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Tightening my pussy around him, I watch him cry out and feel his heart hammering, pushing blood around for me, so I slide my fangs along his chest, cutting it open to see it drip with blood. The taste of it makes me move faster.

He fucks me, his eyes dark as they lock on me with a snarl, and when he sits up and sinks his fangs into my neck, I come with a howl.

He roars against my neck as he slams me down as hard as he can, buried to the hilt and pumping me with his scalding cum as I shake and writhe against him. When the pleasure ebbs, I slump onto him, letting him stroke my back in comfort as he licks his marks clean, and then we relax, lying on his web.

“I will write your name across a thousand forests. Everywhere I go, I will leave a web of my queen’s name so they know how much she holds my heart and soul, and how she tamed the nightmares and made them her own.”



My mate and brother come back covered in dirt, webs, and leaves, their hands gripped together as they giggle, and I can’t wipe the smile off my face. When was the last time I saw my brother so happy, so free, and embracing his other side? The answer is never, and to see my mate so pleased and happy brings me nothing but joy, even though it was not me who caused it.

“Time to get ready,” I call when they get nearer.

“Of course, let me wash first.” She leans up, pecks Lycus on the lips, and slides over to me, kissing me as well without shame or reservation. “You make me happy,” she murmurs as she goes, and I can’t help but grin, loving how deeply she is ingrained within my brain.

My thoughts are all for her anyway.

“You too, brother.”

He nods, grinning as he heads past me. “Oh, and grab Reve, will you? He and Osis were being weird. I overheard thoughts of a dungeon. I don’t need to know, just make sure they are ready.”

I hear his laughter as he heads into the court, and for a moment, my eyes close as I focus on the energy here. Where there was once nothing but pain, death, and ghosts, now there is such love, life, and vigour, even in my forests.

This was always how this court was supposed to be, and it’s all thanks to her, my queen.

Before I died, I always thought I was the most important and powerful creature, and that my stolen throne was proof. I never wanted to share power, but I was foolish because by sharing power, we are stronger and happier. I don’t want the throne now, only her.

I would gladly kneel at her feet while she ruled, and that’s when I realise why I was given this second chance. They saw something in me I didn’t even see in myself, something she always sees—the ability to give what is necessary to help her lead our people.

I was born to love her, I just got lost for a while, but I’ve found my way now.

* * *

I know not every member of our species attended our ball, so that’s why we are out here, not to mention I’m old enough to know that some people just don’t change. Some do, we are prime examples of that, and I’m all about giving second chances, but I also won’t be naïve enough not to check up on them.

We teleport to one of the most popular clubs our species visits. Dominos is for the vampyr population, and although other species do visit, mainly fey and wolves, the majority is made up of bloodsuckers. We ignore the line stretching around the corner. Usually, we would travel straight inside and hide in plain sight, but this was Althea’s idea, and I see why as those in line turn to us.

Fear and awe show in their expressions. It’s not just what we are wearing or the power flowing from us; it’s the reputation we have created. Our entire race knows us and what we do. We no longer hide in the shadows. No, we hide in plain sight, and tonight, we let them know that we are hunting.

Althea stands at my side in a floor-length leather coat. Underneath, she wears a black corset, her judge mark proudly on display. Her matching leather pants are tucked into red, knee-high heeled boots. She looks sexy as hell, with her long hair curled back, her lips red and pouty, and her eyes glowing with power. She isn’t wearing a crown, but with just one look at her, you would know she is a queen. Reve is dressed in matching hunting gear. My own leather trousers are laced at the top, showing off my happy trail, which she touches possessively. I have on an open silk shirt and nothing else.

Azul is wearing his gold and black armour, with pops of red to match his girl. Conall is only dressed in leather pants and matching red boots. Osis has on a floor-length fur coat with black fatigues underneath. Reve is wearing tight black jeans with platform boots and a tank that’s partially ripped, her red lipstick kiss marks proudly displayed on his cheek.

Zale’s bright eyes are covered by shades, and he’s in black jeans and a shirt. He almost blends in, but flames roll over his skin.

Lycus wears his usual hunting gear, but he wears a necklace with a spider entwined with a female body, her body. They walk behind us, and we look imposing. I almost smirk when some patrons run from the line. I ignore their whispers and grin.

Power is being seen, she tells me.We aren’t hiding anymore, so let’s remind them of that.

Clever little queen.

She winks, and the door opens for us, the guard almost pissing his pants as she brushes past him.

As soon as we step inside, the sultry rock music slides through our bodies and heightens our bloodlust. It’s dark in here to offer courage. There are curtained areas to feed and fuck, but most do it on the chairs, tables, and sofas. We aren’t here to police consensual feeding or sex. We are here for those who break the rules. We ignore the bar and instead, we walk straight through the masses. It takes a minute for them to realise who’s here, and then some bolt just like the others outside. Some narrow their eyes as if wanting to test themselves against us, and I dare them to try with a smirk. I’d love to see my girl hand them their asses.

They don’t, though, because nobody here is that foolish. Instead, a man appears before us. “Queen and, erm, kings.”

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