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“Hey, son, how was your day?” he asks.

Well this is new. He hasn’t asked me how my day was in a very long time. Matter of fact, this is the first time I’m seeing him since Friday. He was M.I.A. all weekend now that I think about it.

“It was fine. What’s up, Dad?” I ask, knowing that he must want something for him to be seeking me out. He’s been an absent parent for a while. He thinks that just giving me money and material things will make up for him being absent, but it doesn’t. I’m so mad at him but I take all that shit anyway. I look at it as being compensated for him being a shit father.

“I need to talk to you about something very important,” he says and then motions for me to take a seat by the island.

“Sure thing, Dad. What’s going on?” I ask, already bored and ready to get this conversation over with.

“I’m getting married,” he says, dropping the bomb on me. The silence ensues as he waits for me to respond. I just stare at him for a while because I’m sure I didn’t just hear him correctly.

“What?” I snap, instantly enraged at his words.

“I’m getting married soon. You’ll love her and she has a daughter as well that’s about the same age as you. They’ll be moving in soon too. Her name is Delaney and her daughter’s name is Raine,” he says in that voice of his—the cool, calm and controlled one that I’ve come to hate.

“Are you fucking insane? Your wife, aka my mother, just fucking died and you’re already chasing after some gold-digging pussy?” I snap at him, letting all the anger I’m feeling bleed out into my words.

“Do not speak about her like that! I know your mother just died but I can’t spend the rest of my life mourning her when she’s already gone. It’s time to move on, though I will always love her,” he says, trying to defend himself.

What a fucking dick!

“You’re a real fucking asshole, you know that, Dad? She didn’t just die. She fucking killed herself!” I snap at him before getting up from my seat and walking away before I say or do something that I’m going to regret.

I grab my keys and slam the door behind me as I stomp out of the house. He can go fuck himself for all I care. The man is such a self-centered prick!

I get into my car and put it in drive before peeling out of the driveway. I know where I’m going and who is going to feel my wrath and anger. She deserves to be the target of my anger and pain since it was her family that ruined mine.

I’ve had this planned all afternoon while we were in the field smoking, so I was going to go over there anyway. My dad’s words just moved it up a bit. I’m mad as hell but I also want to see her again. My dick needs to stop thinking and let my brain do it. My cock doesn’t seem to get the memo that we should hate her and not want to fuck her.

Right now, all I want is to feel her lips on my cock again. When it was in her mouth earlier today, it felt like I was in heaven. She has a mouth that was made for cock sucking. Thinking about her sucking another man’s cock makes me see red and makes me want to kill her. If you ask me, I have no idea who the hell this psycho Knox is. I’ve never been this bent over any girl before.

Just the thought of her sucking me again has me hard in my jeans. My cock feels like it’s about to break out of it any second.

When I get there, I park a few houses down from hers and sit there for a few minutes. Her mom’s car is in the driveway but I don’t care. I’ll find a way in there when I’m ready. It seems like luck is on my side because ten minutes later, I see her mom coming out the door and getting into her car before driving away.

I wait about a minute after she leaves before getting out of my car and walking over to their house. I use the key I stole from my father’s office since this is one of his properties. I quietly open and then close the door behind me before making my way up the stairs. I know the layout of all these houses like the back of my hand.

Once I’m up the stairs, I walk over to the room that has the low glow of light coming out from under the door and slowly open it. I peek inside. She isn’t in here, so I walk in like I own the place. I hear her shower going and decide to look around a bit. I rifle through her dresser and her closet. I come across her laundry hamper.

I open it and look inside and see a pair of sexy panties right at the top of the pile of clothes. I’m instantly annoyed. Who the hell is she wearing these for? I pick them up and feel that their wet.

I bring it up to my nose and take a sniff. It smells as good as I remember her smell. It’s definitely fresh. Without thinking, I lick some of the wetness off of her panties. I barely manage to suppress the groan that wants to slip out of me.

She tastes better than I expected if I’m being honest. It’s a heady and intoxicating smell and all I want right now is to get it directly from the source. I can already imagine how juicy her pussy is and it’s making me hard as fuck.

Without thinking, I take the panties and put them into my pocket. I’m definitely going to use them to jack off in later tonight. I can’t believe she’s reduced me to stealing her panties. I’ve never even thought about doing that with anyone else. Now I’m mad but not mad enough to put them back.

Once they’re tucked away inside my pants pocket, I pull my phone out from the other one and then hit record. I hide it on the dresser that’s directly in front of her bed. I make sure it’s hidden well and in a spot where she won’t be able to see it. I also make sure that it’s set so I can capture the best view of what’s about to happen.

After I’m done, I toe off my shoes and then get onto her bed. I prop myself up against her pillow and lie there in the middle of her bed with my arms behind my head, waiting for her to get out of the shower. She’s in for one hell of a surprise.




I actually have no idea how I’m feeling to be honest. My emotions are all jumbled up in a huge mess that I can’t seem to straighten out.