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His eyes rise to us, and we quickly move closer, stroking her body. Lips meet hers, and our mouths cover every inch of her skin we can get our hands on. She cries out, gripping at us as Nathair slowly makes love to her, rolling his hips and making her moan. He keeps the pace slow and steady until neither of them can take it, and with a snarl, he speeds up.

He fucks his mate while she’s surrounded by the rest of her mates.

Our names are on her lips as she begs for more. My fangs slide deeply once again, and the others do the same. It sets her off once more, and Nathair roars his own release before moving back and slamming his fangs into her pubic mound.

All of us drink from our mate while a soft smile covers her lips and her eyes shut in bliss.

The pleasure, love, and happiness she feels fills our bond, and our own love for her is pressed towards her.

Pulling my fangs free, I lick at the wound before collapsing. I am spent and so full, I almost overflow with power. The others lie down around her, stroking her as Nathair kisses her pussy, leaving her satisfied and covered in blood and cum just like she wanted.

“Good morning to you too,” she says, making us crack up.

Just like always.

Gods, please let the rest of our lives be like this.



Breakfast, or more like brunch, is spread across the table. Perched on Conall’s lap, wearing one of their oversized shirts, I sit back, unable to eat another bite. Once he’s sure I’m satisfied, he demolishes what I left on my plate, making me grin as I lean into him. I woke up the very best way today, with my mates making me see heaven, and now I’m feeling lazy. I know we have a lot to do, but for now, we just soak up the peace.

Sunlight filters into the kitchen, heating my skin thanks to my sun master—he says it’s just for me. I can hear our monsters out on our grounds, and my whole family is here, even Simon and his mate, who are chatting with Zale.

Everyone is here . . . except for the last member of my family.

My mother’s words come back to me. Can I forgive him? Is there anything to forgive? He was just keeping his promise to his dying mate to protect their child, even if it meant staying away to keep her safe. Wouldn’t I do the same? I don’t know, but I understand that he did what he thought he had to. He has regrets, and I’m beginning to realise I never really knew him.

But I want to.

I want to know the man my mother loved. I want to know the man who loves me enough to kill his king.

“I want to meet my father,” I say, and silence descends as all eyes turn to me. I blush slightly. “Sorry, I was just thinking, and it came out.”

“Are you sure?” Simon asks. He, more than anyone, knows my father, or knows of him. There is no judgement in his tone, only curiosity.

“Yes, my mother left me a letter. She made him promise to protect me even if it meant leaving me. I’m not saying he made the right choices, but everyone here has made the wrong one before, and we were all given a second chance. I think he should be too. If there is a member of my family out there ready to love me, then I would be foolish not to accept. I’m not saying it doesn’t hurt, but I think I need to do this.”

A hand covers mine. “Then we will do it with you.” Reve didn’t push me, even though he saw deeper into the man’s mind. “I think he truly loves you, but it is your choice. You do not have to accept him simply because he is your father. If you want to, make him work for the honour. Blood doesn’t mean anything without love. Remember that. But I would give anything to hold my family once more, and I don’t want you to have any regrets.”

“I know.” I squeeze his hand. “Can we bring him here? To meet?” I gnaw on my lip.

“I will go now,” Conall murmurs, kissing my neck.

“Wait, no, let me get dressed first. I don’t really want to meet him with cum on my thighs while I’m wearing my mate’s shirt.” I blush, even though he definitely saw a lot worse last night.

Simon winces. “Too much information, babe.”

Grinning, I stand. “Give me ten and then bring him . . . if he wants to come.”

“He will,” Nathair tells me. “And we will not let him hurt you, father or not, Althea. Your heart is ours to protect.”

I kiss him softly then hurry from the room. Nerves and excitement fill me. I don’t know if I’m making the right decision, but I don’t think I’ll truly know that unless I try.

What I said is true. I was given a second chance, so why shouldn’t he be given one as well?

* * *