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“I guess.” I lean into him, watching the play of the sun over the trees. “I can see why. It’s so pretty here.”

Some say it’s where all power and magic are born, and that there is a singular place that draws and releases it all, which is why so many races gather here. I don’t know if that’s true, but I like the idea that we are all the same, gathering around a fire for warmth.

“I like that idea,” I murmur, laying my head on him. We stay here for a while, just soaking in the beauty around us before we decide to move on. One of his legs wraps around me, holding me tight.

Hold on.He chuckles in my head, and before I can brace, he leaps.

I scream as we leap from tree to tree. He swings us between them, moving us quickly through the forest until it’s almost a blur. My screams turn into laughter as I close my eyes and take in the feel of his strong body moving beneath me. We begin to slow, and when I open my eyes again, we are climbing up a huge, old oak tree. He pauses on one of the branches and lets me slide down. My legs wobble, and he catches me, pressing me back to the trunk.

Wait here, okay?Those many eyes blink at me. It’s his voice in my head, but it’s his spider that’s watching me, and I startle when I realise how deeply they seem to be blending now.For you, they both tell me. He turns, and when he reaches the edge of the branch, he swings down. Gasping, I hurry to the edge, teetering as the branch thins, but he swings back up. We are in a slight outcropping of trees that seem to grow in a circle, and he swings between them, threading silk around them in the beginning of a web.

Knowing he’s safe, I hurry back before he chastises me for moving. After all, we are very high up. I might survive a fall and heal easily, but it doesn’t mean they would be happy about me hurting myself recklessly.

They are possessive like that.

He turns to check on me.Are you checking out my ass?he asks.

I laugh, my back to the tree trunk as I watch him swing between the trees, spinning his web. The silken strands catch the light and glow with power and beauty, and when it’s done, he holds out his hand to me.

Without hesitation, I push off the trunk, race along the thin tree branch, and leap into the air. I close my eyes with a wide grin. It’s like flying, and for a moment, I’m suspended in the air before I start to fall, only for the web to close around me, where I bounce safely as I giggle.

I roll towards the middle as the strands move with Lycus’s big body as he heads my way.

His spider easily navigates the silken threads, moving in a smooth manner somewhere between a crawl and jumps until he stands above me. My arms and legs are spread as I bounce slightly, like that time Simon and I crashed a trampoline party I think was for kids.

“Did you build this for me?” I grin. “You’ve captured me in your web. Now what do you plan to do with me?”

Many, many things, little queen. After all, no one can hear you scream out here.His legs pin my arms and legs down, and then more silk binds me, spread eagle, feet above the ground in the middle of nowhere.

Just me and my monster.

“Then make me scream, mate. Let’s test the sturdiness of your web and see if it breaks as easily as you will when you’re inside me.” I smirk, testing the bindings on my ankles and hands to find I can’t really move them. He watches me struggle, which only pushes my shorts higher and pulls my top down until my breasts nearly spill free.

His eyes dart back to mine, and one of his legs slowly lifts, giving me time to protest, but I don’t. He drags the sharp tip down my shirt, freeing my breasts. My nipples tighten in the cool air, and my eyes slide shut on a moan as my pussy clenches, remembering how one of those legs felt inside me. I fucking loved it, and when he drags that sharp tip across one of my nipples, I cry out. I meet his gaze, and he teases a nipple into a stiff peak. I struggle to close my legs to find friction, but I’m denied by his silk. Chuckling in my head, he watches me pant and struggle as he switches to my other breast, teasing that nipple into a taut peak before sliding his sharp leg down, over my stomach, to my shorts.

He eyes them, unsure how to remove them until, with a hiss, he simply cuts them away. They drift down to the ground below in tattered pieces, my bare pussy on display for the whole forest, making me shiver. With his eyes still locked on me, he drags his leg over my wet pussy, sliding it through the mess I’m making as my hole clenches. Pleasure spirals through me from how wrong this is, yet I want more.

His leg slides back up, circling my clit. I lift my hips, trying to get off. I need to come so badly, but he simply pulls his leg away and lifts it to my mouth.Taste how much you need me, even in this form, my queen,he tells me as he shoves it into my mouth.

I lick the tip, the hair making me shiver at the foreign feeling. Another leg slides across my pussy, teasing my clit before pressing into me. It fills me so deeply, my eyes cross, and I choke on the leg in my mouth. He slowly pulls it out of my lips, and in time with the one sliding inside my channel, he thrusts back in. He mimics fucking my mouth as he fucks my pussy with his leg, my cream covering it. I’m so wet, the slick sound of his movements fills the air.

Fuck, you should feel how tight you are gripping me, even like this, your monstrous spider. You’re going to come for me like this, aren’t you? Caught in the monster’s web and spread wide, covering my silk in your need. If anyone walked in now and saw this, they would be horrified. They would think I’d taken you against your will, but you love it. Don’t you, my little queen? You love being fucked by your monsters.”

I whimper around his leg, nodding my head as I take him farther into my throat as the leg inside of me goes deeper than ever before and slants so the length of it rubs along my pussy, catching my clit with each brutal thrust.

I’m drowning in pleasure, trapped in it just like I am ensnared in his web.

You’re so close. I can see it, can feel it. Your pretty little pussy is trying to milk my cum from me. Show me how much you want it. Show me how much you want me to fuck you like this in my web. Come for me, my queen.His words send me over the edge, and my pussy clenches around his leg, drenching him in my cum.

I scream with my release, and when my eyes open, human Lycus is above me. He spins us in the web so he’s beneath me, with me straddling him, and then he slams me down onto his huge, hard cock, impaling me as I howl.

“Ride me, my queen, right here, above the trees, as close to being gods we can get. Ride your king for all the monsters to see and hear,” he roars, grabbing my hips and helping me ride him. I lean onto my knees and hands, still restrained, as I roll and lift my hips. My head falls back, my hair flowing in the wind. I know he’s right and the monsters are watching, but I don’t care. I let them.

He’s my monster too, and I want every inch of him. I want his cum buried so deep inside me it splatters through his web to the ground. I want everyone to hear him come for his queen.

“That’s it, my queen, take me. I’m yours. Every single inch of me was created for your pleasure, from my big thighs to my huge cock, to bring you to the edge over and over. This mouth was made to lick that pretty cunt, and my hair was made for you to hold onto. So use it, use me, my queen. Fuck, look at you. I bet the gods watch you, wanting you, but they can’t have you. You are ours. You are mine,” he snarls as his head rolls back with a groan, his neck straining. I speed up, chasing my release but also wanting to feel his.

It grows between us. I feel it in our bond as our pleasure spirals higher.

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