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A hand slaps my dripping pussy. “That’s a good girl. Now get my dick all wet for me. I’m going to take this pretty little ass while Zale gets your pussy.” His hard length presses against my pussy, and I grind into it, clenching at the thought of all of them filling me. “Fuck, you love that idea, don’t you? You love the idea of being stuffed with our cocks, every hole dripping with our cum, my greedy girl.”

I nod, sucking harder and grinding back into Osis’s cock as he rubs it along my pussy, bumping my clit. I come again, screaming around Azul’s cock. Suddenly, Osis slams his cock into my unprepared ass, and I scream, turning my head so I don’t bite Azul’s cock, and it slips free. I try to escape, but hands grip my hips and haul me back, pulling deeper onto that hard cock. Pain and pleasure mixes, making me writhe and dance on it.

“Fuck, such a good girl. Your pretty ass is so tight, you are going to make me burst before I even get all the way in,” he praises, sliding his fingers across my clit. “Brother, get in her cunt before I cream in her ass.”

Whimpering, I hang my head as Zale slides beneath me, his lips sealing on my nipple before I feel his hard cock prodding at my pussy.

“That’s it, beautiful, slide down his fat length. Take it all. She’s greedy for it, brother. I can feel her little ass pulsating around me as you touch her.”

I can’t take it. I rock onto Zale, sliding him inside of me and groaning as he thrusts up, filling me. The feeling is so overwhelming that I scream as another release washes through me, making me jerk on them. They both groan, and then Azul’s cock presses against my pouting, raw lips.

“Suck him down, Thea,” Osis orders, spanking me hard. “Be a good girl and suck his cock so we all come in this hot little body at the same time, and then you’re going to be the greedy little slut you are and ride my other brothers, aren’t you?”

Nodding, I look up at Azul as he grips my hair and slides back into my mouth. They find a rhythm quickly, pushing and pulling, until I’m used between them. Their hard cocks claim every inch of me. Dirty words of praise are whispered to me, and their pleasure booms in my head, making me nothing more than an overstimulated hole needing to be filled.

I can’t take it. I fuck them harder, sucking and pushing back while grinding down to hit my clit.

Osis groans. “Shit, she looks so pretty using us to make herself come.”

“He’s right,” Nathair says. “I’ve never seen a better sight than you all stretched out, being used.” He projects the sight from his view, and I moan loudly, gripping them all harder.

Azul snarls, “Her mouth feels too good. I’m going to come.”

“Not yet, brother,” Osis murmurs. “Make her work for your cum. Make your queen suck every drop from you.”

Sucking harder, I reach out and cup his swinging balls as I clench around the other two. Their roars fill the air as they hammer into me, using me until Azul stills and yells his release as it spills down my throat. Zale groans, grinding me onto his cock and filling me with his cum. Osis pulls me back and forth on his cock before he groans, his head hitting my back as his cock jerks inside me, filling me with his release.

They fall away, leaving my body, yet I still need more. I slide into the water and head to the first man there, who happens to be Nathair. He catches me as I leap at him. My hand slides down and grips his cock. He grips my ass and guides me as I sink onto his length, my head falling back as he fills me.

A hand suddenly wraps around my throat, keeping my head tilted back as fangs pierce my neck, making me scream as I ride Nathair.

It’s Lycus, I realise.

His huge cock prods my ass until Nathair lifts me so he can slam into me, taking my ass as he drinks my blood. Turning my head, I go to bite, but Conall catches my chin and slams his cock into my mouth. “Do not bite me, my queen. Actually, go ahead, I don’t care. It won’t stop me from coming down your throat.”

I’m trapped again, in the best way. Lycus releases my neck before lifting me for Nathair and sliding me down their dicks as Conall hammers into my mouth. Nathair leans forward and bites my nipple. Blood gushes down my body as he bites across me, opening wounds and not feeding. The scent makes me buck, and then Lycus’s fangs sink into me again as he pummels into my abused ass, slick from his brother’s cum.

I can’t breathe or move; all I can do is feel.

I come again, blacking out this time, but it doesn’t last, and when I flutter my lashes open, I meet Nathair’s bright eyes. He growls and presses his lips to my neck as Lycus roars, hammering into my ass and finding his release.

He slips away, and I suck harder at Conall until he groans and pumps his cum down my throat so deeply, I can’t even taste it, and then he rips away as Nathair turns me. He pushes me against the side of the pool and fucks me hard and fast, his lips finding mine.

Come for me. Let me feel it across my cock. Let me see my queen shatter for me again, he tells me inside of my head, his silken words almost growled. His cock pounds into me, hitting those nerves that have me whimpering into his mouth. I wrap my legs around him and give as good as I get.

It’s relentless and brutal, and with a yell, he tears his lips from mine, his hips stilling. Pleasure explodes through him, and he pumps it deep inside me.

His release sets me off, and I come again, unable to even make a noise as the waves of pleasure swallow me.

I hang limply in his grip, slick with blood and cum. I am exhausted but sated, and I look around, licking my abused lips.

The water is red with our blood, and I can’t help but laugh as I lounge on top of my kings. Their fang marks cover my body, and mine cover theirs.

They are mine, and I am theirs.

This is my mating bond, not the false king who rejected me.

I was always destined to be theirs, and now I am.

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