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“Oh, I would and I am,” I say, laughing at the expression displayed across his face. He knows I’ll probably do something to fuck with him on the field.

We all make our way to the locker room quickly to get changed and then to the bleachers where Coach usually waits for us before practice. The four of us are pretty stoned. It’s a good thing it never affects our playing. Coach would literally kill us. We wait around for a few minutes as everyone on the team slowly trickles in.

“Alright, guys! We have just a little over a month to get ready for our away game. Practice from now on is going to be intense! Everyone better get their asses in gear and prepare to work hard. We’re going to win this and I expect nothing less! Is that clear?” Coach yells at the entire team.

“Yes, Coach!” we all yell in unison.

“I didn’t hear you!”

“Yes, Coach!” we all yell again, louder this time.

“Good! Now get your asses out onto the field and let’s play ball!” he shouts, and everyone runs off onto the field.

We practice the plays Coach wants us to and in no time, hours have passed. I’m sweating and out of breath but I love the adrenaline rush I get while playing. Plus, it takes my mind off Mom since thoughts of her are never far. With one more play to run this afternoon before practice is over, I set my sights on Ax.

I smirk underneath my helmet. He has no idea what’s coming to him. We’re in the middle of the play when I run over in his direction instead of where I am supposed to go and tackle him down onto the ground. I make sure to hit him in the stomach and I hear the grunt he lets out.

“What the hell, dickhead?” he groans. I didn’t hit him hard but it’ll probably leave a bruise.

“That’s for saying dumb shit earlier and for wanting what’s not yours to want,” I grumble. By now, we’ve both taken off our helmets and I see him roll his eyes at me.

“I don’t want what’s yours, crazy ass. You can deny not being pussy whipped all you want but we know it’s a lie!” he says, laughing.

“She’s not mine either!” I snap with conviction.

“So you’re just going around tackling one of your best friends for someone who doesn’t belong to you?” he questions, while still laughing at me and my dilemma.

I don’t want her but no one else gets to have her either, especially not anyone in this school. I already told her what would happen if she let another man touch her while I’m still playing with her and she better not disobey me.

By now, Coach has seen what’s happened and is probably over our shit. But since it’s me, he’s not going to say anything. He just tells everyone to hit the showers because we’re done for the day.

“Oh look, Coach said to go shower,” I say instead, trying to change the topic.

“Oh look, master of evasion.” He snickers.

“Whatever, let’s go!” I tell them since Asher and Ez have already made their way over to us.

We all head to the locker room to shower and get cleaned up. After we’re done, we head to the parking lot and toward our cars. Ax and Ez are still coming in separate cars and I don’t know what to make of them right now.

“Do you guys want to meet up later tonight at my place?” Asher asks.

“Sure,” Axel says.

“I’m down,” Ezra replies.

“Can’t. I actually have some shit I need to do tonight,” I tell them. They all look at me like I’ve lost my mind. I never miss one of our hangout sessions.

“Does it involve a certain redhead?” Asher questions, giving me a smoochy face.

“No, dickhead! I just have shit to do!” I proclaim. They all just give me ayeah rightlook that has me rolling my eyes. “See you assholes tomorrow!”

“See ya!” they all say in unison.

When I get home, I make my way into the kitchen to grab a drink before heading up to my room to chill for a bit before following my plans.

The anticipation of seeing her again is killing me. I just want to fuck with her a bit so that she knows she’s not safe even in her own home. I want her to know that I can get to her anywhere and anytime.

After I grab a drink from the fridge and I’m about to make my way out, my father steps into the kitchen and stops me.

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