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I’m still not sure how such an asshole is capable of pulling any type of emotion other than hate out of me. Is this how self-hate usually starts? You do things that make you feel good even when you know you shouldn’t be doing them, and then as soon as the high of it is all gone, that’s when the hate comes in.

His cock must be about eight inches and the girth is thick as hell. It’s hurting my jaw just to keep my mouth open for him. He keeps mumbling nasty words to me as he pumps his hips in and out, but I stopped paying attention to them a while ago. All I can focus on right now is how good this feels and how wet my pussy is.

At this moment, I really do believe his words that I’m a slut. I’ve never given a blow job before and here I am, giving him my first. I want to touch myself and am just about to when he speaks again.

“Don’t even think about touching that filthy cunt! You don’t deserve any pleasure. You love this cock down your throat, don’t you? That’s why you want to touch your cunt, isn’t it? Fucking slut,” he rasps before pulling out and spraying my face with his cum again.

“What the hell, asshole? Why did you do that?” I yell at him.

“You don’t deserve to taste my cum with that filthy mouth of yours!” he snaps.

I come back to my senses and realize what the hell I just did. I enjoyed that for a moment and now I feel nothing but humiliation. I bend my head with shame, trying to compose myself. I don’t want him to see me falling apart, not even for a second.

The high that I was feeling just a second ago is gone. How the hell could I have let what just happened, happen? This fucking prick is the cause of all my self-hatred moments and I hate him for that.

“Look at me!” he says a second later.

I lift my eyes up to look at him from my spot on the floor still, at his feet no less, and he smirks at me. He shows me the screen of his phone and on it is a video playing of me sucking him off just now.

A gasp leaves me. What the hell? I was so into it, I didn’t realize he was filming me. I gulp because there are so many things he can do with that video.

“I’ve found a way to take my hate out on you so you better get ready to be my fucktoy. Whenever and wherever I demand, you’ll be there, no questions asked. Am I clear? If you don’t do as I say, then this video will end up everywhere on the internet. Everyone will get to see what a slut you really are,” he tells me with a devilish smirk across his face… well, more like evil.

“What have I ever done to you? Why are you blackmailing me?” I question. I never got an answer the last time I asked him why he hated me.

But I have only myself to blame for the last question. I was so caught up in the moment that I didn’t even notice he was recording me, and now he has blackmail material. He’s evil enough to post the video online if I don’t do what he says and I know that for a fact.

He might not be involved in the day-to-day squabbles and taunts and minor incidents that keep happening to me but that doesn’t mean he’s innocent.

“All in good time. For now, just remember that I fucking own you. You will do as I say.”

I feel the sting of tears threaten to well up in my eyes at how horrible things are going, have been going, and probably will go still. I feel dejected. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that he’d use blackmail to get what he wants. Knowing him, it’s probably going to be some kind of sadistic shit.

Now I really feel like the trash that everyone keeps calling me when I walk through the halls.

“Now, go clean yourself up. You look like a two-dollar whore,” he snaps in a voice filled with what I think is disgust as he looks down at me, before pulling his pants up and walking toward the door. “Oh and if you even think about fucking another guy while I own you, I will fucking kill you and bury your body where no one on this earth will ever be able to find you.” Those are his parting words as he walks away, leaving me there on the floor.

When he’s gone and I can no longer hear his footsteps, the tears finally spill down my cheeks. I still can’t grasp everything that just happened.

All I wanted was a few hours alone of peace and I couldn’t even get that. Instead, I’m getting blackmailed. If I don’t do as he says, then that video will go out into the world and everyone here, including my mom, will see it. I can’t let that happen.

She just moved here and is happier than I’ve ever seen her. Now I know it’s because she’s getting married and I don’t want her to lose that.

Plus, if the colleges I’ve applied to see something like that, I risk being denied a spot at any of them. That is not going to happen because college is my ticket out of this town and a way to end my torment. I can’t let Knox Riverside ruin that for me.



I don’t knowwhat’s happening to me, but if there ever was a time where I was confused by anything in my life, it was now. From the moment I knew of Raine’s existence, I hated her.Hmm, I think that was the first time I’ve ever even used her name, even if it was inside my own head.

I’m used to calling her either a cow or fat ass. It suits her because that’s exactly what she is. I’ve never hated anyone in my life before and that in itself is something new to me.

I have the world at my fingertips and I’m the most popular guy in this town, which means no one in this place ever had anything that I’d hate them for, until now.And I hate her with a passion.

Things have changed a lot for me since my mom’s death—this horrible existence without her in it and the hate I have in my heart now. I have three names on the list of people I hate—Raine, her mother, and my douchebag of a father. Only he doesn’t know the hatred I have for him yet and neither does her mother.

I haven’t shown him the change as to how I feel about him, though it’s not like he’s even around much to notice if I was openly displaying my hatred for him.

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