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“Oh, don’t worry about that. I didn’t finish because I was leaving that task for you, my little slut. I’m sure if I felt under your panties right now I’d find that pussy soaking wet and ready for my cock deep inside that hole of yours, wouldn’t I?” he asks in a smug tone that has my face heating instantly with how vulgar he’s being.

When he sees that, he lets out a laugh which causes my embarrassment to kick up a notch. Yes, right now, I can feel my wet panties sticking to my pussy lips.

“No, it wouldn’t be, seeing as though I don’t like assholes,” I grumble.

“Then why haven’t your eyes left my cock yet?” he asks and my head snaps up. He’s smirking. I want to punch him in the dick.

“Just making sure that my assessment was correct,” I tell him, smiling.

“And what assessment would that be?” he questions with a raised eyebrow.

“Your dick isn’t that impressive. I’ve had bigger and better,” I tell him, loving the look that crosses his face.

“So you’re not just ugly, but you’re a slut as well? How many guys have you let touch your used-up hole?” he questions, mad as hell. I don’t see why he’d care when he’s done nothing but make his hate for me known from the beginning.

“Enough to know you probably suck, dickhead! It’s none of your business who the hell I fuck or don’t fuck. The only thing that matters is that you won’t be one of the guys fucking me,” I say, smiling at him. For once, it feels like I’m giving him a taste of his own medicine.

“Get down on your knees, now!” he snaps as he grabs me by the hair in a tight hold, before pushing me down himself. “It’s about time I show you that you’re nothing but my slut and my cum-dump whore!” My knees collide with the hard ground and I let out a cry from the impact.

“What the hell are you doing, asshole?” I cry out.

“Teaching you a fucking lesson! No one fucking mouths off to me without facing the consequences. Plus, I’m ready to show you just how much of a liar you are. You might hate me as much as I hate you, but you still want my fucking cock just like the rest of these whores. Don’t you?” he growls.

When I don’t answer. he tightens his hold on my hair and pulls my head back so that I’m looking up at him.

“Answer me, slut!”

“No, I don’t fucking want you! You think you’re God’s gift to women. Newsflash, asshole! Not everyone wants a dickhead!” I snap at him and he chuckles.

“Obviously not everyone wants me, but you do.” He smirks. “Open your slut mouth.”

I don’t get a chance to respond. In the next second, he’s grabbing my jaw and forcing it open before he slips his cock into my mouth. I contemplate biting his dick off and my intentions must show on my face because hetsksat me.

“Bite me and it’ll be the last thing you ever do with that mouth. I have no issue breaking that jaw of yours,” he growls down at me. I have no doubt he’d do it too.

I try to pull away from his cock but he just holds my head in place, keeping my mouth right where it is. “That’s it. Swallow that dick! This is what you’ve been wanting, isn’t it?” he sneers. “Now fucking take it like the good little slut that you are. I’m not sure I’ll ever be this generous again.”

I don’t want to admit it, but his degrading words are turning me on and I hate it. I’m not supposed to like this.

“I don’t want to catch some kind of disease! Your dick is probably infested with something already since you’re always fucking around!” I snap, or try to, with a dick down my throat.

“Oh, are you jealous, slut?” he asks, sounding highly pleased for some reason.

The dickhead thinks I’m jealous of his bed rats. For the record, I’m not.

“Did I ever tell you I hate bitches who love to talk shit? Less talking and more fucking sucking! I don’t have all day to service the horny cow.”

Right after his last insult leaves his mouth, he grabs the sides of my head with both hands and slams his cock all the way down my throat, causing me to gag instantly from the force and how deep it is.

I slam my hands on his thighs but he doesn’t even bother with me. When it feels like all my air is about to be cut off completely, he pulls out until just the tip is inside my mouth.

He lets out a pleasure-filled groan. I have no clue why I’m suddenly pleased with myself because I was the one to pleasure him. He turned to me when he could have let the other girl finish him off.

He can deny it all he wants, but some part of him feels something for me. That’s why he can’t stop himself from being around me, whether it’s to throw insults or just to make sure I know he’s there so he can tell me how much he hates me.

“I know you wanted my cock in your mouth no matter how much you deny it. The way you were eye fucking it in the cafeteria and no doubt were eye fucking it in your hiding spot as well. The want and need in your eyes for something you could never have. But lucky for you, I’m feeling a little charitable today.” He smirks.

His words sting but all I can do right now is moan around his thick and throbbing cock as he pushes it deeper into my mouth again. I can feel the ring at the tip of his cock touching the back of my throat. It feels weird but good, even though I’m on the verge of choking.

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