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I manage to roll her and slip inside of her dripping cunt, groaning at the feel of her gripping me so tightly. I hold her neck to keep her from biting me as I rock my hips, taking her slowly.

“Reve!” she screams.

I grin and flick her clit, feeling her come for me, and I continue to power into her, knowing I need to exhaust her. I make her come twice more around my cock, fighting back my own release before I flip her and lift her to my mouth, eating her messy cunt until she comes again and again.

Finally, I slam into her and give her my wrist, chasing my own release as she sinks her fangs into me. I feel my life leaving me, and when my balls tighten, I pinch her clit until she screams and clenches around me as she comes, milking my release from me.

We both fall into a bloody, cum-covered mess.

Her eyes close, and her fangs retract. She’s finally spent.

Thank fuck.

I slip into unconsciousness.



Iwake up sore, sticky, and confused. I remember last night like a haze. I had been so rough, so hungry. I can’t ever remember being that hungry. I couldn’t stop myself even if I tried. I fed and fucked them all, and I could still do it again, yet I feel sated and full, so I force my eyes open and turn to see them spread around me on the floor. They must have crawled closer. Reve is still half on me, snoring away. Lycus is facedown on the carpet, Nathair is curled against my side, and Conall is half on the sofa. Azul and Osis are near my feet, and Zale is by my head.

“Guys?” I croak, but they don’t move. I sit up worriedly.

Oh fuck, did I drain them? Guilt gnaws at me. How could I do that? How could I be so careless? Tears fill my eyes until Nathair groggily lifts his head.

“We’re not dead, my queen. It would take more than you fucking and feeding from us for that. We love your hunger, now rest.”

“But I drained you all—”

“And we loved it.” He pulls me closer. “I promise,draya, we loved it. We would gladly do it again. You clearly needed it, and now we need to rest and regroup, so close your eyes.”

“I’m sorry,” I whisper. “I should—”

“Do not feel guilty.” He frowns at me. “This isn’t like the old you.” Obviously, he read my mind. “This was just your hunger, my queen, and we gladly fed it. Ask any one of them, and they will tell you it was the best night of their life.”

“He’s right,” Conall murmurs. Clearly, our talking woke them.

“Anytime,” Zale says. “In fact—”

“Behave, my cock is sleeping,” Reve mutters.

I smile despite it all, thankful that they are all okay. I know they are my kind, my mates, but I need to be more careful. It seems the hunger snuck up on me, and I’ve heard of vampyrs killing their lovers when they are that deep in the thrall. I need to feed more often.

“There will be no complaints here. There is nothing more incredible than feeling your fangs in me,” Azul tells me.

“I volunteer every time,” Osis says, making me grin as I snuggle down between them.

“Okay. I’m still sorry. I will feed more often.”

“Your new powers are riding you hard, and your body is growing to accommodate it, so it makes sense that you need more blood. I should have noticed. I failed you, my queen. I’m sorry,” Nathair murmurs. “We won’t fail you again. Now rest, and when we wake up again, we can bathe and relax.”

* * *

Somehow, I manage to sleep more, and when I wake up, the others are all gone except for Azul. He’s watching me, but his eyes are a million miles away.

He will need you tonight more than ever. This will be like stepping back into his own personal nightmare, Nathair whispers.

We will all work in tandem tonight to protect Azul. I hope, somehow, it will heal or help him, but I also worry that going back there will be too much for him, so I’ll keep him close.

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