.

“Brother.” Lycus nods, bowing his head in respect. “May I enter your nest to touch our mate?”

The beast slowly inclines his head, and slowly, so he doesn’t trigger him, Lycus slides into the nest near my back, keeping me between us, then slides his hand over my side. “My love, are you okay?”

“Better than.” I stretch out, completely naked, and his eyes heat despite the fact that I smell like Zale.

“My favourite scent is my mate covered in my brother’s cum and her blood,” he growls. He looks at Zale then. “I am glad he let you out.”

As am I. He would like to wake now.He looks at me.I hope to see you again, mate.

“You will,” I tell him, stroking his muzzle. “I know it. Trust in Zale, and he will trust in you.”

Relief floods his eyes as if he knows I won’t let Zale keep him hidden away now, and with a lick of my hand, he starts to transform. I pull back, watching in awe. His fur melts into his body, his legs straighten into human limbs, and his paws turn to hands. When his shift is complete, the beautiful man I have come to love lies before me, naked with my claw marks still across his chest in three very distinct lines. They are light pink as if they healed and scarred.

His eyes pop open, bright with flames, and lock on me. “Thea,” he murmurs, “are you okay?”

“Perfect.” I lean in and kiss him. “Thank you for trusting me and trusting yourself.” I pull back and drag my fingers lightly across the scars. “I’m sorry about this. We can try and heal them if you wish—”

“No.” He captures my hand and lifts it, pressing it to his steadily beating heart. “I wear my mate’s marks proudly, and I always will. Scar every inch of me, my love,” he says, and his hand cups the bite mark on my neck, and he winces. “But this is brutal. Nathair, we can heal this, ye—”

I turn his face back to me. “I also wear my mate’s marks proudly.” I snuggle close and press my head to his chest. He sighs, and both he and Lycus hold me between them, their hands wandering over my curves.

Nathair crouches and smiles at me. “I knew you could do it,draya.”

I wink, and he looks me over, dragging his tongue across his lips. I shiver and glance at Conall, who smirks at his side, while Osis and Azul watch me hungrily. Reve is leaning back, his hard cock tenting his jeans.

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