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I can do nothing but stare as he grins wickedly and pushes my breasts together, alternating between sucking and biting until, once again, I shatter.

Nathair is determined to destroy me, and I willingly let him as he holds me. Every sensation is heightened in a way I’ve never felt before.

The taste of him on my tongue.

The feel of air hitting my fangs.

The ache in my oversensitive nipples.

The silky slide of his skin against mine.

It’s all too much and not enough at the same time.

“You taste like death and blood,” he growls as he licks down my stomach. “The scent of your desire makes me desperate to taste your cunt.” I hear the moment his knees hit the floor. “Look at you, my queen. You’re so fucking beautiful, I should paint it for everyone to see. I’m on my knees for you, a place I swore I would never be, but I kneel willingly for a taste of you.”

“Nathair,” I beg, wide-eyed and panting.

Smirking, he seals his mouth to my pussy and attacks me with that same silken iron-clad control. His tongue traces every inch of me, all the way to my ass and back up. The scent of our need and his blood saturates the air, making my eyes close in bliss.

“Eyes on me at all times, Althea. You will watch as your king brings you more pleasure than you have ever felt. You will watch me as you come and stain my skin,” he snarls against my pussy, gently nicking me with his fangs. A drop of my blood hits the air, and he snarls before lashing my clit, tasting my cream and blood in one fell swoop.

My head wants to fall back as pleasure races through my veins, but I don’t let it. I keep my eyes on him as he tastes me, those black orbs locked on me, memorising every reaction.

His tongue flicks my clit before curling around it, then his fangs press in, and the mix of pressure, pleasure, and pain makes my eyes roll back and my leg shake. Never have I come so easily, but with this powerful man between my legs, I can’t seem to stop, and when his hands reach up and twist my nipples, I come all over his tongue, jerking against the wall with the force.

Power explodes through me, but he doesn’t relent, licking me through it. He thrusts his tongue inside of me, stroking my fluttering muscles. It feels longer and thicker as it reaches those nerves that have my scream reaching new heights. As I ride his tongue, the orgasm rolls into another, and then his tongue slides out and down, around my asshole.

“What—” I feel the difference in his tongue.

Smirking, he pulls his wet mouth away, his tongue darting out to lap at his fangs, and my eyes widen. It’s forked, thick, and long. Leaning in slowly, he drags the textured muscle across me, and I shatter once more. He slams it into me as I come, squirting my release as I rock my hips.

It’s too much. I can’t—

You can and you will. I want this floor stained with your cum.His silky voice slides through my head.I want everyone who steps foot in here to know just how well my queen was serviced and just how many times she came for her king. I want my tongue so deep in your cunt you won’t know where you stop and I begin.

Oh gods, his words, his touch. I can’t.

I lose myself in the pleasure, and then his fingers slide into my ass, and I come once more in a never-ending orgasm that cuts my strings, leaving me limp and at his mercy. He laps at my pussy as his fingers slowly fuck my ass through my release and then pull out. Nathair slides up my body and kisses me, his forked tongue tangling with mine as he lets me taste my release.

It drives me wild, especially when he grips my neck. How quickly our roles have changed, but I don’t care, especially when he pulls my legs up and I wrap them around his hips. His hand slides down, and a moment later, I feel his cock pressing to my pussy. I watch him as he drags his huge, hard length back and forth across my folds.

“I’m large, my queen, and I only want your screams of pleasure this time, so get my cock nice and wet so you can ride me,” he demands.

Whimpering, I scratch at his back as he pins me in place, dragging his cock along my pussy before pressing it flat against me and rocking his hips. He slowly rolls his hips, sliding along my slit and hitting my clit. Our chests heave with our breaths, and when I’m on the verge of coming again, he pulls back and slams into me, impaling me on his massive length.

I don’t stand a chance. I cream around him, screaming my release until my voice is ragged, and then his mouth is on mine, swallowing my cries of pleasure as my cum drips down my thighs and hits the floor.

Then he begins to move, slowly sliding out to the tip and hammering back, his balls slapping against me with the force. His hand grips my neck tighter as I struggle and fight like a wild animal, needing to lash out, to hurt him from the pleasure.

“Look at you, my queen, so wild for my cock. You drip around me like such a good girl. I knew the first moment I saw you that you had the power to destroy me, and I was right. After one taste of this pussy, I’m lost. After one thrust, I know I will never feel at home when I am not inside of you. I will spend eternity fucking this tight little cunt and pumping it with my cum, and I will spend years marking every inch of your flesh with my fangs and cum,” he snarls, hammering into me with the strength only a true sangui can possess.

He hits so deeply and then drags me higher, tilting me so his cock drags along that spot inside that has my eyes turning black with pleasure.

I feel my nails turn to claws, and then I rip at his clothes and back until I taste blood. Despite his grip, I slam forward, and he roars as my fangs pierce his neck. I don’t feed, I punish, unable to stop, and he continues to fuck me.

Blood sprays across us. “Yes, my queen, take what you need. Use me, take your blood, your release. Everything I have is yours. Fucking rip me to pieces, drain me, or claw me to death, and I would still fuck this little pussy.”

Done feeding, I leave my fangs inside of him to connect us as he roars, pounding me into the wall with the force of his thrusts. So much power circulates between us, I feel my hair lifting as the room sparks with it.

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