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“I plan to. Do you want me to do it with a blade, my queen, or someone else’s teeth?”

She licks her lips, no doubt liking that idea. “Teeth. Lycus, rip him open for me.”

Lycus hesitates but moves over. He doesn’t usually use his fangs since he worries about our reactions. She chose him on purpose, and when his hand grips my hair and lifts me to my knees, I go willingly. I keep my eyes on her as I submit to him, knowing he’s relieved when his teeth tear into my throat like a wild animal. I make no sound; I don’t even move as he tears out my throat for her. I’d drain every inch of my blood for her to bathe in if she wanted to.

He lets me collapse forward, and I purposefully bleed all over her leg and thigh, rubbing against her. She drops to her knees and lifts my head.

Her claw-tipped nails drag along my chin, cutting me more as she leans down and licks it away before pressing her tongue to my throat, drinking and licking as it heals. When she moans, sitting back in disappointment, I drag her nails across it again, carving myself open once more for her. She covers the wound, drinking me down, even as I fall back from the bloodlust. She lifts her arm to my mouth, urging me to drink, and I slam my fangs into it as she feeds. When she lifts her head, her mouth, chin, neck, and chest are coated in my blood, and I spill in my pants at the sight.

“More,” she demands, her eyes wild. “I need more.”

I’m spent, though, and I’m so drained my cock can’t even get hard again, so she turns and sinks her teeth into Lycus’s thigh. He roars but holds her head as she feeds. When she sits back with a moan, her fangs are covered in blood, and her eyes glow with her power as they lock on Conall.

He pulls his shirt over his head and holds out his arms. “Come here, my queen, and feed,” he purrs.

She hasn’t been feeding enough, I project. If she’s this hungry, then she needs to be feeding more. Fuck, we haven’t been taking good enough care of her. She’s almost feral with her hunger.

She probably didn’t know, Nathair murmurs.She is not used to the thirst. We will make sure from now on. Now feed because she might need you again.

I nod, and Lycus offers me his arm. I feed greedily and lean back into him, watching as she slides across Conall’s body and straddles him. Her hand reaches into his pants and pulls his cock free, and with a needy moan, she slams herself down on it.


My eyes are locked on her ass as she lifts, letting us see his huge cock spearing her, and then she drops back down. “Yes, my queen, take me, all of me, I’m yours.” His head drops back, and he grips her hips, urging her to ride him as she slices into his chest with her claws and licks the wounds clean.

Snarling, he lifts and drops her faster, encouraging her to ride him, and then her fangs are in his chest, over his heart. He roars as he holds her tightly against him, coming inside of her as she wiggles on top of him, draining every drop of cum and blood. When he’s spent and falls back with a dazed smile, Zale lifts her. She turns in his arms and sinks her fangs into his shoulder. He groans and stumbles, falling to the bed on top of her. Her hands grab at him, and he pins them above her as she snarls at him. He’s a stronger man than I, and he resists her until she bites him again, and then he flips her, slams into her cunt, and takes her hard and fast.

We watch as she claws at the bed, coated in blood and staining the sheets as she pushes back, taking him, and then his arm comes around so she can bite him as he fucks her. Her teeth sink into him, and he roars, speeding up so quickly, we can barely see him. Flames blaze across his body and hers as he reaches down and rubs her clit until she mewls out a scream into his skin. He groans as she comes for him, dropping his head to her shoulder before finding his own release and slipping away.

Rolling to her back, she gets to her knees on the bed.

Cum drips down her thighs, blood covers her, and her hair is a mess, yet she’s never looked so fucking perfect.

“Come, my queen.” Osis holds out his arms. She prowls to him, and when she gets close, he grabs and spins her to avoid her teeth for now. Azul steps in front of her, sandwiching her between them.

Lifting her into the air, Osis holds her up as Azul buries his head between her thighs, eating her pussy and his brothers’ cum as she writhes and shouts. She manages to twist her upper half, but Osis holds her back until she screams her release, and then he drops and turns her. Azul lifts her, and Osis slams her down on his cock as they hold her between them. Azul groans, rubbing against her ass, and when she reaches back and guides him inside her as well, I almost come again.

Watching them work her between them is a piece of art. She holds them tight, riding their cocks as blood coats their faces, but her hunger comes back, and when she sinks her fangs into Osis, he’s done, coming inside of her with a roar as she feeds. He manages to stay upright and pass her to Azul, who spins her and bounces her on his cock while she grips his head, gently buries her fangs in his neck, and feeds as he finds his release.

When he is spent, Nathair catches her before she can fall and pushes her to her hands and knees. Lycus moves over and strokes her ass.

“Be a good girl and suck my cock without biting,” Nathair says, “and I’ll let you feed.” Despite the fact that she’s feral, he feeds her his cock, pushing into her snarling mouth with a moan.

Brave man.

Nathair uses her hair as a handle, working her mouth on him as Lycus drops to his knees and slides his cock into her pussy, working her between them.

Nathair drags her up and down his cock as he slams into her mouth, his head back as Lycus takes her pussy.

Their pleasure makes me grip my cock as I watch them.

“Good girl,” he croons. “That’s it, just like that, look how beautiful you are right now. You’re taking us both so well, my queen. So good.”

Lycus groans, powering into her harder and pushing her down onto Nathair’s cock. He groans and stills as he empties into her mouth. When he falls back, she grips him, drags him close, and feeds from his thigh. His cock hardens once more, and he spills across her as Lycus hammers into her before roaring his own release and collapsing to the side. She turns and bites him again, but it’s not long before he’s done.

They litter the ground like broken dolls, every single one of them wearing smiles on their faces, and yet she whines, “I’m still hungry.”

“Then come here, my love, and let me satisfy you,” I call, knowing I can now that I’ve fed. Nathair was right, she probably didn’t even know she needed to feed this badly, and now she’s in a blood cycle. She will eventually be sated and pass out. I just hope I’m enough to accomplish that because the others are down for the count.