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Like I’m on top of the world.

I am untouchable as long as she moans my name like that. Her legs part as a mouth slides up her thigh to her pussy. Another mouth tugs down her dress to suck her nipple. Hands grip and caress every inch of her as the scent of her desire makes us grow bolder, stronger, and harder.

I swallow her moan as other hands join mine, caressing our mate. Slowly rolling her onto her back, I spread her out for them. I hear them moving, and when I lift my head, the bedding is ripped away before the others crawl back on, their fangs glinting with promise.

Gripping her chin, I turn her eyes back to me. “You’re going to take every one of your mates, my queen. You’re going to feed and fuck us all. We survived the night, and now we are going to show you how the rest of our lives will be. Understood?”

“Yes.” She arches up, reaching out.

“How do you want us?” I ask, tightening my grip until she cries out. “Althea,” I press.

“I want someone in my ass and someone in my mouth. I want someone in my pussy. I want Zale in my cunt while Lycus fucks his ass.”

There’s a groan, and I narrow my eyes. “What else?”

“I want to be covered in blood and cum. I want every single one of you,” she replies, not the least bit bothered. “Please, Osis, I want you all.”

“Then you’ll have us,” I tell her and look at the others, our bonds open so we can communicate silently. With a smirk, I lie down next to her and pat my lap. “Come claim your first mate.”

She rolls onto me, crawling up my body to kiss me, my already hard cock jerking at the feel of her. She gasps, and I know Azul has ripped open a wrist and is rubbing the blood across her perfect ass. Pulling away, I flip her and slide her now blood-covered ass across my hardness. “Take every inch of me, my love,” I purr in her ear. Helping her rise until my cock notches at her ass, I slide inside of her, slick with her blood and my need.

I work every inch deep until she lies flat across me, groaning and twitching. Closing my eyes, I grip her to keep her still and to stop myself from coming too soon. I want my mate to feel filled and satisfied before then. Opening my eyes, I nod at Zale who slides across her front. His tongue laps greedily at her cunt, making her cry out as her ass clenches around me.

“Fuck,” I grunt, fighting my own need as she grips my cock like a vice. I can hear the wet sound of his tongue as he eats her, and within minutes, she’s screaming her release. Gritting my teeth as she pulses around my cock, I watch Zale slide up her body. He kisses her softly, making her taste her own need, before I feel his cock pushing into her, stretching her pussy alongside me. She’s so fucking tight, it almost hurts, and when he’s fully seated, all three of us moan and twitch at the feel.

“I need to move,” I finally say, lifting her slightly then pushing in and out. Zale copies the movement, finding a rhythm as Lycus climbs behind Zale.

He grips Zale’s hair, who groans and closes his eyes. “Are you sure, mate?” Lycus murmurs.

“Yes, fuck him!” Althea cries. “Fuck me through him.”

Lycus climbs behind Zale, lifts his wrist to his mouth, tears it open, and then smears the blood across his cock before sliding it into Zale. I feel pleasure reverberate down the bond, followed by love, and then Lycus starts to move. He fucks Zale’s ass, which in turn fucks Althea down onto me. Gritting my teeth, I fight my own need, dragging my fangs along every inch of her I can reach as she cries out, reaching for her other mates.

Lycus snarls, his fangs large and proud as he speeds up, pushing her harder and faster onto my cock. “Fuck, this is too good,” he growls, slapping harder against Zale’s ass. Zale cries out before wrapping his lips around Althea’s nipple and sucking as she moans.

She clamps around us, and her release triggers Zale’s, who mewls loudly. He bites into her breast and feeds. I fight back my own orgasm, which is clawing at my balls and spine. Lycus bends down over Zale and buries his fangs in his neck, spraying Althea with blood as he feeds before both of them fall back, spent and overfed.

Panting, I scrape my fangs across her neck as she whimpers. Azul moves between her thighs and lifts her legs, sliding into her pussy. He takes her just like she wants, and she claws at his chest, cutting into it. Blood slicks us both as he fucks her hard and fast. I need to move, though, so I turn us all until we are on our sides again, and we fuck her between us—one in, one out. Azul fucks her messy pussy, while I take her tight little asshole.

My fangs slide across her neck before I sink them in deep. She screams as she comes again. This time I can’t fight it. It sends me over the edge, and I roar against her neck as I spill inside her, pushing my cock in harder to stuff her with it.

Sliding from her ass to make room for her other mates, I collapse back onto the bed and watch as she rolls to her knees, pinning Azul and riding him. She strikes, and he screams, his cock pumping her full of his release as she feeds from his chest. When he’s spent and unable to move, she turns and spots the others waiting.

I crawl over to Azul and lie back amongst the pillows, satisfied and lustful as I watch my mate crawl to Reve, who is the closest. He welcomes her with open arms, their lips meeting messily as their hands slide across each other before she kneels and wraps her lips around his cock.

Her pretty ass, dripping with my cum, is high in the air. Conall snaps, and tendrils of shadows wrap around her as he moves behind her. “Mine,” he growls, and with a grunt, he fills her tight pussy.

I arch my neck to see. Reve’s head falls back as his cock thrusts in and out of her pouty mouth, uncaring of her fangs. Her nails rip into his thighs, and his blood pours down onto the bed.

Her pussy is stretched by Conall’s huge cock as his shadows tweak and play with her nipples until she moans. Her pleasure slams through us all as she comes for them so beautifully, and I spill once more. My hand grips my cock as I watch my mate take my brothers and drink her fill. Her head turns, and she sinks her fangs into Reve’s thigh, drinking as he comes with a roar.

Conall follows soon after, filling her pussy with his cum as his shadows sneak into her ass and play with her until she rips her mouth away from Reve as she screams once more.

Only Nathair is left.

Our oldest brother.

Unlike every time in the past, he doesn’t wait for her to come to him. Instead, he covers the distance between them and goes to her. He lays her down like a feast and slides into her pussy, connecting the circle of mates forever.

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