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All the possibilities fill me as I peer up at those purple eyes with all my hopes and dreams—only for them to be crushed when he sneers at me.

“I am no mate of yours.”

Laughter echoes, and I jerk as if I’ve been struck, my face no doubt showing my confusion as it heats with shame. “My king, I felt the call . . . Did you not?” I glance back to meet Simon’s eyes, but he swings his gaze from the king to me.

I don’t even know his name, the man destined to be my mate.

“I feel it.” He nods, and I slump in relief, but then I notice a female at his feet in a see-through dress. She crawls up his legs, shooting me a venomous look, and clambers into his lap. He pets her side. “But I chose to ignore it.” He strikes the female’s throat, drinking from her.

She moans, her head falling back as his fangs mark her, claim her.

Blood pours from the wound as he drinks her down, his pleasure and power hitting me and breaking my heart.

Mates only drink from one another.

“My king?” I beg, falling to my knees from the agony of the bond tethering me to him, solidifying with every passing second. Pure pain washes through me as he feeds on another, even as my fangs lengthen at the sweet scent of the female’s blood.

He lifts his head, letting the blood drip down his chin to his chest as he glares at me. “I will never tie myself to another, especially one as weak as you. I am a king!” he roars, leaning forward as the woman tumbles to the floor in a lax haze. “You are nothing. I reject you. I reject the bond. I reject the mating. Go! Get out of my sight. You disgust me!”

“Please,” I whisper raggedly through the agony and utter humiliation consuming me. “To find a mate and be rejected—”

He has already looked away, dismissing me.

I refuse to beg, and I refuse to die, even though it feels like I am.

I crack apart, staggering to my numb feet.

The bond between us snaps, ricocheting back into us, even though it will never truly break.

Only death can sever it.

Yet he does not care that he has doomed me to a life of pain and hunger, where I will be alone and without power or reputation. The cruel king looks over me like I do not exist, as if fate itself did not select us to be together.

Do not feed the wolves, my mother’s voice floats to me.

Since he rejects me, dismisses me, then I shall go.

I will never beg for something that is not mine.

Even if it kills me.

With all the dignity and grace left in my body, I turn and stride quickly from the room, keeping my head held high despite the bloody tears gathering in my eyes. I ignore the pity, laughter, jealousy, and the glee on the blurring mass of faces as I flee from the king—my mate who rejected me.

My reputation, my honour, and my future is tarnished.

I told you fate was a bitch.



Struggling to breathe, I rip at my dress, tearing material away as I sob and drop to my knees in my room.

My heart shreds like paper, shattering into a million pieces.

My blood boils, trying to pull me back to him to fix the bond.

My fangs ache as thirst floods through me for the man I cannot have—a thirst that will never be satisfied.

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