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I didn’t stand a chance.

“I don’t need it. I just need you like this,” she murmurs, reaching up to pull me down for another kiss.

My hands slide over her skin, touching her as she caresses my shoulders before she drags her nails up and through my hair. I whimper into her mouth, and she swallows it, wrapping her legs around my waist and dragging her pussy along my cock.

She’s so wet.

I jerk back and look down. “Baby, you’re fucking dripping.” I meet her gaze. “Is it from sucking me? Fuck, Althea.”

“You taste so good,” she purrs, thrusting her chest into the air, so I lower my head and take her offering, sucking her pretty little nipples until she clenches her legs around me. “You felt so good, I almost came just from sucking your cock.”

“Show me,” I demand breathlessly. “Come for me, come for your mate with his taste still in your mouth.”

Groaning, she grinds her pussy against my cock, and I watch her face transform. Her lips part on a pant, her body begins to shake, and then with a gush of power and cream, she comes for me. I kiss her, swallowing her moan as I grip her pussy between us to feel her pulse for me.

When she slumps back, I lift her legs and wrap the shaking limbs around my neck, pressing to her pussy. When her eyes flutter open, I slide inside of her slowly, unable to wait anymore. I need to feel her cunt wrapped around me and to complete our bond. We both cry out, her tight cunt still pulsing and gripping me as I slide home, where I belong. My eyes almost cross at the feeling.

“Baby, you’re going to make me come again.” I fall down, pressing my forearm to the floor and hitting that spot inside her that has her jerking. Her nails dig into my shoulders and drag me closer. The bite of pain makes me groan once more, and then I start to move, slowly sliding out of her pussy and back in. She’s so perfect, I can barely breathe through my need to hammer into her and stay there forever.

Her hands slide down my back and grip my ass, feeling it flex as I slowly make love to her on the stone floor. Our bodies move, and our bond snaps tightly together.

Our lips meet in a tangle of tongues as we slowly come together, soft and slow and loving. It’s a perfect union, and our bodies wind and coil until neither of us can take it anymore. Locked together, minds, souls, and hearts, our bodies splinter.

My cum fills her as she squeezes me with her own release. Blood from our fangs fill each other’s mouths, and I swallow that too. It fills my bleeding heart.

We become one, and we are so tightly connected, we could never be without the other.

When we finally come down from the high, I lie across her chest, unable to breathe or move. She pants below me, stroking my back as her pussy flutters around my rapidly hardening length.

I can’t take it. Grunting, I lift up and grin down at her. “Better hold on, baby. You got soft, and now you get hard.”

“I can’t wait.” She grins before lifting up and kissing me then gripping my hair and yanking my head back, exposing my neck. “Fuck me hard, mate, while I feed on what’s mine. I’ll leave a mark for them all to see tomorrow so they know exactly whom you belong to.”

“Fuck yes, do that,” I beg as I slide out and thrust back into her. She groans, her pussy clenching tightly around me, and I have to grit my teeth against the feeling and fight the need to flood her with my cum once more. She’s just that fucking perfect and goddamn sexy.

Slamming into her, I anchor us with my hands to stop us from moving with the force. Her eyes close in bliss, and her nails slice my back, causing rivulets of blood to slide down it. The pain and pleasure makes me snarl and pummel into her. She cries out, tears forming in her eyes from the force.

I can’t help but roar when she sits up and slams her fangs into my neck, ripping it open and feasting on my blood. It covers us, but I still don’t stop. I take her hard and fast until she convulses below me and screams. I watch her face contort in ecstasy as her pussy clamps on my cock with her release.

And I still don’t stop, wanting to imprint on her forever.

I wrap my arms around her and stand, bouncing her on my cock as she wails. I turn to the bed with a smirk, my own blood still dripping steadily from the wound in my neck.

Throwing her onto the edge of the bed, I pull out and flip her before slamming home. I catch her thighs and push her head down as I take her hard and fast, snarling as my blood drips across her back and perky ass. I watch my hard cock slam inside of her, and it makes me even more wild for her.

My mate, my queen.

I know I will never get enough of this. Every time I have her, my obsession gets worse. I will spend our long, immortal lives buried inside her tight little cunt, worshipping my mate.

Her claws shred my bedding as she pushes back to take me. I fist her hair, yanking it up as I drag my fangs along her neck. Her perky little ass slaps against me with every thrust. I can’t take it. I need her blood, I need her cum, and I need it now.

Tilting her up, I hammer my cock into that spot inside of her that makes her scream. I control her with my hand in her hair, and when it becomes too much, I slam my fangs into her neck. The flavour of her blood explodes in my mouth and sends me over the edge.

Her own screams fill the air as I pump her full of my cum, and she covers my dick with hers.

It’s never-ending as I feed, my cum splashing inside of her until she whimpers as another release rolls through her. I feel it in our bond, and when I can’t take any more, I pull my fangs free.

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