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She advances on me and the others do as well. They all gang up on me at the same time and queen bitch punches me in the gut as two of her cronies hold on to both my arms, preventing me from moving.

A scream rips out of me as she continues to lay hit after hit on me. I manage to get one of my arms free after some tugging and I rush her. I catch her off guard with the move.

I manage to push her all the way back into the wall, slamming her head against it. She lets out a high-pitched scream, sounding like a banshee.

“Get her off of me, you idiots!” she screams at the other girls and they rush to do her bidding. I’m taken down in an instant as all four of them begin to kick around my back, stomach, and legs. Fucking hell, this is going to hurt like a son of a bitch later. “You’re going to pay for what you just did, you stupid skank!” she screams with so much rage.

I curl into a ball on the floor and take their assault. There’s no way I can move to defend myself with all four of them simultaneously attacking me. This whole ordeal only happens for a few minutes but it feels like hours as they continue kicking me while calling me fat, a whore, a slut and whatever else they can come up with, with their limited vocabulary.

The bell rings, signaling that classes are about to begin. They finally stop their assault on me. I’m still lying on the floor, breathing hard as I try to catch my breath. My body aches and I feel my throat close as tears threaten to fall, but I keep them in. I will not look weak in front of this bitch.

“Get in my fucking way again, bitch, and I will bury you! You have no idea who the fuck you’re messing with!” the bitch snaps before they all rush out of the bathroom to avoid being caught.

I start laughing as the tears I was holding in finally slip down my cheek. What teachers? They’re never fucking around when I’m getting attacked but they sure as hell are sticklers for punishment when I’m a few minutes late. I guess I should thank my lucky stars that they avoided my face. I groan out loud as the pain courses through my stomach and my back.

I’m dizzy as I try to sit up and it takes me a while before I’m able to. The bruises from before, the ones that haven’t healed properly yet and the ones from today, will no doubt make a horrible sight. I can feel all the different spots on my body aching.

The door to the bathroom opens and for a second I’m worried that they’re back. It wouldn’t take much for them to do more damage since I’m vulnerable right now. But when I look up, I see it’s only Kinsley.

“Oh my God! Are you okay? What the hell happened?” she shrieks as she rushes over to me. She gets to her knees in front of me and starts to examine my face. Bless her heart.

“I’m fine. Just had a run in with the bitches of this school,” I say as she helps me up to my feet. I’m slow and when I finally get to my feet, I wince at the ache in my back and stomach. Those two areas got the most hits.

I look in the mirror to see that I look disheveled. I definitely look like I just got my ass beat. My white shirt is dirty and rumpled and my skirt is twisted. I look like a mess.

“I’m so sorry, babe. I wish there was something I could do,” she says with unshed tears in her eyes.

I don’t respond because what the hell can I say? All of this is beyond either of our control and we have no say in the matter. The assholes here will continue being assholes and nothing we could ever do would be able to stop them.

I slowly lift my shirt up to assess the damage. There are already some huge bruises on my stomach. I hear Kinsley gasp from behind me and I’m guessing my back probably looks worse.

“Is it bad?” I ask.

“Bad? Oh my God! It looks like you’ve been through war!” she yells. “That fucking bitch! I can’t wait for the day that she gets hers!”

“I’m fine. Let’s just go to class.” I’m not fine but I want to put her at ease and not make it such a big deal. “At least they avoided my face,” I joke but she’s not amused. She gives me one of her death glares.

“We should get you to the nurse for an ice pack or something,” she says.

“I’m already late as it is. Mr. Smith is going to be pissed as hell.” I groan at the thought of facing him in front of the whole class right now.

“Fine. But if you feel like the pain is too much at any point in the day, I’m getting you out of here!” she sasses me.

“Fineee,” I mumble just to appease her. She picks my bag up from off the floor and carries it for me. My body aches so bad right now that I’m slow getting to class. I try not to wince or anything in case she sees. Besides, I don’t want to show anyone that I’m in pain.



It takesa huge effort for me to get to class and by the time we make it there, we’re already ten minutes late. Well I am, since Kinsley had a bathroom pass earlier.

As usual, everyone stops what they were doing to look up and stare at us as we enter into the room. A second later, the normal whispers start up. I don’t know if I looked like I was jumped or not but I’m using all my energy to act like everything is fine.

I tried to straighten up my clothes as best as I could before we left the bathroom but now I’m not so sure. With all the stares, I feel exposed, like somehow they all know what happened just now. Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if they already knew.

“Miss Carrington, how nice of you to join us with your presence today,” Mr. Smith says in a heavily sarcastic and annoyed tone. I inwardly wince. “See me after class,” he finishes. I wish I was anywhere but here right now. I know that whatever he has to say after class won’t be anything good.

“Thank you,” I tell Kinsley as I turn around to take my bag from her.