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“What type of freaking school is this?” I groan out to her.

Now I’ll have to find out who the hell is running that website and I have no clue where to look. I’m not a tech person.

Before we can say anything else, the bell rings. Knowing we need to get to class before we both get detention, Kinsley walks over to the door and opens it. As soon as it’s open, there are three girls standing in front of the door. The one at the front is tapping her foot on the floor and she has a pissed-off expression on her face.

“In case you didn’t know, bitch, this bathroom is public property and not just for the likes of a fucking cow!” she snaps before pulling me out by the collar of my shirt and shoving me onto the floor.

The move was so unexpected and fast that I fall flat on my ass. Apparently she’s not done with me because she kicks me and the blow manages to land on my face. I let out a scream. It caught me right on the mouth. I can already feel the blood running down my busted lip.

Without even thinking, I get to my feet quickly and punch her right in her stupid face. I manage to get her on the nose and I hear the crunch. I’m hoping I broke her nose because fuck this bitch. She screams and starts yelling. It’s a wonder my eardrums aren’t busted yet.

I move to go in on her again but strong arms grab me and push me up against the wall by the bathroom door hard. I look up into Knox’s face. I’m about to tell him to move but the look he gives me has me shutting my mouth instantly.

“Baby! Did you see what she just did to me? Are you going to just let that happen?” the girl screeches in a whiny and annoying voice.

“Somebody get her out of here!” Knox snaps, his eyes on mine the entire time. He didn’t even turn around to look at her.

I don’t even know if anyone does as he asks because we’re both lost in the staring contest. It’s like we’re in our own world and neither one of us is willing to look away first.

His electric blue eyes are focused on me. They’re still filled with the hate I saw in them the other day, but there is also something else in his eyes. Something I can’t quite name.

“I told you no one wanted you here. We don’t like cows in our school,” Knox says harshly in my ear.

“I’m sure they don’t like assholes either, yet here you are,” I snap at him. “Now move before I’m late for class.”

When he doesn’t move, and because he’s so close to me, his body almost touching mine, it makes what I’m about to do so much easier. I lift my leg up and knee him in the balls. He instantly stumbles backward and I use that opportunity to move from in front of him and run.

“You’re going to wish you never stepped foot into Riverside!” he snarls after me. I’d only made it about four steps away so I heard the promise in his threat. I’ll think about what I just did later, but for now, self-preservation is more important.

My heart is beating so hard with the adrenaline rush I just experienced. Dealing with Knox Riverside is a minefield of epic proportions.

I make it to class and in my seat just as the English teacher walks in. Thank God I wasn’t late today. I know he would’ve given me detention again, the asshole. Just then, Knox walks into class with his friends and the look he gives me promises retribution. His mask is back in place and he doesn’t even look like what I just did hurt him at all.

“Miss Carrington, are you okay?” Mr. Smith asks.

“Um, yes, sir.”

“Then I’d suggest you get your face cleaned up,” he says and I groan while everyone laughs. Shit! I forgot about the blood on my lips after that bitch kicked me.

“Sorry, sir. I’ll go get it cleaned up now,” I say and he nods. I get up out of my seat and rush to the bathroom to clean my face.

I make it back to class in no time and just as I’m about to sit in my seat again, the guy sitting behind me pulls the chair back and I go crashing onto my ass. The entire class erupts into laughter which causes Mr. Smith to turn around from what he was writing on the board.

“Is there a problem, Miss Carrington? Do I need to send you to the principal’s office for continuously disrupting my class?” he questions in a strict tone like this is my fault. I wish he’d take that tone with all these assholes in here.

“Her fat ass was too heavy for the chair, sir,” the stupid guy behind me says and everyone is laughing again. Apparently, this is a fucking stand-up comedy show.

I try to keep my poker face in check because I will not let these assholes win or have the satisfaction of seeing me cry, even though their every word and action slices through me.

I get up from off the floor and take my seat again with no interruption this time. Mr. Smith turns back toward the board and continues to write whatever he was writing. Yeah, I definitely regret being here.



I lie awake in bed,staring up at the ceiling in my room. It’s been a week already since I started school and this has been the most miserable time in all of my existence.

I’ve had food thrown at me, tripped while I was walking, had people calling me names and even had a ball thrown at my head in PE.