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She’s so fucking beautiful and perfect. I need to crawl to her and prove it. She cocks her head to the side when she stops before me. “Don’t get me wrong, baby, I like seeing you on your knees, especially when you’re eating my pussy” —she smirks as I stare up at her— “but are you okay?”

“I just forgot how to breathe for a moment,” I murmur as I stare at her, my plan seeming stupid. Her hand comes down, and I take it, letting her pull me to my feet as I stare into those bright, knowing eyes. “I wanted to show you something and steal you away for a little bit.”

The slow smile she gives me makes my cock jerk, and I swallow hard. “Lead the way,” she says, and without waiting, I turn and sneak her through the court.

We have to pause when Zale and Osis come into view, carrying a massive stone archway. Nathair is behind them, barking orders. Covering her mouth, I pin Althea there as she giggles behind my hand. They all stop and cock their heads, knowing that sound, but when they don’t see her, they move on.

I tug her after me. I want her alone, so I quickly lock us in my room and turn to her.

“Close your eyes and don’t open them until I say so, baby.” Without hesitation, she shuts them and stands in the middle of my room, waiting. Closing my own, I curate the idea in my head and then open them, my powers flowing out. She gasps when it touches her but continues to wait with her eyes shut.

I tweak it a little then step closer, turning her so her back is to me. My hands shake from the nerves I feel. I love Althea with everything in me, and I know she loves me too. The bond we share cannot be shattered or broken, but in some ways, we are still learning things about each other, and in others, we know everything down to our souls. Still, I want to make her happy, and sharing this with someone else is a big thing for me.

“Open,” I croak.

I know the moment she does because she jerks against me. “Reve!” she exclaims, looking around at the world I have created for us. It’s our own slice of paradise. Stars shine brightly above us, the full moon is close enough to touch, and the ground is grass.

“I often come here to find peace. I wanted to bring you here and show you a place nearly as beautiful as you. How could I ever create anything even halfway as beautiful as you?” I whisper to her as she turns to look at me. “But I tried to show you the beauty of this world and make it perfect for you. Tonight, there is only us and the stars. There are no judges, no roles, no gods, just us.”

She cups my face and kisses me softly, making me melt against her. “It’s perfect. You are perfect.” She looks around, marvelling at what I have created. She reaches out as a lightning bug floats past, then she giggles as it lands on her palm. It takes to the air again, and she watches it go as I watch her.

I watch the woman I am completely in love with, and I feel the need to tell her and make her understand just how much. I might have been saved a long time ago, but my soul was never free until her. It’s strange, since she’s now the one who holds it captive.

“No matter how our lives may have gone, I always would have found you,” I tell her honestly. “I wouldn’t have been able to rest if I didn’t. You were always mine. We were all just waiting right here for you. Our queen, our love. I cannot do anything but thank the man who turned you onto this course because you were never his, Althea. You were always ours. I would have stolen you from him had you mated him. I would have killed him where he stood for even thinking he had a claim on you, on what is mine.”

Her eyes water as she looks at me, and I lean in and lick the red tears away, tasting her blood. “You were made for us, Althea, and we were made for you. No matter what happens after, we have this. We have our happiness, and we have tonight.” I step back unwillingly, my hand sliding through hers. “What shall we do with it?”

“I can think of a few things,” she murmurs, and as I watch, she pushes her dress down, leaving her completely bare as it puddles at her feet. The world around her shakes for a moment, my concentration breaking at the sight, and she grins. “Keep this world up, my love.” She strokes her fingers across my face. “I would have found you too. I was always missing something. It was you, all of you. Each of you hold a piece of my heart, and no one will take that from us. Let me show you how much I love you and the world you have created for us.” She drops to her knees before me.

My eyes widen. “No, I didn’t bring you here—”

She shushes me as she unzips my trousers and shoves them down. I step from them, and my shirt is removed next. I’m as naked as her as she sits back on her perky haunches, her tongue catching on her fang as she groans. The appreciation and hunger I see in her gaze causes me to shudder, and my cock jerks in anticipation of her touch.

“I love you, Reve.” She says it like she knows I need to hear it, and maybe I do. Maybe I did all this because I needed her to myself so badly, but she sees it. Smiling at me, she grips my cock. My head falls back with a moan before I drag it upright to see her.

My goddess is on her knees before me, worshipping me.

Her lover.

The moon shines brightly behind her, the world vivid and beautiful for her. Her tongue swipes down my cock, and she keeps her eyes on me the entire time as she makes sure not one inch of my cock is left untouched. Pleasure slams through me, shaking the world around me. I lock my legs and try to stop myself from thrusting as she licks up my hard, veiny cock and seals her lips around my tip.

I can’t stop my groan as my hips jerk. Smirking, she pulls back and drags her tongue through my slit, tasting me. The sight is so erotic, I nearly spill there and then.

She drags her tongue over my tip, lapping at me. “Althea,” I beg, reaching down and grabbing her hair. “Please.”

“I’ve got you,” she murmurs. “I’ve always got you.” She sucks my tip into her mouth and swallows me down, cautious of her fangs.

Pleasure courses through me.

I lose all sense of the world, becoming lost in the wet, hot cavern of her mouth that’s wrapped so perfectly around my cock. The slight edge of danger and pain from her fangs as she drags them back and forth along my cock makes me desperate. I thrust into her mouth as my balls draw up and heat gathers in my spine.

Humming around my cock, she sucks me down so good it hurts. Her other hand cradles my balls, massaging them, and I don’t stand a chance. My powers go haywire around us, the vision straining at the edges and contracting like a heartbeat. It goes completely insane all because of her, and she knows it. She sucks me deep and hard, holding me at the back of her throat before pulling up and doing it again.

“I’m going to come, baby,” I warn, but she tightens her grip on my cock, meeting my eyes as she sucks me harder, intent on making me come, and she does. I shatter with a hoarse yell, my hips jerking as I pump my cum down her throat. The world I created explodes around us, my power slamming into us. I cry out again at the force, and she whimpers, licking and sucking down every drop of my cum. I shake, about to fall as she leans back and cleans every inch of my cock. Her lips are bruised and raw as she grins at me.

I fall to my knees before her, grabbing her head as I drag her to me. I kiss her hard, tasting my release, and she drops back. I climb over her, opening her legs with my own.

Lifting my head, I look around us. “If you give me a minute, I can recreate it,” I tell her. My powers have never done that before. I could hold them during anything, including torture, but Thea?

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