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Blood flows over us, each droplet filled with power and soaking into our skin, heightening our pleasure. I feel the wall crumble behind me, but he doesn’t stop.

His voice rambles in my head, singing my praises.

So fucking good.

God damn, I would have gone to war for this pussy.

So grateful this is mine.

I’m going to make her crave me like I do her.

Thea, Thea, Thea, my Thea, fuck.

“Nathair,” I whimper against his throat, pulling my fangs out, and his hand cuffs my neck once again, cutting off my breath. He can have it. He can have my air. I couldn’t fight him even if I wanted to. It’s too good, too much, as power spins between us until it has no choice but to explode, taking us with it.

Both of us howl as his hips stutter, his cock filling me twice more before he stops. His length jerks inside of me, filling me with his scalding cum as I shake and break.

He holds me in place, gripping my throat until I know it will bruise. I want the bruises. Nathair moves, sliding his cock in and out as he continues to come like he can’t stop, and every drop of his release sets me off again until it finally bursts and releases us. I slump back, and he groans, burying his head in my shoulder as he slowly fucks me until he finishes. I feel his body trembling and his power wrapping around me.

I love it.

Thea. His voice is full of pleasure in my head.Forget the gods, true power and heaven are between these thighs.

I close my eyes as a grin curves my lips.

“My beautiful Thea,” Nathair purrs, pulling away slightly before licking my lips. “You taste like me and sex.”

I open my eyes and feel my expression soften as I wind my fingers through his hair and drag him closer for a drugging kiss that leaves us both panting and rubbing against each other. “Then we did something right,” I murmur.

He laughs, and I see a brightness in his eyes that wasn’t there before.

In my mind, I feel satisfaction.

I have claimed one of my nightmares, just like I was told to, like I wanted to.

Only five to go.



Hunting is what I’m good at, and it also keeps the memories at bay.

Despite Althea’s words, they still haunt me, and when I’m feeling useless and restless, I hunt. I find our next target, research them, and watch their sins, reminding myself why I do this. It takes a while for us to build a case. We don’t just pluck someone from the streets. We look into their past, their future, and their reasonings. We have to be sure if we are to kill someone.

That is why I am one of the best. Usually, those who have committed great sins have ghosts haunting them, and their past kills are all too happy to spill the dirt. Yes, they are usually angry, but I can get the truth from them, even if they are slightly jaded.

I should have rested like Nathair ordered, but night is the worst because the past plagues me, so here I am, in the back corner of a seedy nightclub. I watch every other being live their life, their essence so strong I can almost taste it. Their laughter is loud, their lust is overwhelming, and their jealousy and anger are potent as they vie for attention.

There are so many emotions, it’s too much for a ghost like me.

One who closed himself off until she came along.

I feel too much when Althea is around.

It scares me, but I can’t pull back now for anything, not after she looked at me and saw me. She saw past the mask, past the scars I use like armour, and she wanted me. It woke something long since dead inside of me.

I remind myself to concentrate. The faster this is over, the faster I can get back to her and see if she needs to feed. The thought is terrifying but also exhilarating. I haven’t ever voluntarily given myself to another, but I want to for her.

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