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“Shit, I have to be inside her,” another responds. I don’t bother distinguishing their voices. I let them weave the spell with their anonymity, and then another cock fills my ass as the one in my mouth begins to move. They work me between them on their cocks, claiming my body as blood is dripped across me and massaged in, making me cry out. Those hard lengths slam into me harder and faster until someone groans and the cock in my pussy jerks, filling me. It’s quickly pulled out, and another fills me as the others rut me, hard and fast.

The mouth on my nipples moves, and I whine as my breasts are pushed together from below, and I feel a bloodied cock slide between them. My eyes are blind with pleasure as I’m forced to take them all. I suck the cock in my mouth harder, and a moment later, it slams down my throat, and with a groan, cum splashes in my mouth before they fall away. I reach out blindly, gripping someone’s thigh, and then another cock fills my mouth.

“Swallow, baby.” It’s Reve.

I shiver at his rough treatment of my mouth as he forces it open wider. A hand lands on my ass. “Behave,draya.” Nathair is in my ass, claiming me as he holds back his own release while the others use me.

My body is dragged back as I cry out. I scrape my fangs over Reve’s cock, and he roars his release, forcing me to swallow it as he falls back and another cock takes his place. I don’t protest. I swallow them too, desperate for it. I come with a cry, clenching around the cocks inside of me, but none of them stop.

Fangs slam into my side as someone cries out, and I feel their cum splash over my chest. Groaning, I drag my nipples against them as I suck and push back.

I need more. I need them all.

“Good girl, make them all come, make them all yours. They are so desperate for their mate,” Nathair growls, grinding into my ass. “Look at you, all covered in our blood. You’re so fucking perfect, taking every single judge, every single blood king, and making them yours. Our fucking goddess. Our queen.”

“Please,” I beg, not even knowing what I’m begging for anymore. The slick sounds of our bodies are too much, even over the music. Their hands, their mouths, their cocks . . . It’s all too much, and I explode once more.

I scream, taking them with me.

They roar their releases as they pump my pussy, mouth, and ass with it, staining every inch of me. Our bonds are wide open, and I feel it all. It sends me over the edge once more, and I cry out, making them groan until the pleasure finally stops and I slump. Slowly, their softening cocks slip from my body, but hands pull me into their waiting arms, unbothered about the substances covering me.

“I love you,” I tell them. “I love you so much.”

“We love you too,” Azul answers. “Forever, my queen.”

“Our mate,” they say as one.

Lifting my head, I watch their masks melt away. My men are strewn around, blood and sweat covering them. I smile, my eyes sliding shut.

They did just what they said.

They claimed me—mind, body, and heart.

I am all theirs.




“Thank you again for coming.” I am careful with my words around the fey, knowing they can easily use them against me. Names have power, and although they cannot lie, it doesn’t stop them from weaving the truth. They are tricky creatures with a penchant for mischief, but they love working with vampyrs and our immortal pockets, and they are the best in the industry, and my queen only gets the best.

“Please set up here.” I gesture to the room I brought them to. It’s a sitting room with nothing of importance or value they could either steal or sell. “I will fetch our queen.”

One giggles as she watches me. Her hair is bright bubblegum pink, and her eyes swirl with magic. She looks like a doll, and she’s beautiful, just like all fey are, but I know that appearances are deceiving. She tries to place her hands on my chest, both to flirt and sense my powers, but I step back. “My mate does not like to share. I would not suggest touching anyone you see here unless you would like her nightmares to be unleashed upon you.”

She tilts her head knowingly. Despite her innocent appearance, there is a cruel elemental being peering through her eyes. “Of course. We cannot wait to meet her.”

I incline my head and look at Reve and Osis. They are the calmest of us all, and they are less likely to give anything away without meaning to. Lycan and Conall struggle with word games, and Zale hates anyone else’s presence after mating. “Stay with them and help them if they need it. I will be back.”

Do not let them touch you or come near you. Not only does touch give them an edge, but it would upset Althea, I add silently.

Like I would. I don’t want their hands on me, only my girl’s. Reve snorts.

Never,Osis replies.

With another nod, I leave Reve and Osis behind. Let the fey flirt and play, they will not get what they are after. Despite the fact that we are paying them, they can be easily bribed to tell our secrets, so we are being extra careful.