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Conall simply rips his shirt in two and kicks off his trousers, climbing into the pit before Zale covers my lips with his. He kisses me needily as I lie between them. A mouth meets my foot and slides up as my head is turned, my lips pulled from Zale’s and pressed to Lycus’s. He devours my mouth, his hard cock pressing to my ass. I don’t even breathe as they caress and kiss me. I feel more bodies surround me, and then I’m sprawled out on the cushions like a feast. My eyes open as Lycus removes his lips, and I see them all kneeling around me, their eyes on fire.

My judges, my mates.

“We thought you might like this,” Nathair says, and he waves his hand. The others do the same, and I gasp as their masks appear on their faces. Desire pulses through me.

I stare up at them like a sacrifice, recalling the very first time I met them.

“Are you going to bleed for us, little one?” one of them asks, his voice echoing with power just like when they judged me. Just like when they killed me.

“Yes,” I groan.

I reach up to knead my breasts, but two of them grab my wrists and pin them down. A knife drags down my chest, making me cry out as black lightning trails through my veins.

“Are you willing to spill your secrets and have all of your truths revealed by blood?” another questions.

“Yes.” I arch up, and the blade slices a long line down my front. Blood pools on my torso and then begins to drip down my sides.

“Are you ready to die for us, little queen?” another asks.

“Always,” I respond without hesitation.

“Are you willing to give us everything?” another demands.

“Yes, I’m yours, every inch of me. Body, mind, and soul.”

“I want your heart,” another whispers seductively as hands massage my blood into my skin, the power making me whimper.

“It’s yours,” I reply.

Hands stroke my entire body, avoiding my breasts and pussy where I need them. I’m unable to tell who is who as numerous hands touch me, making me moan and arch up, begging for more. My eyes hazily scan the masks above me, the red lighting only making them more menacing and hot.

If I focus, I can tell them apart, knowing their bodies and masks, but I don’t. I let them touch, taste, and fuck me without names. l give into the fantasy of the unknown. I give myself over to them fully.

A mouth covers my nipple, and then another does the same to the other side, sucking and biting in sync as hands shove my thighs open. Two different hands hold my ankles, keeping them parted and wide.

A mouth covers my pussy, and then another, and two tongues drag along my wetness, tasting me. I lift my head to watch the two masked men kneeling between my thighs, and I groan out loud.

The haze of pleasure only continues to increase under their sensual assault and possessive hands. I drown in it, drown in them.

“We accept our sacrifice,” one murmurs against my skin. “Before the night is through, we will have claimed your blood, body, and heart.”

“Please.” A thumb fills my mouth, and I seal my lips around it and suck as someone groans.

I force my eyes open to focus on the masked men surrounding me, worshipping my body. Tongues drag across my pussy, and one dips inside me while another laps at my clit. I wind my hips, riding their faces. Another two work at my nipples, biting and sucking until my desire roars through me, desperate for an outlet.

Hands hold me down and open for them so I can’t escape. I have no choice but to take what I’m given, and then the thumb is gone, and a cock replaces it, shoving into my mouth. I suck it down, taking my need out on it as someone moans, deep and long, the sound reverberating around the room.

The sensations overwhelm me, and the cock pulls from my mouth just as my body locks up and I scream, falling into their arms as I come. I squirt into their waiting mouths, shaking as they continue their assault.

They don’t let me relax or give up their possession, determined to gain my surrender, but they should already know they have it and me.

Suddenly, I’m jerked up and flipped over onto my hands and knees. A hand grips my hair and yanks my head up, and I meet masked eyes as a cock slams into my mouth, forcing its way to the back of my throat. At the same time, hands drag my hips back and slam my pussy down onto a waiting cock.

I scream around the cock in my mouth.

The abrupt pain fades to pleasure as a mouth continues to attack my nipples. I feel something hard slip across my ass, and then the scent of blood fills the air, making me groan as it drips across me. Hands massage the blood into my ass and part my cheeks before sliding the blood-covered fingers into my ass.

“Fuck, look at that,” someone growls.