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Anything for you,he purrs.When you’re done,draya, come and find me. I hunger for you.

I shiver and clench my thighs together.Yes, my king.

That’s my girl,he purrs, and I focus back on the monsters before me.

“He will sort it out. If you ever need anything else, you can come and get us. You are always welcome inside, but I think you prefer it out here, right?” I ask, hoping I haven’t offended them by leaving them out here.

“We do,” she responds. “We enjoy the freedom. I never understood your race’s obsession with walls and living like bees.” She grins as I laugh.

“I suppose we do.” I stand, dusting off my ass. “But the offer still stands. Just maybe knock first.”

That makes a few of them chuckle. “Trust me, we hear you even out here, so we will knock.”

I blush at that but wave as they disappear back into the forest. Knowing they are here makes my heart feel so full, I can’t stop my smile as I turn to go and find my king, hungering for him just like he does for me.

I use the bond to track him, tilting my head when smoke fills it.Are you hiding from me, my king?I purr.

If you want me, my queen, then hunt me. Find me. No cheating. He blocks off the bond with a husky chuckle. My fangs throb, and my pussy is slick with my own desire. I’m filled with a visceral need to hunt my mate like prey, and it’s so strong I almost bend in two. After all, we are predators, and he just volunteered to be my prey.

Smirking, I close my eyes and focus. I rely on our bond a lot. It’s just there between us, always telling me where they are and what they are doing. Of course they can block it if they want, but they never do, and it just flows through us, making us one person.

Without it, I feel like I’ve lost a sense, but it heightens my other senses.

I tilt my head, listening carefully. He led me here on purpose, which means he knows I can track him from here. His scent is everywhere, older and newer, and I focus on one of the newer ones, following it down the corridor. It stops suddenly at the corner, and my eyes lock on the fresh, bloody handprint on the stone.

Unable to help myself, I lean in and lick his blood, nearly coming from the strength and power within it. Moaning, I turn to flatten my back against the wall, my fangs so long they touch my chin as power and need blasts through me.

“Nathair,” I call tauntingly, my voice sounding more primal than I’m used to. “I’m coming for you, my king, and when I find you, I am going to slam my fangs into that pretty neck while I ride your cock.” I push off the wall and start to walk again, following the small droplets of blood. I smell them before I see them and can hear his soft chuckle somewhere in front of me. “I’ll fuck you and ride you until you beg me to stop.”

“Never.” His whisper makes me shiver.

“Come and play with me,” I sing.

“Find me,draya, I’m waiting.”

I close my eyes and focus on his voice as I walk until it gets stronger.

“Find me before I make myself come to the thought of you draining me dry of my cum and blood.”

“Don’t you dare,” I snap. “That cum is for me. You do not get to fuck your hand. You only get to come when I’m riding your cock and my fangs are inside you.”

“Possessive,” he purrs. “Better hurry then.”

“If you come before I do, I’m going to chain you to the bed and make you watch as I drain every single one of my mates and take every one of their cocks, and only then, when I’m covered in their blood and releases, will I take you, and I still won’t let you come until you beg me.”

“Promises. We should do that anyway.”

His voice is stronger, closer, and I realise where he is leading me—the pool.

It’s the first place we came together.

I speed up, blurring as I race to him. I refuse to let him come. I want it pumping inside of me. There is no better feeling than being filled with his release at the same time I drink his blood.

At the door, I rip off my dress and prowl in wearing nothing more than a lacy thong and snake bra I thought he might like. I planned to surprise him later, but now works. The water ripples slightly, and there is a bloody handprint on the side where he climbed in. Smirking, I start to circle the pool.

“My king,” I sing. “Come out and play with me.”

He’s still hiding, so I decide to flip the game and slide my hand down my body to cup my pussy. “I guess I could always play with myself, but I’m so very hungry, my snake.”

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