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“Leave her alone, asshole,” I snap at him, wanting to defend her. We’re not friends yet but I have a feeling that we could be. She’s not as stuck up as everyone else here seems to be and I like that.

“Ooh, fresh meat. Well, well, well… who do we have here?” he asks, looking at me like he just noticed I was here. He licks his lips. I don’t bother answering him because based on her words alone and the way her eyes just flashed with pain, I’m guessing they’re a thing. And if they aren’t, then they’re definitely orbiting around one another and she wants them to be something.

“Leave her the hell alone. Knox has his eyes on her,” Kinsley says and I want to die.

“Um, no he doesn’t,” I squeak out.

“Well, if he doesn’t, then you can come let me rock your world anytime, babe,” he says, smirking at me.

“I’m not interested,” I say.

“Get away from her, you pig!” Kinsley says at the same time I answer him.

We don’t get to say anything else because in the next second, Knox is behind Asher and slapping him behind the head.

“We don’t fuck animals! Last time I checked, this one looks like a cow.” He huffs before pulling Asher away. He doesn’t spare a glance my way. Yep! The guy definitely hates me for some reason. I pretend like his words don’t sting and pay attention to the book on my screen again.

“Ugh, they can be such fucking assholes sometimes,” Kinsley mutters under her breath.

Thank God I’m saved from replying when the teacher walks in and is ready to begin our math class right away.

Don’t ask me how I know it’s him, but I feel his stare on my back. It’s like that for the duration of class. Every time I happen to look behind me, my eyes clash with his electric blue ones.

It feels like they want to consume and devour me with their intensity. He doesn’t hide the fact that he’s staring. The hostility there seems to say that there’s more coming my way and I have to quickly turn around to face the front again.

Everyone who ever said that demons come with a pretty face has been right. I have no doubt that there is a demon lurking beneath the surface of everything that is Knox Riverside. It’s apparent that I’m the one he’s set his sights on, to toy with. I just hope I make it through this year intact.

After we’re done with class, Kinsley and I head to lunch together, which turns out to be a disaster. I wasn’t allowed to sit at the same table with her because that was Knox’s table, but I expected that. She was the one who dragged me there because that’s where she usually sits. I had insisted that I didn’t want to. We just ended up moving to another table.

By the time school lets out, I’m tired to the bone. Apparently, Knox is in five of the seven classes I’m taking this semester and I hate it. Through every class, I can feel his stare burning through my skin.

I’m about to leave when I remember I have detention this afternoon and I let out a groan. Heaving out a sigh, I make my way to the classroom where detention is held and sit there for the hours it takes to complete.

Hopefully my mom isn’t mad at me for getting into trouble on my first day here. I’ve never been in detention before. I’ll just have to find some excuse to tell her. If only I could tell her that the devil has set his sights on me and not in a good way.



I sawthe new girl at my mom’s funeral and knew who she was because of the pictures that were in Mom’s files. I hated her the moment I laid eyes on her. I didn’t get to fully take her in at the funeral but yesterday I got the chance.

It was her first day at Riverside Academy and I finally got to see her up close and in my personal space. I wasn’t prepared for all the different emotions to slam into me and that just made me mad as fuck.

The first emotion to hit me was the anger and hate I feel for her because of what she represents. Those were the most obvious ones. I’m not going to tell you about the others yet because while I was examining her, I got these weird-as-fuck feelings. I don’t know how to or want to explain, so let’s just leave it at that for now.

I was tripped because she intrigued me. I’m not supposed to feel anything but hate for her and that was throwing me for a loop.

I have to admit, begrudgingly so, that she is beautiful—like take your fucking breath away beautiful in that classic and calm sort of way.

It’s the type of beauty you’d notice from a mile away without her even trying to get your attention. She just naturally grabs it.

When I realize where my thoughts are heading, I’m instantly angry with myself and the hate I feel for her fully sets in. The beast in me comes out to play. I saw how all the guys in our senior class were eyeing her up yesterday and I need to nip that shit in the bud.

She’s not here to make friends because I won’t allow it. She needs to be as miserable as possible and I’ll make sure of it. I won’t even have to touch her because everyone else will do it for me. I’m the king of this school and no one will hesitate to follow my orders.

I could tell she was confused by my behavior toward her and I relish in that. It’s not often, if ever, that I go after someone new to the school, but she’s a special case.

I want to ruin her.