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I’ve always been the shy nerdy girl who didn’t even know boys existed because I was content in being in my own little world where it was peaceful.

Now that I’m here though, my peaceful little world has gone up in flames. Suddenly, my hormones are acting up like I’ve never seen what the male species look like before, which is annoying.

The ones who taunt me, their hatred seems so real like they actually have a reason to hate me. That in itself has me confused. They’re all acting like I did something to them personally. How the hell can you hate someone you don’t even know or haven’t even spoken to? All because some dude who knows how to throw a ball disliked me from the beginning said so. It honestly makes no sense at all.

Anyway, none of this matters to me since the only goal here is to get my high school diploma, graduate and get the hell out of here to attend college. Mom can stay here if she wants but I’ll be out of here as soon as I can swing it.

She can stay and work for the father of my enemy. That’s what he is to me, isn’t he?My enemy.

I’m still awake by the time the birds are chirping outside and I can hear the telltale sign of Mom moving around as she gets ready for work before going downstairs to make breakfast for us. When I can’t stay in bed any longer or risk being late, I get up and start to get ready for school.

Might as well get this day started and over with. Wanting to ditch school has never been a thought before and now that I’m thinking about it, it sucks.

This place is changing me. How the hell have I only been here for such a short time and it already feels like a lifetime? I’ve withdrawn into myself more than I ever was before moving here and it’s all because of Knox. I mean. I wasn’t a social butterfly or anything like that before moving here and the only friend I have is Kinsley.

I let out a sigh before heading downstairs, hoping to expel the heaviness in my heart and soul that’s weighing me down at the thought of what life will be like for the foreseeable future. Somehow I know, I haven’t seen the worst of what Riverside has to offer and that scares me. I have no clue what anyone here is capable of. I’m clueless.

I mean, when you’re rich and have an excessive amount of money, what’s to stop you from doing whatever the hell you want? I just hope that no matter what happens, I’m strong enough to survive what Knox decides to throw at me. I can already tell it’ll cost me all the strength I have.

When I put my bag down on the counter, Mom turns to look at me. She looks happy, happier than she’s ever been. I’m guessing this place has been good to her so far. She doesn’t look stressed and like she has the entire world on her shoulders anymore and I’m happy for her.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” she says cheerily. The happiness in her voice is one I don’t feel right now.

“Morning, Mom,” I reply, as I take a seat on the chair by the island.

“Are you alright, baby? You look like something is bothering you,” she says, studying me. Her voice changes from happy to concerned in a matter of seconds. and I feel like crap for causing this change in her.

I need to dial back my unhappiness and fake it for her. She deserves this new start and I don’t want to be the one to spoil it for her. Especially not after all that she went through with my father before we moved.

“I’m fine, Mom. Just settling in and getting used to the place,” I tell her, pasting a fake smile on my face and hoping she believes me.

“Are you sure, baby? You know you can tell me if anything is bothering you, right?” she questions as she comes around the counter and gives me a hug. Her hug alone has me wanting to bawl my eyes out but I manage to keep it together.

“I know, Mom,” I admit in what I hope is a happy voice.

“Okay. Hurry up and eat and let’s get going,” she says after a minute more of looking at me and examining my face for any signs of something being wrong. Thank God she thinks I’m fine and stops scrutinizing me. I don’t know how much longer I could’ve kept up the facade with her staring me down. She just has that way of making me spill things which any teenager would find annoying.

We both get into our cars as usual and head off in different directions. When I get to school, I’m a little early today which is a good thing. If I’m late to Mr. Smith’s class one more time, I think he’d probably give me detention for a whole year just to fuck with me.

I swear it feels like that man hates me as well. Either that or he definitely has a stick the size of Texas up his ass.

I walk over to one of the outdoor benches on the lawn in front of the school and sit, taking in the sun for a while. The heat of the morning sun feels nice on my skin and it makes me feel kind of refreshed even though I still feel kind of out of my element.

Just a few more months before I’m off to college…

I repeat that mantra in my head for a while until I start to believe that everything will turn out fine. It has to, right?

Fifteen minutes before class usually starts, I get up from my seat and head into the building and straight for the bathroom. I quickly pee and when I step out of the stall, I wash my hands. Just as I’m about to pick my bag up from the floor, queen bitch and her cronies step into the bathroom.

I let out a sigh. As cliché as it is, I know where this is going. One of them locks the bathroom door behind her and they all stand there and stare at me with hate in their eyes.

“Can you be any more of a basic bitch cliché?” I ask and she turns her nose up at me.

“I just have a little something for you. You think I don’t see the way you look at Knox? Which is pathetic by the way since he hates your guts and has made it quite known around school. I also need to remind you that he’s mine!” she sneers at me, an ugly expression crossing her face.

I look at her and want to smile but I restrain myself. Her nose is still bandaged up. I broke her nose when I punched her in the face. Deciding what the hell because it’s going to happen anyway, I begin to taunt her a bit.

“Oh shit. Did you have to get a nose job? You should thank me since I made you get it early. Basic bitches like you will get one sooner or later in their life,” I tell her, smiling. If it could show, I’d definitely be seeing steam coming out of her head right now.

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