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He thinks I’m still clueless as to what’s been happening in his life but I know and I’m glad for that. But it also pisses me off more than anything in this world.

Now when it comes to Raine, because of who she is, I can’t seem to get rid of this deep-seated hatred that I have for her. Since she’s been here, I’ve seen the way the kids at school torment her and how she tries so hard to avoid them. I love it because it was all my doing.

She does manage to avoid them on occasions but the only person she’ll never be able to hide from is me. I’m always watching her every move and I see the way it affects her, though she tries to hide that too. I see the way her face falls and how she looks close to tears every time someone says something nasty to her.

Do I care? No. I want to see the pain in her eyes because it feeds the pain in my soul. I wish I could lick some of those tears away just to see what they would taste like. Would it taste as forbidden as she is or would it taste of our hate?

Even though her pain won’t ease mine, I still get the satisfaction of watching the hurt flash across her pretty face. She became fair game as soon as she made it onto our school’s website. I haven’t done a thing to help her since they started tormenting her and that’s the way I like it.

I’m no one’s prince charming, least of all the person I detest so much. I’ve heard them all pick at her like crows on a dead cow’s carcass. Everyone in this town is so predictable. They all act like their shit doesn’t stink. I don’t care because it serves my purpose of watching her and hoping she breaks.

I have got to say though, all the hatred and wanting to see her suffer was before I ever laid eyes on her. Now that I’ve seen her, I can’t help or stop the attraction that I feel for her. It’s so wrong because of everything I detest her for.

Why do I feel something other than hate when I look at her and she isn’t looking back at me? This feeling is throwing me for a loop because it’s one I’ve never felt. How the hell is this even possible? Of course she was the one to make me question certain things in my life.

I’m not supposed to feel anything for her except revulsion and the constant hate in my veins. I am definitely not supposed to be intrigued by her, yet here we fucking are. It makes me want to ruin her even more.

But I’m also confused with myself because when I think about her, doing things to her, it feels like I’m betraying my mother for having any kind of feelings for this girl.

When I finally snap out of my thoughts, I look down at Raine, still sitting there on the floor on her knees before me, right where she belongs. A wave of self-hatred fills me in that moment.

The only reason I’m feeling that way is because of how much I loved her sucking my cock. I love it even more how she looks covered in my cum even though I know I shouldn’t. She has her head down, keeping those eyes away from me.

I don’t sweat it because I use that moment to study her a little. There’s no denying that Raine is beautiful even though she’s not one of these stick-thin idiots that attend Riverside Academy.

Truthfully, I was getting bored with all these model-thin girls and wanted some variety, though I can’t have that because I despise the variety that came here. Or can I? Hmm, that’s something to think about and self-reflect on. I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing anymore when it comes to this girl.

She has me changing my mind and going back and forth with myself on what to do so many times it’s ridiculous. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say it’s like she blindsided me and now I’m all tied in knots over her.

When I heard they were moving here, I had no idea just how crazy she would make me. I’m torn between wanting to make her life a living hell and wanting to keep her ass locked up and away from all the assholes at Riverside Academy.

I see some of the guys scoping her out and it just makes me want to kick their asses for looking at what’s mine.Whoaaa! What the fuck, Knox?Where the hell did that thought even come from? She’s not mine and she never will be.

I can’t look past certain things for that to happen and yet I want the bitch all the same. Yep, I’ve never been more confused in my fucking life.

I look down at her once again and now I’m just pissed at myself, my life, and my emotions and because of that, I lash out at her.

“I’ve found a way to take my hate out on you so you better get ready to be my fucktoy. Whenever and wherever I demand, you’ll be there no questions asked. Am I clear? Because if you don’t do as I say, then this video will end up everywhere on the internet and everyone will get to see what a slut you really are,” I tell her as I show her the video I was recording as she sucked my cock.

“What have I ever done to you? Why are you blackmailing me?” she questions.

“All in good time. For now, just remember that I fucking own you and you will do as I say,” I say and the hear what feels like sniffles. I instantly feel disgusted.

“Now, go clean yourself up. You look like a two-dollar whore,” I snap at her as I pull my pants up and start walking toward the door. “Oh, and if you even think about fucking another guy while I own you, I will fucking kill you and bury your body where no one on this earth will ever be able to find you,” I say as my parting shot. I leave her there, still on the floor, on her knees, right where she belongs.

When I’m back in the main building, I’m pissed at myself because what the hell? I didn’t even know those dumb words would leave my mouth, but it was too late to take them back, and they were all true.

I meant what I said. She better not fuck around because my claim is on her. My new tactic is to fuck her. Maybe I’ll fuck the hatred out of my system before deciding on what to do with her.

I literally will kill her if she lets another man touch what’s mine until I get tired of her. Then, she can go fuck whoever she wants.

I might despise her but it doesn’t stop my mind from going back to what just happened in that room. I’m thinking about how it felt to have her lips around my cock and said cock is instantly rock hard again, wanting to burst through my pants. The fucker is acting like it didn’t just spill his seed on her face a few minutes ago.

When we were in the cafeteria the other day, I didn’t let her lips touch my cock because I just wanted to humiliate her. I knew, even from then, that I’d end up wanting more from her if her lips ever touched my dick. And I was right because I do want more. I want to fuck all her holes until they’re all used and worn out and she can’t take any more cock inside her. I want to fuck her until she’s begging me to stop giving her pleasure. I know she’ll love it.

I look at the time while making my way back to the cafeteria. Lunch is over now but I know the guys will wait there for me. I left because I wanted to have some fun but I didn’t know I’d have an audience or that it would be her.

When I saw her peeking at me from between those chairs, I couldn’t let the opportunity pass me by. Using her felt amazing on my cock.