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“Don’t you dare,” he snarls, thrashing, and the water shows his location.

Smirking, I release my hand and stalk the other way, my footsteps silent.

“I’m so wet, Nath. I need you so badly,” I purr, throwing my voice as I circle the pool.

“You better not touch what is mine,draya,” he snaps.

God, I love it when they are angry. Wild, angry fucking is the best. I reach down and tweak my nipple, moaning, and it echoes around the room, followed by his growl. When I round the corner, I see him, his eyes narrowed in anger as he glares in the direction where I was on the other side of the pool. He leans back into the side, naked and so beautiful it sends an ache spiralling through me. I need him too badly to wait.

Silently, I move over until I stand behind him.

“Draya,” he calls with annoyance in his tone.

“Right here,” I whisper. I grip his neck and rip his head back as I smirk down at him. “Got you.”

His body is arched from my touch, and his thick thighs are spread where he’s seated at the edge. I stare into his eyes, alight with need and hunger, before dropping my gaze down his body to his long fangs and then his throbbing, veiny cock held tightly in his grip.

“What are you going to do with me now, my queen,” he purrs, tilting his head as he runs his hand up and down his cock.

Dragging him from the water with one arm, I slam my fangs into his neck. His back bows with a roar, and my hand slides down and around his body to grip his shaft. I stroke it, then I grip his tip and clench until he shouts. Pulling my fangs free, I tilt his head farther back. “You do not get to come for teasing me, not until I have at least three orgasms. Understood, mate?”

“Draya,” he whines. “Please, I need you too badly.”

Having this insanely strong man held in my grip, drenched in blood, begging for me to make him come, is a turn-on.

“What do you want, my king?” I murmur, licking at the blood dripping down his neck.

“You, gods, any way I can get you. Ride my face, ride my cock, I’ll take anything,draya, please,” he says, his body arching as I sink my fangs into him once more simply to watch him struggle. “My queen, please, please, your king needs you.”

It undoes me, so I let him go. He slides into the water and whirls with a snarl. Smirking, I step back out of his reach, his dark eyes watching as I reach down and unclip my bra. I let it all drop to the floor, and then I bend and turn, showing him my ass as I slide my thong off. Once naked, I step into the water. He waits, sinking deeper, ready to pounce.

“Be good and I’ll let you come,” I murmur, approaching like he’s a wild animal. I gasp when the water laps at my nipples as I sink deeper, and he snarls.

When I get close enough, he launches out of the water like a beast. I was waiting for this, however, so my hand snaps out and hits his chest. He flies backward, smashing against the statue behind him, and then I’m on him with my hand on his throat to pin him as he bites at the air. He’s a beast, his snake coming forth in human form.

“Bad boy,” I purr. “I won’t let you come now. I’ll use you.”

“Yes,” he demands, his cock jerking in the water.

Using the ledge, I slide my pussy along his length as he snarls and groans in my grip, fighting to get inside me. When he stills, I slam myself down, impaling myself on his length. Our moans mingle as I shudder, and he slams in and out of me with a snarl until I take over and begin to ride him. I take what I want, tilting myself until, with each thrust, I hit my clit. He speeds up, matching my movements. I don’t let him sink his wickedly long fangs into me, knowing it would end it. I want to hold on, loving being in control of such an ancient, immortal being, but I know if he wanted, he could stop this at any point. He loves that I’m finding pleasure in using him, and he helps me along.

His huge cock hits that spot inside of me that has my head falling back as I cry out. Lifting, I narrow my gaze. “I’m going to feed you my nipples, my king, but if you bite me, I will be very angry, and I won’t let you touch me again. Understood?” He stills, waiting. “Open your mouth,” I demand. He does, his forked tongue flicking out. Moaning, I lift until I can offer him my breast, and his tongue darts out, lapping at my peak as I grind my pussy into him.

I explode with a scream, coming on his cock.

His teeth scrape me, but he doesn’t bite. Instead, he continues his assault, switching breasts and working my nipple hard and fast, driving me into another screaming release. He licks and sucks me until I’m shuddering and slowly grinding my hips, barely able to hold myself up.

His cock swells inside of me, ready to fill me with his cum.

I still, knowing he’s on the verge of erupting, and he slams his head back into the statue, the scent of his blood reaching me. “Althea,” he hisses.

Lifting his head with a snarl, I get into his face, clenching my cunt around him as he growls. “Beg,” I demand. “Beg me to let you come, mate, to let you fill me with your release.”

“Please,” he hisses. “I was a good boy, please, mate. Please, my love, make me come. Make me come like no one else ever could. I’m yours. You have my complete surrender. You have an ancient blood king pinned and desperate to come. Just one word from you would set him over the edge. Please,draya, my love. I need you too badly.”

Not wanting to ride him anymore since he begged so sweetly, I lean in and offer him my neck, dragging his head closer. “Come, my king, come for me as you feed.”

With a roar, he drives his massive fangs into my neck as he slams his cock into me so deeply it hurts. Pain and pleasure merge, and as he grips me tighter, hammering into me, I find my release once more. Snarling into my neck, he slams into me before roaring as he pumps me with his cum. My blood drips down from his lips as he throws his head back.