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I slump with a whimper.

“Again,” he snarls against my pussy, nipping my clit.

“I can’t!”

His fingers thrust into me, making me cry out and arch, pushing my nipple into Zale’s mouth as he bites and sucks. Pleasure arcs straight to my clit, and then another mouth wraps around my other nipple.

Reve moves closer on my left, stroking his fingers over my jumping pulse in my throat, and it feels like he’s stroking my clit as Lycus starts to thrust his huge fingers in and out, all while eating my pussy like it’s his favourite dessert. He pulls his fingers out and offers them to me, so I curl up to lick them clean, tasting my own blood and cum.

He sucks on my clit as he thrusts his fingers back inside of me and curls them, hitting that spot that has me screaming into another release. Turning his head, he sinks his fangs into my thigh as Zale and Azul bite my breasts, and Reve sinks his fangs into my neck.

Each of them are fangs deep inside of me, and an explosion rocks through me.

My voice turns hoarse from screaming as I come over and over, the pleasure washing through us, solidifying our connection.

Finally, I slump and they pull back, all falling to their knees, blood drunk, as I lie here, coated in my blood and cum.

Lycus groans as he leans against me, lapping at his bite marks.

Blood coats my thighs, and he licks every single drop away.

“Nox,” I whisper.

Nathair laughs as Reve kisses my aching nipple where his fangs pierced. “How does she taste?” Conall asks.

“Like nothing I’ve ever tasted before, like power and sin. She tastes so good, I could have come from licking her,” Lycus growls, his tongue rolling out as if he can’t help himself.

“Fuck, I want that. Be a good girl and sit on my face for me. Let me taste our queen’s blood,” Conall demands, lifting me and taking my place as he drops me onto his chest. Hands grab my hips and haul me up until I’m straddling his face, and then his tongue spears me, making my head fall back.

I ride his face as he grinds me into him, eating me greedily. I feel their eyes on me as hands stroke my body, worshipping me. Their power flows through me, and I feel their want and need.

“My queen,” Azul groans, dragging his lips across my neck. “You are so beautiful. Look at how we serve you, how we worship you. You have seven kings at your disposal, begging for a taste. You have the serpent of age, the oldest of our kind. You have the master of shadows and darkness buried under you. You have the dream master, who is waiting his turn, and the black dog, who is baying to be inside you. The spider is drunk on your taste, and the underworld guardian is helpless. As for me, you have the ghost desperate for you. How could you ever see yourself as anything but magnificent? You are powerful and so beautiful, armies would die for you, gladly going into battle. This world doesn’t stand a chance.”

Oh gods.

I splinter apart, and they catch me. I fall back, and Conall growls, trying to drag me back to his mouth, but Azul lifts me, and Conall is dragged away. Reve is suddenly there, gripping my hips as he slams me down onto his cock.

My eyes actually roll back into my head as he uses Azul to hold me while he lifts and drops me on his cock. “Lay her back,” he growls, and Azul leans us back so Reve can climb closer and throw my legs over his shoulders as he hammers into me.

“Shit, you should feel her.” He groans, dropping his head to my chest. “She feels so good. She’s gripping my cock so tight, I can barely move. God, I bet she would feel amazing with you in her ass, Azul.”


I grip Azul’s head as I roll my hips and meet Reve’s thrusts.

It’s raw and hard fucking. Azul grips my bouncing breasts, tweaking my nipples, as Reve slams me down onto his cock, harder and harder.

“Oh gods, please,” I beg. I can’t help it. I can feel all of their pleasure, their desire, and it spills through me.

Azul’s hand slides up, his thumb poised at my mouth, and I suck it greedily as Reve groans. He slaps my clit, making me jerk and writhe as an orgasm rips through me. Bearing down on him, I grind onto his cock until he can’t take it.

His roar splits the air as he stills, pumping me full of his release, and then I’m pulled off him, panting and shaking, with his cum sliding down my thighs as I’m turned and pushed onto my hands and knees. Azul slams his cock into my mouth.

Whimpering, I grip the base of his length, sucking him hard and letting him thrust all the way down my throat. He holds himself there as a hand slaps my ass.

“Don’t make him come just yet, greedy girl,” Osis says. “That’s it, nice and slow. Taste his big cock and make him work for his release in that hot little mouth.”

Groaning around Azul’s huge length, I roll my eyes up to see his head thrown back as he slides from my mouth and thrusts back in.

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