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“I will never be scared of you,” I whisper against his lips. “And next time, we can try exactly what was in your head.”

He jerks back, his eyes widening before he throws his head back and laughs.

“Damn, why didn’t I get that for showing my gifts?” Reve mutters.

Lycus rolls from me then gathers me into his lap, petting me like he can’t bear to let me go. Lazy with pleasure and blood, I lean into him, my legs partially splayed in the silk bindings.

“Well, that answers one thing,” Nathair comments mysteriously.

I want to ask, but he probably won’t tell me, so I lean more securely into Lycus and look around. I turn my eyes to Nathair. “And you?”

Stepping back, he rips open his shirt, making me lick my lips in hunger.

Despite how much I seem to know about Nathair, he is also the one I know the least about.

“We are all monsters in some way or another, Althea. Some can hide it better, but deep down?” He drops to the floor, and a snake rises from the clothing pile. “We are all creatures of the night,” it hisses in Nathair’s voice, the tone slightly more chaotic.

I stare, unable to help it.

I didn’t expect that at all.

It stands tall with its tail curled around its black body, which glitters with a golden sheen on its glowing scales. Huge fangs spear a forked tongue as his hooded head weaves. Unlike Lycus, Nathair feels more present, as if they blended.

“I have had centuries to practice,” he hisses, lowering his head as he slithers to me across the floor, “to become one with my animal. Lycus will get there eventually.”

He is just as beautiful in snake form as he is in vampyr form.

“Some myths say vampyrs descended from snakes. Nathair’s species hasn’t existed for centuries, since before the first blood king,” Osis offers as I stare. “It is a gift.”

“And a curse,” Nathair hisses. “Like Lycus, I can use venom if I wish . . . ,” he trails off as he lowers to the edge of my feet. “Or cause great pleasure.”

He slides up my legs, and Lycus binds my arms, keeping me locked in place as Nathair’s forked tongue lashes the air. He slides between my parted thighs, and before I can stop him, his forked tongue flutters across my pussy. My head falls back. This is wrong, so wrong, but I see Nathair in the snake’s eyes and hear his voice in my head.

I can taste you, even in this form. You are sweeter than any blood or poison.

Oh Nox.

“Does he feel good?” Lycus murmurs in my ear. “Does that forked tongue feel good against that pretty pussy?”

Shit, shit, shit.

I try to squeeze my eyes shut, but then they open when his forked tongue thrusts into me, and I can’t help but moan as it reaches places inside me nothing else ever has—places that have me lifting my hips and grinding into his tongue as his fangs scrape along my pussy.

“Does it feel good inside of you, wiggling around? Look how beautiful you are, spread and bound in my silk with Nathair eating you.” Lycus’s dirty words have my eyes lifting to the others. All of them watch me with undisguised lust.

It’s wrong, so wrong, yet I can’t seem to care when they don’t.

After all, this is the Court of Nightmares, and we can be whatever we want here.

Giving in to the pleasure, I let Lycus hold me and whisper dirty nothings as Nathair fucks my pussy. His tongue thrusts in and out of me before sliding to my clit, the forked edges flicking over the nub until I cry out and grind into his face.

I accept the pleasure, even as the snake slides lower and thrusts its tongue into my ass. The pleasure that was kept at bay explodes as I come with a scream.

Turning his head, he sinks his fangs into my thigh, making me yell.

Unlike Lycus’s venom, something else floods my veins—euphoria. The bliss of falling into my release brings so much pleasure, I actually black out.

When I wake up, Nathair is curled on my chest, flicking his tail through my blood and release. His heavy coils pin my leg, warming me, as Lycus strokes my hair and holds me.

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