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“You’re all going to kill me,” I rasp, my chest heavy with his weight.

“Don’t you mean kill you again?” Zale chuckles, making me giggle.

“I’d like to see Althea’s powers,” Azul says, and all eyes swing to me.

“Then I’ll show you . . . when I can move.”



They give me a couple of minutes to recover before letting me go. Standing in the middle of the room, I try to conjure my powers once more, wanting to impress them after the incredible show they put on. I look within and find the rose there, awake and waiting, so I give it some blood, and it writhes. I open my eyes and watch them react.

Without meaning to, I slide into Reve’s mind and see myself through his eyes. My bright lavender eyes blaze with power, my hair floats around me, and my skin glows from inside.

I look strong.

Sliding back into my own mind, I search for what I want and find it on Lycus. My cuts on his neck are still open, so I focus on the puncture marks. I feel his blood calling to me as if it’s mine, and without a moment of hesitation, I reach for it. His blood pours from his neck as he stumbles in shock and falls to his knees.

I cut off quickly, realising the harm I could do with that. I only meant to touch it like I had with my own the other day, but it almost harmed him.

“Holy shit,” Osis whispers.

The blood pools before Lycus, so I focus on it, and once it’s bubbling in the air, I push it towards him, watching it absorb into his skin, and within moments, he’s healed.

“You can heal,” Nathair says, sounding shocked. “That’s a very, very rare power, Althea.”

“Sorry, Lycus,” I say.

“You could rip me open and feed on my organs, and I would thank you, little one,” he replies.

“What else can you do?” Reve asks excitedly.

“I’m not sure,” I admit. “Shall I try something?”

“I wonder . . .” Nathair watches me curiously. “Althea, could you focus on an image, one that makes you truly happy, and try to project it?”

I frown, close my eyes, and try to do just that. “Anything?” I ask without looking.

“No, focus on something with so much deep emotion that you cannot do anything but see it.”

Blowing out my breath, I focus my mind.

I automatically think of Simon in one of the only places where I was ever happy. We are curled up in my bed with junk food spread everywhere. We were younger then, and it was before the change. We created shadows on the ceiling with our hands as we laughed. For a moment, so much happiness fills me that it’s almost staggering, and when I open my eyes, I see the image projected from me like a memory.

“Now change it,” Reve instructs calmly. “Focus on what you want to see.”

Frowning, I do as he tells me, his directives sliding into my head.

That’s it. See what you want, envision it.

The image changes to one of us as we would be now, and a cry escapes my lips before the image drops, along with my concentration.

“What was that?” I demand.

“That was my gift,” Reve murmurs, watching me with a guarded expression.

“I think . . . when you feed from us, it not only creates a bond but also a bond between us, and if you concentrate and strengthen it, you might be able to channel our gifts,” Nathair muses. “At least to a certain extent. We will need to explore this further one on one, trying out each gift with you to see if that’s true.”

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